Hey Laurie,

This morning I came upon a picture of a group of dogs lying dead in a gas chamber from NC. Needless to say, I've been crying all morning. It was from that FB page "Davies Law". Laurie, I don't know how you do it. Along with saving the animals, you see and hear about such evil, inhumane sick things being done to these innocent creatures. It takes a STRONG person to do what you and all the other rescue organizations do. I couldn't do it. I'd be crying everyday and sick. I have to tell myself that God takes care of them somehow when they are going through all of these things at the hands of human beings. And the big dogs have the hardest time finding a loving home, as you know.
I just wanted to vent a little with someone who I know has that special love inside of themselves for animals and understands. Some people would look at that picture and say, "Oh how sad" and go on with their day unaffected. Then there are people like you and I who will look at it and feel as though their insides have been torn out and cry for these beautiful souls.

Thanks for listening.
Love Linda


I feel awful today. Panda was limping on his front left paw. We took him to the vet. After X-rays it was found that he had several areas on his spine with a sort of degenerative disk damage. He had knuckling on his front paw and was putting all weight on his right side, front and back. Our vet started Panda on a steroid treatment. Steroids began to work for about a week and a half, and we had improvment. I came home from base at 0430 yesterday morning, my boy heard me in the house and decided to try to get up, he screamed out in pain. By the time I got there he was unable to stand at all and in much pain. We immediately took him to the vet who said there was nothing more that could be done. Unfortunatally I had to make the best decision for him yesterday afternoon, we stayed with him to the end.
I thank you for saving this light and letting him into our life.
Today is a sad day.

Tearfully yours,
Dennis and the Fry family, minus one.

Hi Laurie!!

It's me, Mailin!. Dad said that I should write 'cause it's been awhile , so here I am! How is everything there? Have you saved lots and lots more little ones like me? I can't begin to tell you how happy I am now. I run and play alot, especially with Beeja. She's my best friend and we have lots of fun every day. Mom and Beeja and Ti Lei are going to a place called camp for a week and I'm really gonna miss them. Last time, my big brother Jetti and little Mia came to stay with us and that was great. Mia is getting old and can't see very well, so I kinda watch out for her. She is so sweet! It was nice to have company here at home even though I see them all at Mom's everyday. Dad says I have gained weight and gotten a lot stronger. Boy, I never realized how much fun it is to run and sometimes me and Beeja will just run and run until we're pooped! Ti Lei runs with us too, but she's a lot bigger than us and is she ever strong! My big sister Honey is awful good to me too and I really like her. We get along great Dad lets me sleep on the bed or anywhere else I want. We play outside and go for walks and get to smell all kinds of neat stuff. I never realized when I was at that awful place , how wonderful life could be. I'm so grateful to you Laurie, for coming to save me and for helping me to get better. I think of you a lot and love you too. Beeja and Ti Lei said to send hugs and kisses from them too and to say they love you .Well, I gotta go get ready for bed, so I'll say bye for now but I'll write again soon. Give my love to everyone there and thank you sooo much for finding me this wonderful family!!

I love you,
Mai Lin

Hi Laurie!
How can we NOT love these precious little babes? We will send more pictures next week when Kathie gets back from camp. Seriously, Mai Lin is the sweetest, most precious little dog anyone could ever wish for. She has opened up sooo much and her personality has just blossomed, She has become very affectionate and playful and just totally fits in here. I can never explain to anyone what a joy and blessing she is to me and she has just completely captivated both of us. God bless you many times over for the wonderful work you are doing to rescue such precious little lives.

Hi Laurie,

Laurie you are so very welcome. I love you and all that you do for everyone else.
I hoped the clothes and harnesses would be useful. Angel and I had fun doing it all.
Tonight was her first class and she did so well. She is really extra smart... even if I, her mama says so, its true. The instructor said he thought she was very smart, you and I already knew that. She got "sit" so quickly and huge progress on "stay". I was amazed. And she got along great with all the dogs, big and small. Actually she was a little timid with so many dogs and people milling around but she stayed right with me and did what I asked of her. Of course I smothered her with love and told her that she is the smartest dog in the class. A star.

I thank you every day for her life and mine.

Love you dearly!
Jeannine Meador
East TN

Hello Laurie,

I thought I would send you a picture of Sadie with two of our grandkids and my son's adopted dog, Layla. Sadie loves to run an play with Layla and as you can see....she also loves being cuddled by Kassidy!!!
Sadie is doing great! I bought a vinyl tunnel for my grandkids to crawl through and in about 10 minutes, I taught Sadie to run through it on command. She is really a fast learner! She is very sweet and loves to sit on my lap while I read or watch TV. She is doing great in our house. She still thinks she can catch a squirrel....even though she only sees them from the car! Such a silly girl!
We just got home from a weekend at KY Lake with our oldest daughter and her family. Sadie had so much fun. My daughter brought her new little rescue, Brody. He is a mix of some kind and weighs about 10 or 11 pounds. Sadie and Brody played for 3 days. Sadie is sleeping on the couch now. She is sooooooo tired!
I found a wonderful new doggie retreat in Bowling Green, KY where Sadie can stay when we head that direction...when she can't go with us! It has lots of outdoor space to play and it is all fenced. She has other dogs and people to play with also. They are really nice people! She even had 3 swimming pools to play in if she got hot!
Please share the picture with all of those that love Sadie.

Gay and Sadie

Hello Laurie,

Could this possibly be the same dog you so lovingly trusted to me on December 24th, 2009?
She has completely trained my husband and me and totally taken over the house! She is a very happy addition to our home and we love her so much. Tomorrow morning I am taking her to a new groomer, just down the street, to have her nails clipped and ear hairs removed. The woman who usually does it, had shoulder surgery, but the groomer my Vet recommended is just down the street. They have assured me she will not be caged, they will groom her first thing and call me when she is ready. I take her in her carrier in the car. She will go in her carrier while waiting for me to pick her up. She is a real joy to groom. I give her a bath in between groomings and she lets me clean her ears and wash her face every morning.
You will never know how she has changed our lives. We absolutely love her.
THANK YOU and may God continue to bless your rescue organization and the folks who "foster"!

Norma Foster
East TN

Hi Laurie!!!

We met Sue a couple of hours ago and met Beija - she is ADORABLE!!!
The meet and greet went great and we are the proud parents/family of Beija. Once I upload pics, I'll send them to you!
Thank you so much once again - you and Sue were so nice and friendly to work with.
Thank you also for all the work you do to save other babies - it is so inspiring!


Dear Laurie and ADR friends,

It has been a year since Keiko (aka-Lady Ling Ling) joined our family. It has been a year of adjustments for all of us but I think we have finally done it !. Penny and Keiko have finally accepted each other and Keiko loves Suki. He is really good with her and lets her take any toy out of his mouth without a problem. She has her favorite red bone toy at our house and her snowman at grandma’s house and the minute she comes in from outside she looks for it or brings it to me when I come home. The main adjustment that we still need to make is the noise of the mixer, vacuum, washer/dryer, and mower and weed eater. She gets very nervous and almost panics when she hears them running from room to room. I have even gotten to the point of doing a load of laundry at night when we go to bed and running the vac while she is outside or at the groomers. I don’t understand why she is so afraid of these noises, to me they aren’t really loud and the others don’t seem to have a problem with them. She will even sleep through a storm while Penny and Suki are very nervous and want to be held until the storm passes.
Keiko has finally learned that people can be good and will now go up to strangers and let them pet her, however, she still won’t let anyone other than me pick her up. She doesn’t growl or snap she just runs away and won’t come to them. On weekends we go to my mother’s apartment and all the older residents love to see her and talk about how pretty and sweet she is. We’ve even gone visiting at the nursing home next door, she’s still a little hesitant with strangers but if I pick her up and let someone hold her she’s ok for a few minutes, but keeps her eye on me.
She still follows me around most of the time and wants me to hold her while we are watching TV. She’s laying on the floor beside me right now. She loves to eat and likes fruit, veggies, chicken, yogurt-just about any people food, but I give it to her sparingly as she has gained weight and now weighs about 10.5 lbs. She goes to groomer every other week and is really good about letting me brush her every night, but then she expects to get a treat and runs to the cabinet where I keep them!! I have really enjoyed having her, thank you for letting me adopt her!
I’ve attached some pictures taken since January-I finally learned how to download from my camera to the computer! JPG92 and 94 says it all-she is definitely the Queen of the household.
Hope everyone is well and keep up the wonderful work you do!!!

Saralee, Keiko, Suki, and Penny

Hi Laurie,

I wanted to send a few pictures your way and give you an update on our little Bella. One and a half years after she came home with us, her personality just continues to develop and she wraps herself further around our hearts. She's learned to give lots of yorkie kisses now. She has taken to sleeping right next to my husband with his arm around her at night. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Her brother Baci has taught her so much about playing and they run all about the living room stealing toys from one another. When they finally exhaust each other, I find them curled up on top of each other napping. They are just the best of friends. Tom and I can hardly remember life before Bella and Baci were a part of it. We are so thankful each and everyday that you allowed Bella to come home with us. Oh- Bella passed the therapy dog obedience test. We just have to do our three supervised visits and then she will get certified :)
Bella is sending yorkie kisses your way!

Much love,
Helen, Tom, Bella and Baci

Hi Laurie,

Thank you so much. Here's the latest picture of my precious Lily and me, taken at a friend's house last week. I hold her on my lap and rub her belly and say "Mommy's teddy bear" and she closes her eyes and will almost fall to sleep. What an Angel!!

You are always in my prayers for what you do and how you do it. Screening the potenial owners is so important! Thank you!!


Hi Laurie,

I will try to get this stuff out to you by the weekend. Just looked at your site to see all the babies that you have - you are amazing! What made you pick Mullican Hill, NJ for your Fall Event? I'm going to look and see how far that is for me to come - perhaps Cami and I could come down? She is a piece of work, everybody that sees her remarks on how adorable she is. I tell them she is my weapon of mass destruction! She is brutal - I carry food in my shop and have had to resort to buying a huge plastic container to store it in or else she gets into the bags. I moved all of the treats I sell up to a level where she can't reach them but after each customer leaves, it is her duty to run into the shop and make sure the last puppy didn't leave any treats behind. She takes every new toy and removes the squeeky in a matter of minutes. She has gotten better because I now keep all the toys in the shop and if one is missing, I call out her name and she runs out with the toy in her mouth as if to say, Yes - what, I didn't do anything!!?! She really makes us laugh! She is the funniest to watch when she decides to play - she runs back and fourth either in the house or the yard like a nut. She is the cutest thing - more personality then even she knows what to do with.
Thank you again for allowing us to adopt her - she makes every day interesting and she is a happy little girl! Be in touch -


Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the Birthday wish.
I wanted to update you about Tia. She has come out of her shell!! She is so much fun. My son calls her Baby Girl. She is a true Princess and demands to be treated as such. Her and Taz are getting along fine they seem to really care for each other. They still have little fusses, but they really enjoy playing. Taz always makes sure if he gets a treat that he takes Tia's to her first and then comes back for his. We love them so very much and only wish that I had the time to tell you all the cute little things they do each day that make us smile!!

We love you guys and are very proud of all of you!
Donald, Brenda, Michael, Taz & Tia Cheek
East TN


Day 1: It was kind of scary to see Issac's SUV drive away and leave me with these people I have never seen before, but it didn't take me long to like what was happening. Little did I know, I was taking a long car ride. On the way to my new home we stopped at a Wendys and we had a picnic lunch. My new mommy figured out real fast that I like french fries. I knew right then that I was going to like her. After a couple of hours my new sister Maggie joined me in the back seat. She is really nice, she didn't mind that I was laying on her blanket, and we shared it the rest of the way home. We made a couple of stops and got out and stretched our legs, got a drink of water and well, you know what else. After we arrived at my new home Maggie showed me around the big fenced in back yard, which I really like, and then we went in the house and she showed me around the house. I settled down in the recliner with my new daddy and we rested while my new mommy cooked dinner. I have a special place right next to my new daddy at dinner time. My sister has her special place next to mommy. He puts down my bowl of food and we all eat dinner together. My new mommy did the dishes and then she took me and my new sister for a walk. Oh what fun we had! That night I got to sleep in the big bed with everyone, Oh how nice that was!

Day 2: GOOD MORNING WORLD AND WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY IT IS!! I slept great and right after my mommy ate breakfast she took me and maggie for a walk, we went to my mommy's cousin's house who lives down the street from us and I got to meet her. She is really nice! She told me I was just too cute. After my walk mommy told me I was just a perfect little angel and she gave me a special treat, MMM GOOD! Maggie sat out on the deck, which was kind of nice because it gave me and my new mommy time alone together to get bonded. I did spend some time in the back yard with Maggie while mommy washed the car. Did I mention that we have these really neat doors on the house that have the window all the way down to the floor so I can see outside all the time. Maggie lays in front of them sometimes and looks out for a long time. We took another walk later in the afternoon. Daddy got home from work and I was so excited. He gave me and Maggie lots of love. I sat in the easy chair with daddy again while mommy cooked dinner. After dinner the phone rang and mommy had to leave, she had to go to the hospital with my new grandma so I spent the evening with my new daddy, which was nice, we got to get bonded more.

Day 3: I slept great again last night. Again we took a walk after mommy ate breakfast. Mommy took us for a ride today, that was fun. Mommy had to leave us alone together at home for a few hours while she went to the hospital to check on grandma. When she came home we were so excited to see her and she told us we were just perfect little angels while she was gone. She gave us lots of love and then we played for a while. Then we sat out on the deck until daddy came home from work. I sat on mommy's lap because I am just new at this and I have to get use to the deck. It has a gate at the top of the steps to keep us safe. When daddy came home from work we got all excited again and he gave us lots of love too. Again, I sat in the easy chair with daddy while mommy cooked dinner. After dinner mommy took us for another walk. The weather got bad after that, and it thundered and rained. I sat on mommy's lap while she was knitting and it made me feel better and I wasn't as scared. I only shook a little bit then relaxed. Guess what? My mommy's cousin came by the house and she brought me some tennis balls, just my size too! She also brought some special treats for me and Maggie. They are all natural special baked treats for us canines. They are sooo good! I also had fun playing with my tennis ball. I teased my mommy a little bit, I would go get my ball and then act like I was going to give it to her and the I would turn my head and not let her have the ball. It was so funny! We played for a long time. Then we settled down and me and Maggie laid on the couch together until bed time.

Day 4: Same routine, slept good and after mommy's breakfast we took a walk. I got to meet a couple of mommy's friends from the neighborhood and one of Maggie's doggy friends. He is a very nice black Shih Tzu, he is a little bigger than us, but he was very friendly. Mommy was very busy today, she cut grass, but wouldn't let us come outside with her, she said it wasn't safe and we had to stay inside and watch her through the big windows in the doors. She vacuumed, which I wasn't too scared, I jumped up on the couch and just watched her. Then she brushed me and cleaned my eyes, she does this everyday. Then she gave Maggie a bath and I went downstairs and watch them, then when we went back upstairs, (mommy carried us up and down the stairs, she won't let us do it ourselves) me and maggie ran around and played a little bit then mommy got out the hair dryer and dried maggie, I laid on the big bed and watched, they were sitting on the floor. This afternoon mommy took us for another car ride, this time we went to a park that has a huge pond with lots of ducks and geese. There were some people fishing, but we just walked on the walking path around the pond. It was the most fun I have ever had, I was so excited! After we got home we sat out on the deck until daddy got home from work, then he gave me and Maggie lots of love. tonight instead of sitting in the easy chair with him, we played ball while mommy was cooking dinner. I'm so tired tonight from all the fun I had today that I am just sitting in the easy chair with my daddy and maggie. We both can sit with him just fine, there is plenty of room.

Day 5: Same routine, slept well, went for our morning walk, then mommy had to leave me and Maggie alone again while she went to the hospital to see grandma. She said we were perfect little angels again. We took a long afternoon walk. then it was time for daddy to come home from work. He gave us lots of love. We played and then mommy fed us dinner. Mommy left with a friend for a while so I stayed home with daddy.

Day 6: Slept well, it was colder outside last night so mommy put a sweater on me so I wouldn't get cold. Mommy went to the grocery store early this morning, so I stayed home and played with daddy. All of us went to this really neat place called Sugarcreek Reserve. We hiked for a long time and it was soooo much fun! Mommy went to the hospital today, and me and Maggie stayed home with daddy. Mommy said that she usually isn't gone this much and that by early next week grandma should be out of the hospital and back in the nursing home then things will get back to normal, she said I could go to the nursing home with her next week so I can meet grandma.

Day 7: Today I got up really early with daddy. We hung out together until mommy and Maggie got up. We went for our morning walk. Mommy was cleaning and so me daddy and Maggie sat out on the deck and relaxed a bit. Mommy took us to the pet store and she bought us each a new harness. They are really soft and comfortable. Mommy took us for another walk when we got back so we could try out our new harness and make sure it would be comfortable enough. I got to meet my two brothers of the human kind. They are really nice, they held me and gave me lots of love and we played ball too! We all ate dinner together. I have figured out why Maggie likes it on the deck so much, today I spent quite a bit of time on it as well, it is really neat, you can see out really far in a lot of directions and it is very comfortable to lay on and just hang out. I think it is going to become my favorite place as well. I have decided that I would like to keep this family forever, I am very thankful for my rescue and my foster family, but this place is a doggie palace. It is the most perfect place to live. They love me a lot, they keep me clean and brushed every day and I never have to be in a cage again for the rest of my life. I especially love sitting in the easy chair with my daddy.

Thank you and lots of doggie kisses

Hello Laurie and everyone at ADR,
Attached are pictures of Melody adjusting to life in her new home! She and her "sister" Gia look identical and are getting along very well! She follows Gia wherever she goes. Mel is a sweetie. She is still very shy but starting to become more inquisitive and seems to be comfortable with her new surroundings.
We are enjoying her and look forward to watching her blossom!


You know, you have allowed me to experience an incredibly special feeling. I'm wiping away delayed tears from Billy's update. You've given me the opportunity to participate in rescue work, witnessing a hurt soul transform into the beautiful creature they were meant to be, fostering and bringing the babies to meet their forever homes. The feeling is so emotional and, well, there are no words to describe the feelings really. I just know it feels SO amazing and touches me deep down to my core.

I can't thank you enough Laurie. It's all because of you. Thank you.

Hi Laurie!!!!

It's me, Mai Lin! Remember me? It's been a while since I've written so I wanted to tell you all about everything that's happened since. It's been a beautiful summer way up here in Maine but it's starting to get cold now at night. Dad told me about something called snow and that it will be higher than me. I can't wait to see it! I'm soooo very happy, Laurie! I never dreamed that life could be so good. Mom and Dad love me lots and lots, and I have a whole family now that I really love. We go to the old fairgrounds for walks and the other day , guess what? Dad took off my leash and Beeja, Ti Lei and I ran and ran and ran. Boy, was it ever fun.!! It was the first time in my life that I was totally free, no leash, no cage, no fence, nothing but lots and lots of grass to run in. I heard Dad tell Mom that he had tears in his eyes watching us playing. I've gotten really strong now and can run really fast!! I love to run Laurie. It's one of my favorite things to do. Ti Lei goes with us too and we all run and jump and play and there's all kinds of things to smell. My sister Honey, Dad's other dog, is getting old so she doesn't want to go anymore and neither does Mom"s old dog, my new brother Jetti. All they do is sleep. I sleep a lot too but I love to go out and play. I'm not afraid to ride in the car anymore either 'cause I know that they're not taking me away and that I'll be coming home again. When Mom and Dad are gone for a while, we just all hang out together and chew bones and stuff, but we're really happy when they come home. Next week, I'm going to the groomer place again. Mom calls it my day of beauty. Can you imagine?
I'm so thankful that you saved me, and helped me get better and found me my new home. I love them so much and I'll always love you too. Mom said she would send pictures of all of us soon so watch out for them. I'll write again soon and send you some pictures of me in the snow. Can't wait!!
Love ya'
Mai Lin

Hi Laurie, it's Steve , Mai Lin's dad.
I just wanted to tell you that Mai Lin has become the sweetest, most wonderful little girl you could ever imagine. She tries so hard to please and to be a good dog, that it just fills my heart with joy. She has gotten strong and healthy and, yes, I did have tears in my eyes watching her totally free for the first time in her life. She knew she was free too and had such a look of joy on her face. She is such a blessing in my life and I thank our Lord every day for such a wonderful gift as Mai Lin .
I will be eternally grateful to you and commend you on the wonderful mission you accomplish saving these precious babes.
You have made so many little ones and so many familes happy by what you do.

God bless you Laurie!!


You wanted a picture of the two babies together. Our camera is broken so I used my phone to get a picture and then sent it to my son so he could e-mail it to you. It is a bit blury, but the best I have for now.
They are getting along really well. Chloe wants to be the dominent one, and Maggie allows it with just a couple of exceptions and Chloe knows her boundries. They haven't gotten into any fights at all, If one doesn't like something there is a warning growl and the other one will just walk away, which doesn't happen very often. They play well together. Maggie had been acting like a little old lady since Chen died and since we have brought Chloe into our family she has a spring in her step again. Chloe has been a wonderful addition to our family.
I took Chloe to the nursing home on Saturday so she could meet my mother-in-law. It was too cute! I sat her on moms lap (who is wheel chair bound) and she sat there for 45 minutes. She even stayed on her lap while I wheeled mom around the nursing home, it was soooo cute! Of course Chloe had to visit with several of the other residents, every one just loved her, she is so sweet and friendly.
I don't know if you received the other e-mail I sent, if you didn't get to see it let me know and I will send it to you again.

Love, Pam

Hi Laurie,

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for bringing Ellee (Paige) into my life. She is WONDERFUL and gets along with our other two dogs, loves to go for car rides (which is often I am always taking her with me) and what a cuddle bug. She and I are inseparable and she has brought me enormous happiness.



If I weren’t at work right now, I would be balling my eyes out!!!!! Instead, I’m sniffing a little more than I have been with this cold and wiping my eyes like it is the cold and not the thought of all those babies out there who need to rescue their humans!!!!
I think of how my Chiyo and Cindy Lou and Sachmo have rescued my family and I am forever grateful for their willingness to give love another chance!!!!
Thanks for the reminder of how fortunate I am!!!!!!!

Jackie Tone

Hey Laurie,

Here is the picture of Jocelyn and Meitu this weekend in Gatlinburg. We had a wonderful time! Oh yeah, Meitu just had her teeth cleaned, her smile looks pretty and white! Each time we go past Sweetwater to Gatlinburg we pause to be grateful that this was the place where we were introduced to and adopted our Meitu. I can’t start to tell you how many people tell us she is the prettiest dog they had ever seen and wanted to know what kind she was.

Jackie Tow

Hello Laurie!

I wanted to give you an update on Ginger (now Foxy) McComb. She is so happy in her new home with my parents, Jeanne and Bill. She has gained 3 lbs. and has the most beautiful silky and soft coat. My mom has been taking her to a beginner obedience class to help her socialize with other dogs and people. She was very smart in class and learned the commands just great, but really distrusts people and only trusts my parents for now. She is even still shy with me and she sees me almost every day! In their house she is so loving, happy, and funny, especially with her brother, Chico (chihuahua) and sister, Molly (cat). She has been learning to play with toys and she really likes to eat treats on her many walks or when she is at home. She has other doggie friends in the neighborhood (3 rescued big dogs, my greyhound and my shih tzu, the beagle who lives across the street) and she is slowly warming up to their pet parents too. At night, she loves to snuggle with my mom in bed and she is the perfect sleeping companion, especially now that the weather is getting cooler.
I am attaching a couple of pictures so you can see how cute she is!

Kind Regards,
Judy McComb

Dear Laurie,
I am emailing to let you know that we lost Sadie. She started having sezieres and the Vet didn't know why and could not stop them. It has been so sad without her. With her being so senior, her eyesight gone & her health problems it was like taking care of a baby. We miss her so much! I am sure that we will have many animals in our lifetime but never a baby like Sadie. She was so tough & determined for a 5 pound dog. She was referred to at our house as the baby. I am emailing the last picture of her.

Lexi is doing good but still skiddish. What do you know about her background? Maybe it would help to know why she is so afraid of things. I never could get her potty trained and she has to wear a diaper part of the time. We love her and she is so cute!! I will email pictures of her soon. I still look at your website & keep up with your efforts.

God Bless You & Your Fosters!
Debbie Holloway =

Hi Laurie,

Haven't given you an update in a while. Charley and Eli are thriving. Both had yearly shots, tests, etc. and a few months ago, Eli had a dental and had a few teeth extracted. Charley has come such a long way you wouldn't believe it. Loving, and lets us pick him up now. Still whimpers in the car thinking we are going to leave him, but is fine on the way home. They have both gained weight and are so funny. They KNOW when it is time for their afternoon nap on our bed and stand by the door waiting for mama. Eli has adopted a desqueaked little green ball that is with him constantly. It's almost like a green growth out of his mouth. He even sleeps with it. We bought a couple of spares in case he ever loses it. We just adore them. Will send new pics soon. I bought Eli a shirt for winter that says "tougher than I look" So adorable in it. Ok enough..... Hope y'all are doing great. Thanks for all that you do. I keep looking at your site, leaving pics on the screen for David to see, but he says two is all we can manage and afford. Bummer. Lol.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Dear Laurie,

I’m so sorry for not keeping in touch as I should have. Time just goes by so fast and it’s been almost seven months since I’ve last written. It sure is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s been nearly three years since sweet Tofi came into my life. This little guy has given so much love and joy which means the world to me. He just loves snuggling and having his tummy rubbed…but who wouldn’t? He adores being outside playing with his basketball in the backyard. The yard is sloped, so the ball rolls down while he tries so hard to pick it up and winds up chasing it around and around.
Tofi just loves going for rides and visiting people. In the new year, I’ll be looking into the possibility of him following in the same pawsteps as Valytyne by becoming a therapy dog. I’ve taken him into one of our health care centers on occasion and he’s been absolutely terrific with the patients. He gets so excited when it’s time to go bye-bye. All I have to do is pick up his canvas tote bag and he’s ready to travel.
Two pictures are attached of Tofi…one with the fall display out front of our house and the other with him begging for his cookie treat after he’d just been groomed.
When I last wrote (April), my other furchild, Bogie, who came to us as a foster, was still with us. Well, he’s now a permanent part of the family and a real sweetheart. He and Tofi love playing together. Then there is our rambunctious feline, Merlin, who is playfully chased by Tofi and Bogie. Never a dull moment.
I want to thank you for the joy you’ve brought, not only to me, but to others. You do so much to save these wonderful furbabies and find worthy, loving forever homes for them. Without the love and commitment towards their salvation, they wouldn’t have the chance they receive.
I’m sending a little something to you (snail mail) for your use in saving other furbabies. May you have a beautiful and joyous holiday season as well as a great 2011!

All our love…
Sandi, Tofi, Bogie and Merlin

Just wanted to let you Ti is doing great. He has fit right in with Sassy. As you can tell from the pics his hair is growing out nicely. We continue to give him fish oil supplements as directed and have him on an antihistamine for scratching. He is a funny little man and his personality continues to grow each day. I believe he is figuring out he is not going anywhere. He has a home. He rode with me in the Christmas parade last weekend and loved it. He has two more to go. He likes to ride anything. As you can see from one of the pics, he has my bed. He is also laying on his pet pillow I bought him. It is 54” x 60”. I have no bed left. He has lost another tooth so the lil guy is needing “doggy dentures” very badly. I believe his teeth loss in the front was either from a poor diet early in life or abuse from a previous owner. However, it has not hurt his appetite. He loves to eat!!

My sister and I will be sending a contribution to you very soon.
Thank you for a great pet!!
Billy Miller

Hi Laurie!!

Koa is just wonderful. Dallas, my husband, does Santa Claus this time of year and we have just been so busy. I will get some pics of him during the holiday and send you some. They had a ball trick or treating. My husband hooked up the ATV and the wagon and put all 5 grandkids and Koa in the wagon and went trick or treating. Koa was dressed like a Myrtle Beach Lifeguard. Several places we went had dog treats already made up for Koa. It was a hoot. He loves all of the kids. He will stand and bark at them until they play with him. I trained him so when they grandkids say "Koa give me a moo-moo" he kisses them. Hope you have a Happy Holiday. Oh I have to tell you this too and then I will let you go.........sorry you are so fun to talk to! Our work adopted the local shelter as our charity for Christmas. It just about made me cry....I just love animals. I hate to see any animal suffer or go without all they need. Keep the babies safe!!

Take care and Bless you!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Keiko’s progress. I think everyone has now accepted each other. Keiko loves Suki and frequently rests her head on him while sharing his pillow! Two weeks ago Keiko had her teeth cleaned and came through it just fine with one tooth being pulled.
My mother has been recuperating from pneumonia in the nursing home that is attached to her apartment complex. Last Sat I took Keiko over to visit her. Everyone in the rehab room wanted to either hold or pat her and she loved the attention. Keiko will now greet people looking for a treat or a tummy rub. She is not afraid of the wheel chairs, walkers, or canes! I took her to visit one lady that I know has a dog but is currently staying with her sister while she recuperates from hip surgery, I placed Keiko in bed with her and she said “oh, you just made my day, I was feeling sorry for myself and missing my little dog!” Keiko laid beside her for awhile and let her pet her and rub her tummy. Every once in awhile Keiko would look at me just to make such I was still near, but she has grown so much and come out of her shell, she would never have done that a year ago. She also loves all the residents at mother’s apartment. She is however, still afraid of household noises such as the washer and dryer, mixer and vac- I do laundry at night after we go to bed. One lady said she was really cute but needed a haircut! I said oh, no that’s the ways she’s supposed to look!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ll make a donation before the end of the year!
Saralee, Keiko, Suki, and Penny

Hi Laurie,

Here we are in the holiday season again. Time really goes fast. We have had a good year .... Keila, Maiya and Koko are happy little campers. They are loving this cold weather ... I take them into the yard and they run around chasing the birds and squirrels until they are exhausted. I'm sorry they look so unhappy in the attached photo. It made them very unhappy to wear the sweaters and they don't particularly like to have photos made. The best ones I get are when they don't know I am making them. Will try to send some happier looking ones later.
We wish you and all the little ones a happy and blessed holiday season.

Love, Nelda

Hi Laurie,

We just wanted to give you a quick update on Peyton. He got to see Santa today! He was awesome. We started training 2 weeks ago, and he is doing so well. He know commands such as: leave it, sit, stay, down, come, go home, bed, settle, ect. We have been socializing him with other dogs that live around here, and again doing awesome.
We are so blessed.

Thanks for everything you do,
Cinda Placak Oehlke

Hi Laurie,

You are so right... If not for the long hair I think Taboo and Angel are twins. Precious sweeties they are and if she's anything like Angel someone is going to be very happy to get all the love contained in her little body.
Angel continues to amaze me. She has a problem meeting other dogs when being walked on a leash. I just speak softly and tell her that look, there's a friend and when she continues to growl I just pick her up and explain to the other dog owners that she is afraid for some reason (being a rescue we don't know what happened in her other life etc) and ask them if they'll just stand quietly with their dog and give Angel a chance to realize its okay. It works too for the most part. Recently she's become friends with 3 different dogs. Once their owners realize she sounds ferocious but doesn't mean it and relax, the dogs have a chance to get acquainted. Its my goal to make her comfortable meeting any dog and know that she is safe always! When she first came to live with me she was leary of people out walking and barked at each one. Slowly she learned all was well and now she just wags her tail and if they speak she'll walk over for a pet, cautiously though, as if wanting to be sure they are worthy. I'm so proud of her progress and gains of security. She is just so smart. And so sweet.

Last Christmas I was still grieving over my Teddie and wanting to meet Angel, and now here we are. A match made in Laurie Heaven!!! I can't remember life without her. As you so often say on your site, these little rescues are so grateful and so full of love. It's we who are blessed to adopt them as they give us so much more than we can ever give them. Their cup of love overflows and is unending.
You can have my house, my car, my anything, but not my Angel. She's worth more than money could ever buy.

We have a Christmas card and gift on its way to you. Pray that this is a special Christmas and that the new year brings many gifts to help care for these special ones.

We love you.
Jeannine and our Angel

I just wanted to share this Christmas picture of Sandy (formally Araya). She is now 13lbs. She is discovering herself and is having fun, running and playing with other dogs. She is my wife's shadow, following her throughout the house.
Marilyn and I say thank you for adding Sandy to the Saunders family.

Merry Christmas

Hi Laurie,

Lily is absolutely so adorable. She totally has us trained now. She has worked real hard at it. When we have company she now comes into our sunroom and joins us, she even lets others pet her!
I simply cannot believe we will have her a year on 12/24. What a Christmas present she was. It has taken us this long though to understand what she wants. She tells us when she needs to go outside, when she's hungry, when she wants my husband to pick her up and carry her or when she wants mommy to talk baby talk to her and rub her back! At night my husband has a room where he watches football and the type shows he likes (mysteries, etc.), Lily and I watch tv in our bedroom. She is on the bed beside me and loves for me to rub her back and legs while she chews on a chewie. She never eats it, just chews on it a little. When my husband comes to bed, he takes her outside for a potty break and she sleeps entirely through the night until I get up the next morning. What a love she is. She obeys us completely when out in the yard. When I get ready to come back inside I tell her what a good girl she is and she runs to the door.
I thank God every night for Lily and that she loves my husband as much as I do. She loves us both but she is definitely a "mommy's girl".

I wish you a Merry Christmas and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart that you agreed to let me adopt Miss Lily.
Love & Christmas wishes,


I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you are truly blessed this year and every year for the great things you do for those lost and lonely babies out there!! I know they are all grateful for you and all you do for them!! Not only do you rescue them from certain death, but in doing that, you give others the opportunity to love and be loved by some of the sweetest babies ever!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do!!!!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi Laurie;

It's us......your babies you rescued 5 years ago! We are still so happy living here in Arizona and we still have a big job being the guard dogs of this house......you should hear us bark when the doorbell rings!
We are mailing you our Christmas check today so that you can keep helping other little doggies find great homes like ours here in Arizona! Thank you for saving our lives and finding us our new home.......
We are sending you a couple of our Christmas pictures before we get busy removing our bows from our hair! We hope Santa is good to you this year, Laurie.......and we hope that Santa finds homes for all the little doggies waiting for their new home! (Please ignore our dog cookie crumbs in our picture......we love our Christmas treats!)

The Girls
Jennifer (Mom) and Bob (Dad)

Hi Laurie,

I hope you had a great Christmas !! We adopted Bellanje ( Belle ) from you in 2006 and she is the light of our life!!! Thank You so much for doing what you do!! I just sent a donation to you, I'm sorry it can't be more. I have had major medical bills from a surgery I had in June.
My prayers are always with you and your organization!!


Hello Laurie,

Hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I got this picture from Bill when he was in for Christmas and have been meaning to send it to you...sorry it took me so long...Missy and Maddie are doing very well...happy and sassy LOL My fabulous five are doing fantastic...Phoebe is slowing down a little but she will be 11 yrs old in about 4 months...love her sweet precious lil heart!
I hope all is well with you, your babies and volunteers...wishing you an awesome 2011 year with your rescue....

Love, Cindy


I wish it could have been more . . . we're forever grateful for our little Sophie who fills every minute of every day with sweetness and love. Glad I could make you smile --- she's a real cutie-pie --- wishing you and ADR the very best in the new year!

Anne & Ron xox


A check is on the way. I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore Sunny (Miah). Seeing these dogs made me think of her photo when I first saw her. I am not sure who rescued who. Some days I think Sunny rescued me.
Your organization is truly amazing and I am so grateful every day that I was able to adopt Sunny from you.

Happy New Year—

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the work you do. I cannot imagine my life without my precious "Grasshopper" whom I adopted from you on Christmas Eve in 2009. Am putting a couple of checks in the mail to you today. It isn't as much as it should be but the hope is that it will help towards rescuing these babies.

Julie Boyd

Hey Tiffany!

Happy New Year! I have attached several pictures of Quincy and Lia as you requested. We are so excited about the two of them. They are doing so well and have fit in nicely with the family.
Thank you again for all you have done to make the adoption possible!

Have a great week!
Terry and Tammy Smith

Hi There Laurie!

Just wanted to give you an update on our little Bailey (aka Nikki) who we adopted from you last June. She is WONDERFUL!!! She just had her first Christmas with us and got lots of goodies in her stocking. She has brought so much happiness into our home and our hearts.
Thank you so much for saving her so she could come here to be loved and to show us so much love. She is absolutely precious.

With love and appreciation,
Theresa and Richard Godsey

Hi Laurie:

Nina is happier everyday. She is doing extremely well and WE love her SOOOO much. She is our baby!!! I cant hardly stand to leave her, but she has a BFF at my Moms...a Jack Russell Mix and they love to play:) It took her a little while to warm up but now she gets so excited when I tell her she is going to see Mamaw. She is a precious DOLL! Thank you so much! We are so blessed to have her in my family and I'm so happy to be a doggy mama. Like any new mother I worry about her, but I think she is doing well and she is VERY attached and bonded to me! She has everything she wants, needs and deserves, and its all thanks to YOU! Nina sends her kisses!

Gina & Family

Good afternoon Laurie:

Here's an update on Pogo and Pepper. Both are doing great. We just got hit with 17 inches of snow 2 days ago and they are really enjoying it. Pogo more than Pepper, as you can see. These two are amazing though. Their vet checkup is in a couple weeks, but both are doing well. Thought we were losing our oldest, Macy, right before the holidays, but she recovered nicely.
I hope all is going well.

Bob Hrouda

Hi Laurie,

How is everything in TN? Is the weather as bad as they say? I wanted to give you an update on my lovely Aubrey. She adjusted perfectly. Eats food I cook for doggies. She eats a lot and is already 3 pounds. AG and Misha loves her and vice versa. She likes to play with Misha. I took a video on my phone but for some reason I cant email it. Aubrey likes the beach too. She is very friendly with other dogs and people. She is using her leg completely, which makes me very happy. Every one loves her. I am sending you photos of her and her sisters.
I hope everything is great with you!

Many warm hugs!!!!!

Hi Ms Laurie;

It's me, Tai Lea, dropping you a note to say how great we are doing up here in Maine. It's been so wonderful that Beeja and Mai Lyn came to live with Honey, Jet, Mia and me. Now that Mia is almost totally blind in her one eye Mai Lyn has been walking with her and sort of guiding her around. Beeja always acts like she has had several cups of Mom's coffee. When she wants to play, I get down on the rug so she can pull on my ears. Then we run all over the house. The snow is so fun. Mai Lyn and I love the cold, but Beeja likes it warmer. Dad made paths in the snow with the snowblower, so we could walk around. Tonight, I'm having a sleep-over with Mai Lyn at Dad's house. We are going to have so much fun. He gives us a little ice cream when we visit. Mom scolds him, but he does it anyway. Just a little taste. Last night Mom made us beef, asparagus, sweet potatoes and blueberries, After that we all walked around with bellies like Mai Lyn. Mom loves to rub her round belly-calls it a 'Budda Belly'. Mai Lyn doesn't mind, as long as she gets lovins'. Mom and Dad both give us lots of lovin's. I try to be a good girl and not get jealous, then it's my turn and I'm in heaven. Mom went out and bought a big chair so we can sit together with her. Dad laughs and says she's getting doggie-fied.
I have to go play and take naps with everybody, but we all wanted you to know how grateful we all are that you found us this wonderful home. We are happy and so loved that it almost takes all the horror of our puppy mill past go away. But, maybe it's good to have some memory because we can now see how life is really meant to be and it's all because of you and the people at ADR that we are even alive! That, we will NEVER FORGET!
We love you all, so, so much!!!!
Hugs and Kisses-Tai Lea, Mia, Beeja and Mai Lyn
PS Mom is sending you some $$ in our names. She says things are really tough, but she'll try to help out some.

Hi Laurie,

Word just gets out across the country now!!! Remember I told you about the amazing day at the shop where so many customers came forward with ideas for a fundraiser? Well, it is happening, and there are so many people involved who want to help, one is even selling ads for a brochure for 25.00-50.00 each, then she will print it up. It is going to be a fun, fun night and we are all excited. Elwood, the ugliest dog winner from 2007 will be the guest of honor, and we will of course serve a full tea, not sure if you know what that is, but it is what we do, and is so pretty, everything pretty. You don't know it but your Asian Dog Rescue is the biggest thing up here, all follow all the dogs and their sad stories, and see the great things you do, and how precious all the dogs are. I just can't tell you the support you have up here. I did not want to say too much until it was over in case it does not bring in as much money as we hope, but I cannot imagine it won't! I just have to forward you an email from another nurse I work with and what she came up with and you can see the enthusiasm in everyone by her email. There are really so many people who have huge hearts for these babies; after all, we know their worth in love, as well as what they give to us after rescue, nothing like it, as you know!! Maybe you should think of a way to come up for it as it will be so rewarding and fun.
You are a celebrity up here in NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have great friends, and we always have so much fun at the tearoom, it may be a buisiness, but really it is just us "family" enjoying each other. By the way, Shi who adopted precious Ava, is going for a course to do animal chiropractics in April, her heart is with the animals always, too just like me, which is I guess why we are such good friends. She is so excited, and hopes to find ways to treat epileptics (like my Holly) and Daisy with her back problems.
Just another you have motivated to better the lives of our special little ones! Amazing, isn't it?!

Until tomorrow.......

Hi Laurie,

Thought you'd enjoy seeing Angel alias "The Snowbird" making herself at home...any chair with a cushion has her name on it. From this perch on the front porch she can keep an eye on any one passing by. She seems to love the warm Florida days. She's a great traveler.
Thank you Laurie...life would be so empty without all you do for others.
Angel sends a kiss too.
Love you,

Hey Laurie,

Love Love Love my baby girl! Yes, you are right! She is pure sweetness. I don't know how people can mistreat these precious babies. I guess you know that I would change the name Delaney. My baby's name is Maciee. Maciee is such a good little girl. Maciee already knows her name. Maciee has no issues at all. I have a Missy, Maddie and Maciee. All the names start with 'M', and all have the letter "I' in the name, and all have a double letter 'SS', 'DD' , 'EE'. All the girls have their own Lands End tote bags with their name monogrammed for traveling. Maciee got hers in the mail yesterday. We will send more pictures soon.

Thank You for all that you do and for saving these sweet babies from kill shelters.
Bill Edwards

Hi Friends at Precious Paws!!

I just wanted to update you all that Mallory (we are calling her Lexi) is so precious and has been such a gift. I am so glad I was drawn to your site last summer and we adopted sweet little girl.
We had our challenges with her being scared and nervous in the beginning, she was especially attached to Brian, my husband, and it took a while for her to warm up to me, but we are all such a happy family:) Our other Yorkie, Derby, has been great with her....he doesn't want to admit it but he loves her and we can tell that he takes care of her. She LOVES her brother and is always excited when he comes into the room.
Her coat just continues to improve and get silkier and she has been healthy from the beginning.
We will send along some update photos for you, but just thinking how much we love her and how happy we are that we went out on a limb and adopted a puppy mill dog. It takes time (and lots of clean up) but they really slowly come around and learn to be loved.

Hope you all are doing well -
Erin May

Hi Laurie

Bill was here on Thursday and we tried to get some pictures of the babies...it's so hard for us :) You take fantastic pictures...I wish we did! We took soooo many of all the dogs together and couldn't get one with them all looking at the camera...we do have a house full of babies now...we love it and wouldn't have it any other way!


We adopted a little dog from you about 4.5 years ago. It's been a while since I've been in touch. Attached is a picture of us and our little Nady. He has been doing great. About a week ago he ruptured his knee. He had surgery 2 days ago and seems to be doing well. The next two weeks will be critical but we are being careful with him and trying to keep him from running around. He wanted to get up and go, right out of surgery!
I realized I should reach out and let you know how he was and let you know how grateful we are for him.
Thanks for all you do.

Angela Schaffstein

Good Afternoon

I wanted you to see Chaucer at his favorite place while we are out. He sits in this chair and looks out the window for birds and squirrels! I want to assure you that he is getting plenty of love! When I come in, I pick him up and he gives me kisses. He lets me brush him with no complaints. He is great on his potty training. He sleeps with us at night. I bought him a stuffed animal that I call his squirrel. He is so cute because he carries it around to different spots in the house.
Thank you again for letting me adopt Chaucer!

We love him so much!
Judy, Jim and Chaucer

I have been putting off this letter since Bubba's health had taken a rapid decline. Our vet referred us to UT Veterinarian Hospital. Our vet suspected Bubba had cancer due to his rapid weight loss even though he was eating. He had a tumor that blossomed in a few months. After all of the testing stopping short of an MRI, they too suspected a cancerous lesion on his brain plus neurological problems. We knew that Bubba could not go under a complete anesthesia due to his condition. The tumor started bleeding and I was aftraid I wouldn't be so lucky the next time to get the bleeding stopped. We returned to UT to see if they could do a local to remove the tumor to try to make him more comfortable. Yesterday my Bubba had his surgery. We took him home late yesterday evening. Today his incision opened and started to bleed. We called UT and they told us to bring him to the hospital. After their examination they said they would have to clean the area and stitch him inside and out. They would sedate him like they did yesterday. We asked the Dr. if Bubba was suffering. She said he was suffering a lot. With the starting of prostate cancer, growth on his adrenal gland, the neurological problems, the cancerous lesion , not being able to really walk, loosing his controls, his food wasn't nourishing him because of the cancer, his quality of life was almost non-existing. The last month I have been sleeping with Bubba hugging on to him the whole night. I have been doing alot of praying and asking God for the right direction. I finally had to stop being selfish and to send my Bubba to puppy heaven. This was a very difficult decision for me to make. I loved my Bubba with all my heart and soul. He was my Bubba Boy, Bubba Love, Bubba Baby. I hope you understand I made this decision out of love for him. I will forever wear a Bubba Pawprint on my heart.


I attended the Precious Paws Tea Party at Amelia's Tea and Holly, last evening. Everyone had a wonderful time, I know that my husband and I did. The food and teas were really yummy. There were Chinese auction items and a wonderful Vet that spoke regarding puppy mills and rescue. We were able to meet and pet Elwood! Voted Ugliest Dog in the World. Elwood is very beautiful in his own special way. The real reason for this email is that I want to commend Sue Krueger, owner of Amelia's Tea and Holly, for hosting the benefit. It was very obvious that she put so much hard work and effort into the event. She made it look easy, but I know that it couldn't have been easy.
I hope that Precious Paws did well with the event.
Keep up your wonderful work on behalf of the little dogs.

God bless you and all your volunteers,
Robin Russo

Good Morning, Everyone!

Just a quick update on Dolly DoodleBug(AKA Keiani). She continues to settle into our household with amazing speed and we can now tell you that she is not afraid of thunderstorms. While our TinkerBelle, Noel, was clinging to my head last night in bed, Dolly D. slept through it with the others. I think just about the only thing which distinguishes Dolly D. as a newcomer is this: she doesn't like either myself or my husband to be out of her sight and when we are in bed, her little body must be touching one of ours. All my rescues did this when they first came and continued to do so until the time came when they realized that here is their forever home.
Thank you all again for this newest joy in our house and we'll keep in touch.

xoxoxox Anne Marie

Hello Laurie,

Well, I went to an adoption event with my daughter in Memphis, TN while we were visiting her...and to make a long, sad story short...we got Reesie. (we named her Reesie because her fur is the color of chocolate and peanut butter) She had been living with a hoarder and she wasn't much more than a lump of fur when she came here. There was no fee to adopt her, because she was so timid. It is so sad to know that people treat dogs so bad!!! She had been outside in the weather for a year, with very little human contact!
Anyway, Sadie is helping me to teach her that all people are not bad and that she can trust. Sadie licked Reesie's ears and eyes when she first met her and it seemed to calm Reesie. They both really enjoy that! Sadie stayed by her the first several days she was here. Sadie would try to get her to play and that just didn't happen, but Sadie didn't give up! Reesie has been here 3 weeks and she will now walk on a leash and loves it. She is also playing with Sadie and Sadie loves that!!! They are so cute together. They share their water bowl, toys and a big pillow that they rest on! Reesie has a long, long way to go, but she is making progress! Sadie has shown her how to jump on the couch and to come when called. Reesie watches Sadie and tries to do everything she does. It is so cute...
She is afraid of every noise she hears and jumps and runs from us most of the time, but with lots of chicken treats...she is getting better. Sadie is calmer too!~ She has someone to play with all day long and she is tired! LOL
Please share the picture with all who love Sadie and tell them how much we love her and what a wonderful baby she is!

Gay, Sadie and Reesie

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quick note to tell you that we bought liquid Vitamin E and have been applying it lightly, every few days to Dolly's(Keiani) tummy. We were told that this would help hair regrowth there. I'll keep you posted on that.
Dolly looks great. Her coat is so shiny and she is smart. I remove everyone's collars before feeding them breakfast and supper. This way, the tags don't chip the porcelain dishes (another story, another paragraph). Dolly waits to have her collar removed and after eating and the bowls are picked up, she waits nicely with the others til I put back on the collars, before giving them a treat.
I love to browse antique and consignment stores. Of course, the fun is in finding bargains. I feed my dogs and cats from some very nice finds. The challenge is not only in finding these bowls at good prices but also in finding enough of them in the same pattern. Right now, the dogs are eating out of England's Johnson Brothers, Old Country. I actually found seven of these lovely, small soup bowls which means I have two to spare right now in case of accident. Since we use the bowls twice a day, eventually something chips beyond repair. The jeweler I use has kindly repaired chipped bowls over the years, to include replacing the gold gilt.
I forgot to tell you that Dolly takes her monthly meds for heartworm, fleas & ticks very well. I just plop the pill (heartworm on the 16th & fleas/ticks on the 21st) into the breakfast bowl. Since I feed everyone at the same time on the kitchen floor, no one hesitates to eat. At first, Dolly obviously was used to grazing but she quickly, by the second day, was munching up her kibble and clearing her bowl w/in a minute or so. Fact is, she is always one of the first three to finish out of the five and thanks to the squirt bottle, has learned not to attempt stealing from others.

Everyone have a lovely and blessed Easter. I'll stay in touch.
Anne Marie

Hi Laurie,

Kathie, I and all our little ones would like to wish you, your staff and babes a VERY joyous Easter!!! It is not only that HE was crucified to pay the debt for our sins but that HE ROSE AGAIN!!! What a precious gift eternal life is, to be reunited with our LORD and SAVIOR.
Thank you with all of our hearts for giving so many precious little ones hope for a new life.
We pray that, on the day you stand before our LORD, you will hear the words, " Well done, my good and faithful servant"!!

God Bless you Laurie!
We love you!
Jetti, Beeja, Mia, Ti Lei, Mai Lin, Honey, Tiger , Miley, Kathie and Steve

I was just browsing the Asian Dog Rescue site and I wanted to update you on Darby. He is the SWEEETEST little dog!!! He is so happy and loveable. He adjusted so well to his new home and is loved by everyone who comes in contact with him. He only barks when he is playing with his toys and when he's excited his food is being prepared, other than that he is a quiet little boy. He loves to ride in the car and we take him any time we can. He still has an occasional accident in the house but is doing very well asking to go outside, especially since the weather is warming up. He loves to go outdoors and wander around the yard. We take him on walks and he's doing good with leash training. We took him to puppy classes at Petsmart and he loved playing with the other pups. He is so amusing when he plays with his bones or toys. We are in love with him! He has helped us so much with dealing with the loss of our beloved yorkies. He couldn't be more loved. He sleeps in bed with us and has to be touching me with some part of his body, such a cuddler. He follows me "everywhere" and snuggles with me everytime I sit down. I will send pictures of him once I get my daughter to teach me how. He is so fluffy and cute! He has put on a little weight and looks fantastic. I just came across a picture I had taken of him before he went to the groomer and what a difference. People can't believe he is a rescue, he's so beautiful. I have referred several people to your organization who were looking to get a dog. We tell everyone where we found him. People can't believe when we tell them we drove to Tennessee to pick him up, we tell them we fell in love with his picture and video that were posted on your site. We can't thank all of you enough for allowing us to adopt this sweet little boy. We are truly blessed!

Thank you for all you do to help these little doggies find a forever home.
Terri and Dan Smith, Mantua, NJ
(Blessed with Darby on Oct. 14, 2010)


Thanks for the info on ordering the T-shirts. I will wear it proudly in honor of "my angel baby". He truly saved ME, we couldn't love him more!!! He is perfect!
Sorry about the storm damage, you're in our prayers!


Laurie - Every night we have an ice cream bar before bed. The girls always get to lick a little off of the stick. Here is a cute picture of the girls waiting patiently for their turns. This was just too cute not to share!

Love.....Tricia, Mya & Willow

Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know I received my t-shirt today and am anxious to wear it this weekend!

Hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Saralee

My prayers are with you and your volunteers.
Attached is a picture of my beloved, Watson on his favorite, fuzzy throw. He was one of your Puppy Mill Rescues in 2006. His name was Beck when I picked him up, but quickly became Watson. He is so special. He willingly sat in my Mother's lap on the ride to Knoxville, but drives were his only time to really cozy up with her, much to her regret. Mother became very ill in March of this year and Watson would hardly leave her side then. He has always slept with me. When Mother was at her sickest, right before she died, Watson crawled off my lap and into her hospital bed. He was such a comfort to her.
He is such a treasure. Thank you so much for him and for all you are doing for these puppies in MS.

Bless each of you.
Lynn Gibson

Laurie: We are so happy that we could provide these precious little souls with the care they needed and the love they deserve. We couldn't have adopted 2 sweeter little pups, so perfect for each other and for us. Darby only barks when he's playing with his toys and Laci didn't make a sound for ten days. She barked for the first time when I went upstairs for a minute, Dan and I were so excited to hear her "first words"! After losing our 2 beloved pups last year I didn't know how I could open my heart again, but looking at your site changed my mind. I knew there was something I could do to make a difference. My heart is full of love again!
I am in awe of all you do for these dogs. I peruse your site all the time and I am touched by all the doggies that get adopted into good homes. I am telling everyone about your organization in hopes of educating people about the plight of the dogs that need to be adopted instead of bought. My husband and I feel as though we've won the lottery of love. Thank you again.

Love, Terri

Hello Laurie,

We adopted Jia-Li from you on January 2010. Since then we have changed her name to Bella. She is the most precious and perfect dog we could every have received. She is the love of my life and is spoiled and is by my side at all times. She has her own bed but sleeps with us every night.
I can't thank you enough for bringing our little Bella to our family. I look at your web site frequently and tell people if they ever think about adopting a dog to look at your site. Someday when we are ready for another dog I will get another wonderful dog from you.

Thank you,
Valerie Gracie
Asheville, NC

Snickers was my Rock but she deserved to be with you. God put her where she was needed. She is an angel, just like you. No one knows what goes on inside of anyone but a pet will love you no matter what. She gave me the love and peace I needed. But she needed more. She needed you. Thank you laurie for being a terrific friend. I will always remember you. Hug and kiss snickers for me and tell her I will always love her.
Love ya too, thank you for being my rock this week. It has meant the world to me. God has a plan I don't know what it is right now but I have to have faith it will all be ok.
Love you,

Hi Laurie,
Wow you are just as pretty as I would imagined you would be. I am so thankful that you took my baby. I know she will be adopted by a loving family and will make another person happy and smile. I see all of the pets on your web site that have been saved and have been adopted and I know without a doubt I made the right decision with your Group. I hope in the future somehow I can return the love.
Have a terrific day Laurie, and remember anytime you need a friend, I am here for you. Again thanks for everything.

I just wanted to give you guys a little update about Einstein. A week ago, I officially moved into the new house. He is slowly adjusting, but for all of us it takes time. I met a neighbor the other day, whose husband used to be a vet and he will come over to recommend a new vet in this area to me for him!
I have discovered that he has seperation anxiety. Anytime I leave, he will howl and bark for long periods of time. I am slowly trying to work with him to overcome it. We have taken walks outside and he really enjoys that. He has been very friendly with other people and their pets too!!!
I have attached a few pictures of my little man!

Hope you all are doing well!!!
Heather KY


We lost our beloved Bridget (formerly Aylei) last Thursday of kidney failure. We are heart broken. She has been an incredible companion & even after lung surgery, stomach issues, deaf & blind, she was a trooper & we loved her. She had a great 4 years. Wish it had been longer. We so much want another Tibetan Terrier mix, female, adult, preferably not senior (we can't go through this again soon).
Please let us know when & if such a girl comes your way.

We think you & your organization do an amazing job.
Thanks, Walt Drake

Good Afternoon,

I am happy to say that it has been four weeks since we officially adopted our baby girl Kaylon and I wanted to let you know that she is doing great! She started out a bit on the timid side but has really come out of her shell, and has won over all of our hearts. She is a sweet, lovable, adorable little angel and she fits in perfectly with our family and our other pets. She absolutely loves my daughter's Maltese dog "Leonardo" who lives with us. It's so cute watching Kaylon snuggle up with him and really fun to watch them play together. Leonardo is an older dog who hasn't been playing too much the last few years, but even he can't resist Kaylon's charm. It's really cute to see her snuggle up with Leonardo when its "nap time".
She has the sweetest disposition and is a joy to have around, and I'm enjoying every minute with her! She's just about housebroken and has very few "accidents" in the house. She loves getting her fur brushed and was a perfect girl for her bath. I love taking her for walks and she loves it when she and Leonardo get to walk together on their double leash. Car rides are fun, and we've started brushing her teeth. Her Daddy has been helping with that.
The first trip to her veterinarian went fine, and she was a big hit there! We had her micro-chipped and she is continuing on Frontline and Heartguard.
I'm so happy and thankful to have her and love her very much and look forward to lots of wonderful years with her.
Also, wanted to share these pictures with you.
As you required in Adoption Contract, the following is her veterinarian's information:
Ocean County Veterinary Hospital 838 River Avenue Lakewood, NJ 08701 (732) 363-7202
Thank you for bringing us together!

Ruth Sullivan

Hello Laurie ---

So glad you enjoyed the picture of Taz , wasn't sure if you would remember him or not. He was very aggresive when we got him and we have worked with him. He is very intelligent and loaded with personality. He is a fantastic guard dog -- thinks he is a pit bull and cannot be convinced that is just a little chihuahua. He will not allow any one else to pet him ,only my husband and myself are allowed that privledge but that's okay. We love him dearly.
I am attaching another pic of Taz with our other chihuahua,Daisy - she was a rescue from a puppy mill where she had been a breeder for the first 5 years of her life.
I really admire what you and your volunteers are doing and would like to help out in some small way. My husband and I do a lot of traveling in our camper. I work part time and am off on Friday's. I would like to try and help if possible. Look forward to hearing from you, ----


Hi Laurie,
I wanted to give you all an update on Nina.
She is GREAT! I'm not tech savy but I'll try to send a picture. She is more beautiful every day. Instead of aging, she is getting younger! She inspires me. She actually runs now, and plays with other dogs, and has a mind of her own. She is less and less dependent on me, and is a forming stronger attachment to my husband everyday. She is friendlier and less agressive to strangers now, and really likes other dogs (and cats.) :)

Thank you all again for the terrific work you do.
Nina and I thank you, and love you for it.
Words could never describe the change she (and you) have made in my life.
I finally experience joy again since the loss of my only child, and Nina is the reason.

Gina and Nina

Hi Laurie,
How are you, your famliy & your business doing? I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written you...things have been a little hectic around here, but you have remained a part of my thoughts & prayers on a constant basis.
Miya-Shen is doing fantastic!! He is slowly retreating from the puppy stage & turning in to a remarkable, loving, & protective young man. (actually he was always those things - just a bit calmer these days. He is also extremely happy about his new surroundings! Jimmy & I recently bought a house about 5 months ago only about 1 1/2 miles from our old one & 2000 sq. feet bigger, Miya now has lots of room upstairs & down, not to mention the perfect size fenced in back yard. My little angel is in doggie heaven!
I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to you - he is my world. He has given me all the love & support I could ever ask for plus the motivation to push myself to get as well as possible! I am capable of doing almost everything on my own now-a-days with minimal difficulty. They did find some heart problems lately & placed in a stent at which time they found a few more problems and have decided to do a triple by-pass next Tuesday, but once I heal, l might just be doing cartwheels lol!! I'M JUST SO BLESSED TO HAVE MY LITTLE BABY BY MY SIDE!I hope all is well with you & I know I need to get some pics of Miya sent your way.
Take care.....Love & Hugs,
Tami & Miya

Hi Laurie,
We just got Su Ling home and she's all settled in for the night. I don't remember the last time I saw such a skinny baby, bless her heart! She's so sweet and was such a good sport during what I know was a horrible day for her. She did great on the flight home and her tail just does not stop wagging!
I promise I'll take some better pictures for you tomorrow when she's feeling better.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for trusting me to take care of her, I promise I won't let you down!

Progress Report,

Jazz is blending into the family just fine. She usually sits next to me on the couch, when my daughter is not playing with her. We had her to the Vet on Thursday, she was scratching at her ears. Her ears are fine, but the hair that grows inside needed to go. The Vet gave her a clean bill of health. We went to Nashville overnight, and took her, she did fine. Your description prior to adoption was accurate. Thanks for helping us adopt her, and thanks for meeting us and giving tips when we picked her up.

Best Regards,

Claire is doing wonderful. She rode well from Knoxville to Ellijay on Saturday. She went potty and crawled right in bed with us for the night in our motor home. She loves her new home in Fayette County. She was a little scared of the stairs at first but took them on when she realized Mommy was going that way. She is eating well and going potty outside. She has made friends with one cat and her sister dog is playing with her now. She likes Daddy but Mommy is the bomb!
We thank you very much for allowing us to adopt her. We will keep you updated on her progress.

Ruthy & Bobby Conn

Update 10/6:

Claire continues to flourish. She had her first trip to the pet spa yesterday, with her big sister. She did well in getting all gussied up, paws and face trimmed and nails cut. After recovering from that outing we made a shopping trip to PetSmart. She picked out a bag of new toys and a pink leash and collar. We got some new hair bows which look adorable, she promptly pulls them out and attempts to eat them. When Daddy's cell phone alarm goes off she jumps on his chest and barks each time snooze expires. This is wonderful as he is very difficult to get up and going in the morning. She spends her day with Daddy as he works in his basement office. The minute Mommy comes home, he is forgotten until the next morning. One of her kitty sisters has accepted her and the other is trying to get used to her exuberance. She will take her first weekend mountain trip on Saturday. I'll let you know what she thinks of the creek, deer and porch swing.

Hugs from Claire, Mommy & Daddy.


Thank you for helping my son, Tim, with his adoption of Lucas (Kenzo) this past weekend. When he arrived at our home on Friday evening, he was still distraught over losing his beloved Lucy. When he left to go back home to West Virginia late Saturday evening he was a different person!
Lucas and Tim immediately began to bond the moment we picked him up. When Tim took a nap that afternoon I looked in to see Lucas on the bed beside him. Theirs will be lives dedicated each to the other.
The work you and your volunteers do makes a difference for the dogs, for sure. But never lose sight of the difference you have made in Tim’s life and in the lives of so many others. You truly are doing God’s work!

Tom Haskins
Lucas’ Grandpa


I just wanted to update you on Pistol. He is wonderful and we already love him very much. He is still a little shy as is to be expected under the circumstances, but he is eating very well and is already following us around the house (when he isn't being held like a baby and spoiled!).
When my Zuzu died I had such a traumatic time dealing with her loss and then subsequently had no luck when searching for the right dog to rescue. I even tried the local Humane Society and the one chi they had dislikes males so we were unable to adopt him. I know now that all those doors were closed so that I would be led to Pistol! and I am so thankful for the role that both you and DeRae played in bringing him into our lives.
I promise you he is and will be well loved and cared for!
Thank you so very much.

God Bless!
Sherri Ellison

Hi Laurie!!

Kathie and I and the gang want to wish you, your family, staff and all the precious little ones a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!!Our hearts go out to all of you at Precious Paws for all the wonderful work you do in giving these precious little ones a new life, a life of love and happiness. God bless all of you!

We love you so much!
Ti-Lei, Beeja,Mia, Mai-Lin, Patches, Miley, Sophia and Isabella, Kathie and Steve

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on Keiko.

She is doing well and getting over some of her phobias about household noises. I can now vacuum and run the washer with her in the house, she is still afraid of the dryer and the mixer but she has come so far! She is very friendly to everyone and loves to be held like a baby on her back and have her tummy rubbed…I’ve included a picture of her being held.
Question-Laurie are those your babies in the holiday dresses featured on the website? They are just beautiful. How do you keep their face’s so neat and clean? Also as Keiko’s hair gets longer, the topknot tends to hang to the side, any suggestions on how to prevent this?
Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you so much for all that sacrifice for those mistreated babies. I will be sending a donation soon.
Wish I was closer to help.
Saralee, Keiko, Suki, and Penny

Just wanted to send you a cutie under the tree. He guards the tree this year and was really excited to help decorate it. Also wanted to send a donation. Wasn't sure if you were still doing paypal or not. Please send me an address or link.

Tena Taylor

Dear Laurie,

Wow! Hard to believe that 2011 is almost gone. It’s been a busy year thus far for Tofi and me. After lots of testing and volunteer training, Tofi and I are officially a registered therapy dog team. It feels so good to follow in Valytyne’s paws and continue the tradition of bringing joy to others with therapy dog visitations.
May 2012 bring much love and joy to you and to all the furchildren at Precious Paws.

All our love!
Sandi, Michael, Tofi, Bogie, and Merlin

Dear Laurie,

After talking with my Son today, I'm again choosing to donate to you in his and my Daughter in Laws name for Christmas again. They have a very active animal shelter in Ouray, Colorado and will donate to them in my name. Either way, we get to save a few more innocent animals and allow them to have a very well deserved happy life. In fact, Sandi and Mike have now become involved with their animal shelter in Ouray. When you get a chance, if you will write and tell me how to do this one for you, I'd appreciate it. If you don't take credit cards anymore, it's no problem for me to send you a check. I still need to talk to another of my children for hopefully he too, will want to exchange gifts in this way. London and Ryan continue to do great. I absolutely adore them as always. Londy with the Addison's disease does well. Ryan continues to get sinus infections but I now treat him more aggressively and it means less discomfort for him. They're about eight I think now,,,between three and five when I got them four years ago. They of course continue to sleep with me though I still have the portacrib for Londy if he's having trouble with the addison's disease and wants some time alone. I actually met a lady with Addison's one day when I brought Londy in for his shot. It was really interesting to talk to her. Oh, you have a little one who is in foster care, now I can't remember her name but it just occured to me her symptons match Londy's before he was diagnosed. I'll check your website if you want. The diagnosis is difficult but once they're being treated it really isn't that difficult a disease. Londy contiues to play, eat well now, enjoy his snuggles and his favorite thing the last few days is to find his favorite sun spot late in the morning in the living room.

I'll always love you Laurie and am so thankful for you.
You help me sleep better at night just knowing you're here with us on this Earth.
Much Love,

Hello Laurie,

My mom was telling me how much your organization is in need of donations. We plan to make a donation before christmas! I have also posted the information on my facebook page- hope that it brings some donations your way!
Also, as i was looking through the website- I realized that my mom never sent the pictures that she wanted to send you- so here are a few of Darby and Laci.

Hello, Asian Dog Rescue!

I thought you would appreciate this picture which we had taken just last week. My husband, Sam, is holding Dolly DoodleBug and I am holding our Little TinkerBelle, Noel, who was a puppy mill breeder who was rescued three years ago.
Dolly DoodleBug has been nothing but a great joy and in gratitude to you, we are sending you a Christmas check in her honour by snail mail. I'll put my email address on the check so that you can let us know that it safely arrived. We apologize that we did not get this thank you into the mail from last week but like everyone else, this is such a busy time of year.

Everyone, have a very merry and blessed Christmas and may God grant all of you good health throughout the New Year.
Sam Herb & Anne Marie


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we went to pick up Andy this past weekend in Mississippi from his foster home. We went through four states in a day in a half to bring him home and it was worth it!!! He’s adjusting really well and is healthy and happy. He’s been to the vet and the groomer and everyone LOVES him! We’re working on his potty training and he’s doing pretty well so far. He has a million new toys and is also learning to walk on a leash. We have renamed him Roswell or Rozzy for short. We are very grateful to your organization and to his foster Mom for giving him a good start to his life. We’re excited to give him a safe and loving home moving forward. I’ve attached a picture of him asleep on one of his new beds on his first night home.

Thank you again for everything!
Merry Christmas!
Laura Turnbow

Hi Laurie;

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family! The girls have had another great year here in Arizona. They still think they do a great job guarding the house! Can you believe they are 5 years old?! Recently, they travelled with us to Sedona and got a chance to use their new red doggie stroller. We got stopped five times by strangers wanting to take their picture! We are sending you some pictures for you to enjoy of them dressed up for the holiday and also in their stroller. It wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t thank you for saving their lives and for letting us bring them here to Arizona. They enjoy a wonderful life here thanks to you! We are mailing our annual Christmas check to you and your organization to help you save other little doggies who need your help and love.

Jennifer, Bob and The Girls

Hi Laurie,

Happy Holidays!
How are you holding up during all the holidays? Did you have a Merry Christmas? And how is everything going there? You have had quite a time with so many dogs saved, and I worry about you and how it is all going. It seems more and more are able to take fosters which I hope helps you and the babies. And were you in the hospital and how are you? I really miss you and all the babies!
I have spent the last 4 days expecting to lose my Holly maltese, the 8 yr old epileptic Maltese baby of mine! A seizure on Friday basically left her unable to move, respond, nothing there, then blind on Saturday. But my Christmas miracle came and she was able to walk,eat, see again, but just taking so long to come around, she just seems so confused and paces all around day and night.She was almost back to normal, then last night another seizure. I am of course just so worried and sick. No more meds to try as for 7 yrs nothing has been able to control the seizures. So sad. I mailed you a check, part of it in memory of my sister's cat she lost last month, just so devastating for her. Life! I so wish I were down there and could help out more, I really miss those babies! Cannot wait to hear from you when you have the time, and I am thinking of you!

Love you,
PS. All adopted babies up here in NJ had the VERY best Christmas, especially little Kaz! Still so precious and loved!

Is this the address to which to send donations? Please let me know as soon as possible, because we are leaving town tomorrow. Thanks so much! I am sending you a picture of Sadie and Reesie...They are so cute together! Sadie is the most beautiful dog. She is very calm when she gets a bath and a trim. She does not like it if you hit a rat on her tummy!!!! It is very tender....She is very obedient and she loves my grandchildren!!! They love her too! My husband and I were watching something on TV where a family had 2 dogs. The lady said this is my dog Stinky and this is Stinky's dog George! We had to laugh because that is how it is around here. Sadie is our dog and Reesie is Sadie's dog! it is so funny!! Reesie tries to do everything that Sadie does! Sadie has adjusted very well and she is right at home here! I can't imagine our home without her in it! She loves having another dog to play with all the time. They do everything together! Except when we have company! Sadie is miss social butterfly and Reesie still hides in her crate unless it is just one or 2 people and then Reesie might venture out!
Thanks for all you do and hope you enjoy the picture!

This life you saved has brought us so much happiness!
Gay, Sadie and Reesie

Hi Laurie,

We all wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas Season and Happy New Year! Everyone here has been thriving and they are just a total joy to be around. Patches has turned out to be the best little man. His white hair has grown out and he is a most handsome Lhasa. The girls all like him, he is so gentle. They like to sleep with him (and on him) and he doesn't mind a bit. Mai Lyn, is the most adorable Peke, amongst all these Lhasas. She has blossomed into an outgoing little tomboy who loves to check out everything. She is just so full of life and joyful. Her eyes are much, much better and don't stop her in the least. Little Beeja ('New Beginnings'-Tibetian) is living up to her name. She doesn't stand and shake anymore. She has gotten more comfortable within her environment and is a great little love-bug! Of course, knowing Mai Lyn from the Puppy Mill has helped her. They are inspeparable. And Mia--she may be the oldest, but she still gets around great, even if she is missing an eye and blind in the other. Then there's Tai Li--the one who started this whole journey. She has grown to be the most beautiful blond Lhasa. She loves to give us kisses and is so affectionate. I never thought when I lost Callie that there would be any room to love another, but finding ADR changed all that. I am so grateful you put so much time and effort into these babes and are so careful with their placement. I never knew how much these little darlings would change our lives for the better. The situations these little ones come from are heart-wrenching, but they put it past them and decide to love us anyway. My heart breaks everytime I look at any one of them. What they each went through and where they are today. They are so forgiving. I believe they are truly God's gift to us to show us unconditional love. So, thank you for all you folks do. But, especially, Laurie, for being a friend. We love you and support you. I have sent you a donation (Snail mail sucks, by the way!) If you had told me 3 yrs ago that I would be having all these little ones running around, I would have told you-you were crazy. So, don't give up-I know it gets discouraging, but you guys are their Angels. All you folks do for these little ones, it doesn't go unnoticed. God Bless you!!!

Love To You,
Kathie, Mia, Tai Li, Beeja and Patches---plus Steve, Mai Lyn and the cats (Miley, Sofia and Isabella)

Babies went to the vet today. Lei Lei weighs 15 lb 4 oz and Kai Ling weigs 16 lb even. Started them on Heartworm prev. Both are doing great. Having a little trouble with itchy skin. Dr. recommended Children's Benadryl and bathing them 3 times a week with oatmeal shampoo. Looks like I will be giving lots of baths. Christmas was hilarious. Gave them all stockings with treats and toys. Chey took everyone' s toys. They have learned they have to steal their toys from their sister, so they now get their toys when she is not looking and hide them in the living room. I am finding toys everywhere. I will send pictures soon.

Thanks for letting us share our lives with these two precious babies. Hope you have a Happy New Year. I will be sending you a donation when I get paid.

Hello Laurie!

Here are some pictures of Kaioki, now Max, at home with his daddy, Kurt, and lounging on the sheepskin rug-his favorite place!
He is doing really well and we are so happy with our new addition. :-)


Wendi and Laurie,

I wanted to update you on Turbo. He is doing great! Every day is better. I took him to the vet, and he had yeast in his ears, so he is on eardrops for another week, and hopefully that will be cleared up. He is so sweet, and going to make a great companion for me. We have had a little separation anxiety, but hopefully that will get better with time.
He cracks me up laying on his back as in the photo - he does snore!!

I will keep you updated.

This is Larry and Chris James. If you can help, last summer around June we adopted a little 3 yr old puppy mill Yorkie named Kaci. She had 3 of the cutest pictures on Petfinder. Kaci was dressed in a frilly pink dress. I had copied the 3 pictures and saved them on our computer. Well, our computer crashed and not all was capable of being retrieved. We are hoping that you can find your 3 copies and send them on to us. It will be hard for me if you can’t.
She is doing so well. We have a little Chihuahua that was surrendered to us named Lilly. They play all the time. Personally I think our little Katie is the instigator. But the little pink dress you had her in?....... forget it. She should have been dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and ball cap. She is very rough and tumble. Katie is now 5.9 lbs, Lilly is 6.2. Katie is also learning how to play with us, especially Larry. Lilly uses peepee pads. Katie is starting to try it too every once in a while. We just praise her so much when she squats and then misses the pad by an inch. When she hears what a good girl she is she runs over to Larry. Please see if you can find the pictures in your files.
Kaci’s name is now Katie “June Bug” James , also known as Heartbreaker, one look at her and you are gone!
Chris James


Hi! Sorry I have not written sooner. Everything is wonderful! The car ride home was good. Makia did very well. Immediately upon getting him on Friday I feel a tremendous bond and love for him. We just want to make him happy and want him to have a wonderful long life with us. Right away on friday both my adult daughter's came over to meet him. We have given him a new name - Brady. I feel that he is bonding with me. He is still very shy and we all realize it is going to take sometime. He is not eating as well as I would like for him to yet. It is Sunday evening though and we already see him SLOWLY getting more comfortable with us. We get excited about all the ever so small changes we see. He is getting braver checking out our home on his own. My husband has already noticed how he looks for me when I come into a room. He likes to hide behind our couch and that's okay if that's where he feels safe. He does like to sit in the recliner with me which is where he is as I am writing this. We are crate training him. His crate is in our bedroom. When it's bedtime after he has gone outside I put him up on the bed with us for a while. When we are ready for light's out I put him in his crate for the night. He lays right down on his blanket and does not make a peep. I am planning on taking him to my vet on Wednesday to get him established and also to get his heartworm and flea treatment's that he needs. He truelly is SO special! We are so happy to have him as a part of our family!!!! Thank you so much for all you do for these precious babies! I will keep you posted on his progress and be in touch again later in the week.

Thank you,
Beth and Brady (Makia)

Please click the link below to read a story from one of our adopters about one of our rescue dogs, Tofi.
It was published this month in "WNC Woman" magazine.
Once again, this just shows how special and precious each and every life we save is.
It means everything to the dog,
and to the person who adopts them.

 Mending A Broken Heart 

Laurie and team -

SOOOOO good to hear that! His "brother" in rescue, Colby, (we have re-named him Churchill) is doing GREAT! He is having so much fun with his brother and sister and loves running around outside (when is not so cold:)) Here is a pic of Churchill (ADR rescue Colby) in front, our first Yorkie Derby in the middle, and Lexie (Mallory - ADR rescue in July 2010) Our children!
You all are a wonderful group and we plan on donating towards the end of the year.

Wonderful work guys!

Hi Laurie!

Can't believe another year is just about over. I've been catching up all everything through your emails and facebook page. Thank you so much for the beautiful, loving work you do. Without people like you, our sweet furchildren wouldn't have the chance they get and deserve. They are precious, little wonders that fill our life with so much love.
My sweet Tofi means the world to me and I think of you each and every day. Without you, I wouldn't have found this sweet, little darling who has given me so much love. He's such a joy and shares his love with others through his therapy dog work. The other night at a visitation, a gentleman, who has been going through tremendous stress with family health issues, got down on the floor with Tofi. Tofi rolled over to have his belly rubbed and the gentleman said, "I've needed this so much. Thank you for coming and sharing Tofi with me. He has helped me so much as I've had a very stressful day." This made me feel so good to be able to share Tofi's love. That night, Tofi got to visit with ten people. So it was a very joyful evening.
I wanted so much to make you a special card – like I do each year – but unfortunately, the time has gotten away from me. Please know that you are in my heart. Tofi sends his love as well as I do. I'm sending you a donation through PayPal.
We wish you and all the beautiful furchildren a very Joyous 2013.

Much love…
Sandi, Tofi…and Michael, Bogi and Merlin, too!

Hi All!

Hope you all are well. Just wanted to send a quick little update and pic. Presley is doing incredible. He is such a wonderful little boy... So much fun & love to give to all of us. I truly believed when I saw him that we were meant to be together as a family and I have to thank you all for allowing it to come together. He has given so much to our family... Our little puppy mill girl has come around even more. They seem like they were puppy mates:) They play all day and when they aren't playing together the kids take their turn to play of cuddle with them both. I honestly cant believe that I have 2 of the most amazing dogs in the world!!! Rescue fogs are unlike any other animal. They give "us" more than we could ever give back to them. Again, just wanted to thank you. I am sure I wasn't the easiest situation but I knew he was meant to be w/ us & I can't thank you enough. Once Presley and Sofie get groomed we will send another pic. Hope all is well :)

Toni Reilly/NJ

I brought Kristi home with me and she is sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! We already love her and she will love her new forever home too!!! I also would like to tell you that ADR is incredible! Amy was wonderful, she knew everything about Kristi, gave me a huge bag of goodies, notes, information and toys!!! Shelby was there too and he is absolutely adorable and sweet (it was so hard to not take them both)!!! In the past couple months, I have looked EVERYWHERE for a Silky and was very lucky to discover your site. I really wanted a rescue…..I have looked at many, many sites including MANY rescue organizations and breeders, but nobody….nobody…..shows the love and care that you do. All of the dogs I saw at Amy’s (and on Facebook and your site) were not only very healthy looking, but groomed and it was easy to see how much love, care and time that ADR puts into all of this. Congratulations on doing such a great job and if I ever know anyone looking for a new pup I will surely send them your way and will send donations from time to time to help out.
Again, THANK YOU!!!!!


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