MiloMilo Milo is a 2 yr old Shih Tu. He is exceptionally sweet with an excellent disposition, however he can be initially shy and reserved until he becomes accustomed to his new environment and *person*. He was not held much or given much attention by his previous owner so he can be initially resistant to holding. That said...once he warms up to you, he is affectionate, gives kisses and is an extremely, gentle, happy and playful little boy. He is very healthy, neutered, UTD on shots, heart worm negative and recently groomed. Milo is excellent during grooming, rides well in the car, is *mostly* house trained to puppy pads and used to going potty outside. This gorgeous little boy is pretty much perfect and will make someone incredibly happy. 350.00 adoption fee. Milo is being fostered near Knoxville, TN All potential adopters must fill out applications and be approved before meeting the pet they are interesting in adopting. To adopt one of the precious lives that we have saved, this rescue requires an approved application, a favorable home environment, a signed adoption contract, and an adoption fee. Additionally, if approved to adopt, we expect approved applicants to pick up their new pets in person. We do not transport our dogs to adopters. Note: We do not adopt to homes with children.To apply to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application. Submission instructions are at the bottom of the application. Please email the completed application to:

BoscoBoscoBosco is a 12 month old, cream and chocolate, Chihuahua. He is an adorable little boy that is very active, loves to play with toys and especially tennis balls. He loves for you to throw them so that he can retrieve them for you. He is quite agile and can jump very high. He'd be a great candidate for agility. He requires lots of exercise and stimulation. He is an extremely active, fun loving and confident little boy, Bosco loves other dogs, attention and being in your lap for quiet time. He actually is very well behaved considering his energy level and age. Bosco is also house trained. He likes to ride in the car but wants to sit on your lap while driving so he would need a restraining seat(which is the safest way for any dog to travel). He loves to run, explore and appreciate every little thing life has to offer. He is affectionate and gives kisses. He likes to eat and loves his chewies. Bosco needs an active home, that wants an energetic little boy that they want to share many activities with.. Bosco is very healthy, neutered, UTD on shots, heart worm/fecal negative and on preventatives. Bosco is being fostered near Knoxville, TN. Approved application and 175.00 adoption fee apply. To apply to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application. Submission instructions are at the bottom of the application. Please email the completed application to:

My name is Bosco. I was rescued from Greenville, SC a couple of months ago. I just turned 1 yr old and I am a very good boy. I am a Chihuahua and weigh approximately 13 lbs. I am very well house trained. I love playing with toys, I'm healthy, active and very cute if I do say so myself! I am chocolate and white with a chocolate nose. I have gotten quite spoiled in my foster home and have lots of toys, chewees and someone who will play "ball" with me...I LOVE tennis balls! I am very social and outgoing, I enjoy life, playing and spending lots of quality time with my "person(s). Won't someone please apply to adopt me so I can get a "furever home" of my own? You can email my rescue friends at if you are interested in being my new mommy and/or daddy. I promise I will love you and thank you every day for the rest of my life. We will have SO much fun together!


Not available for adoption at this time

Meilani-MiShu was rescued from a kill shelter on the 4th of July weekend. She is 8-10 yrs old(vet estimation) and weighs 18 lbs. She is small in stature, yet sturdy in build. She loves giving kisses and being by your side. She has a VERY small touch of "pekitude"........just enough so that if your eyes were closed you'd still know she was a "precious peekoneezer". However there is not an aggressive bone in her sturdy little body towards anyone. .She is a great companion for her "person" and loves being near you. Meilani-MiShu is not very active and does not really "play". We think she'd do wonderful as a companion for another small dog her age or older, or equally happy being the only pet in the house. She is well behaved, quiet, has a pleasing, happy disposition and is no trouble at all...just a complete joy. She is quite the little character. If you love the Pekingese breed, you will adore this precious one. She is in good health, however she does have major limitations in sight as well as some difficulty hearing and arthritis. She seems to see enough to go wherever she'd like and never "runs into anything" once she is used to her environment. She even navigates steps and stairs relatively well, however we don't recommend her being around high steps, deck steps are fine. Meilani does not have dry eye and her skin/ears are good and not problematic. Meilani is puppy pad trained and will also go potty outside and does very well on a leash. She does get hot easily due to her breed and she would not do well on long walks or in homes that are not cooled adequately or excessively heated. She has been examined, spayed, brought UTD on shots, tested for heart worms, Lyme disease, and/E.Canis(all NEG), groomed and is on preventatives.Applicants without children only, please. 150.00 adoption fee. She is being fostered in Knoxville, TN.


Not available for adoption at this time

Savy is a 7 yr. old, 10 lb., Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pekingese mix that was rescued from a kill shelter. Savy is an affectionate, sweet, well behaved little girl. She is leash and house trained. She rides well in the car and in your arms and lap are her most favorite places to be. She is calm with a good nature however she does not like children. She is laid back and they make her nervous so a home without children or visiting children is imperative. Savy is healthy, has been spayed, had surgery to repair a cherry eye, had a dental to clean her teeth(both eyes and teeth are excellent now), has been brought UTD on all shots, is heart worm and fecal negative and is on Sentinel flea/tick/heart worm preventative. Savy is being fostered in Chattanooga,TN. Her adoption fee is 125.00.

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