Laurie, Kristeen,
Mya has settled in like she has always been here. It amazes me your rehabilitation results for your rescues. She trusted from the first moment Issac handed her off to me and has been an angel ever since that moment. She is lying here in the chair next to me getting a little nap. She has been so busy today. She is eating well and has not had a single accident yet. I am so proud of her. She is so loving and sweet and the perfect addition to our family. Thanks so much for rescuing her and choosing our family to raise her. She will be treated like the precious baby she is and I know her sister will learn to love her. Willow has been very tolerant so far. We will keep in touch and I hope to get a picture of her with Willow soon. Tell Issac I will send pictures as her hair grows out. I changed her sweater today. Her coloring is beautiful. I think Issac hated to see her go but assure him she is very happy. Will write soon.

Love.....Tricia and Mya


Laurie and Friends,
Attached I hope you will find some pictures of my girls. One is little Mya in her Harley hoodie her daddy bought her; one is she and Willow waiting for mommy to come through the door for lunch; and the last are the girls acting as the Neighborhood Watch. I cannot tell you what fun we are having. Mya is an absolute delight and of course Willow is her usual precious self. The girls are getting along well. The only thing they seem to disagree on is toys and who they really belong to. Even though we get identical toys that does not solve the issue! We are all enjoying a two dog household again and even though they have their moments I think they are both going to be terrific friends. They will both be attending the Christmas festivities at their Granny and Granddaddy's house this year. I can't thank you enough for choosing us to raise Mya. She is such a joy and we love her very very much. I will get my December donation to you in the next few days. Please tell everyone hello and wish them a very Happy Holiday from Mya, Willow, Tom, Tricia and Kellie.
You are such a blessing to us and to the animals that you save. You all deserve the very best from this holiday season and always.
Much love.....Tricia


Laurie and Friends,
Attached are my two babies celebrating their first Christmas as sisters. They went with us to their Granny and Granddaddy's house for Christmas Day and had the time of their lives. They were both so well behaved, played and entertained until they could not go any more. Little Mya was just pooped as you will see. She is such a good baby. We could not have asked for anything more. She is the precious girl you could see in her rescue pictures. I hope you and your family, as well as all the additional fosters and rescuers have a wonderful new year. You will always be foremost in our thoughts and we will stay in touch and let you know how everyone is doing.
Appreciate and love you....Tricia, Tom, Willow and Mya.

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone at ADR!
I know this greeting is finding you in hard times and I have been praying for continued blessings on all that you do. We, too, are quite involved in rescue these days and the financial burdens of the world are effecting this very important work all over. The group that I work with has been strong for years but are now being hit with so many dogs becoming victims of the economy, leaving even less resources for the ones who have never had a chance at love and life at all. It's so hurtful and my heart for the animals just aches each and every day. They are so helpless and innocent and it is our duty to care for them but it is so hard to do while the almighty dollar rules the world.
Anyway, on a happier note and in regards to one who has no clue how tough others have it....Baxter is doing great! He is such a funny boy. He absolutely loves his Daddy and whines in the car if he just gets out to pump gas! He gets along well with his "brothers" and "sisters" and even the cat though he treats the cat like a squeak toy! Right now, he's sitting by the Christmas tree waiting for the cat to come out from under it so that he can chase him! Poor kitty. We have to make sure he gets his peaceful time each day away from the Baxter! As far as our other dogs, Baxter buddies up with my older girl more than anyone. You will see that we took them to a Blessing of the Animals at a local church this past weekend. This weekend, we'll take him and one of the others to see Santa and I'm sure Baxter will smother his face with kisses! I have to carry baby wipes to clean his face often when we're out since he thinks he's supposed to kiss everyone and everything....human, canine, or otherwise!
Baxter has about a million toys but his favorite is this delapidated Santa that he got last year for Christmas. He must have this Santa every night when he gets in bed. Often, we will all be in bed with the lights out and we hear Baxter jump out of bed, get the Santa from the toy box upstairs and jump back in bed with it! It's so sweet! And boy, when he gets tired! He shuts down! When he's ready to go to bed, he will go and lay on the top step near the bedroom and just about fall asleep there waiting and begging for the rest of us to "come on"! But then when Mike gets in bed, it fast becomes play time again and our bed literally turns into a wrestling ring for about 10 minutes! I'm usually the only one that gets hurt! :) To calm him back down, I take over and cuddle him next to me and tell him a "story"! It's so funny! He turns into a little baby and falls right to sleep while I'm making up some silly Baxter story! So, as you can tell, we're loving him and so does everyone who meets him! My neighbor calls him "Tennessee"!
I could write forever about him but must close for now. I'm attaching a few pictures but will put more in the mail to you with a small donation in hopes of being able to help you all continue to help the animals! The pictures will mainly be of his birthday party that we had in July with human and canine invitees, the Blessing of the Animal event, Christmas at home, the beach this past summer, etc. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and hopes for a wonderful new year!
Mike and Cloresa Shumaker
Baxter, and all of the other Shumaker dogs and kitty!

Dear Asian and Small Breed Dog Rescue,

I cannot thank you enough for rescuing and caring for my sweet Chloe. She has been the best little friend I could ask for! I adopted her last November. She has brought so much joy and laughter to me this year. She goes almost everywhere with me and has been the best companion. She is doing great! We play fetch with her toys and go on little walks every afternoon. She is quite the little guard dog too. She alerts me anytime someone is at the door haha. I want to thank each and everyone of you for what you do for these precious babies! I have been so blessed by the work that you do. I have attached a few pictures of Chloe.

Thank you! Andrea Hanback, TN

Good Morning, Laurie;

The girls weren't too excited about putting on a reindeer and a santa costume......but when I told them it was for you, they agreed!
The girls are excited about the holiday, as usual, and have had their noses in each of the Christmas decoration boxes as we have unpacked them......occasionally stealing a decoration to play with!
If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have them here to fill our household with such mischief and joy!
It has been nearly four years since we flew to Tennessee to adopt them from you.....and we will always be grateful for the love they have filled our house with!
We are mailing you our Christmas check today in celebration of the life of Teipei and the girls' mother, Cassie.
Please use it for those prescious pups most in need!
Have a blessed holiday and a happy and healthy new year!

Jennifer, Bob and the Girls

Hi Laurie, it's me, Miya!!!
You remember me don't you? Cause I sure do remember you & all the great times we had together!!! My most favorite, FAVORITE times were when you took me for rides with you, & OH, OH, OH, THE BOAT!!!! I LOVED THE BOAT!!!! I had sooo much fun with you. BUT MY REALLY MOST FAVORITE tho was ALL the LOVE you gave me!!!! You were so brave to save me from that mean place I was at. I was scared ALLLLL the time until you came & took care of me so good AND even found me a Mommy & Daddy who love me bigger than the whole wide world!!!!!! Now I'm not scared no more. I play, get my belly rubbed (ahhh), they keep me clean, but...I don't like baths!! I try to hide, but Mommy always finds me. What's silly, is that I feel sooo good afterwards!!! Mommy calls me her angel & I take Very good care of her! I like to make her & Daddy laugh too, so I've learned lots of tricks, but if you ask me, it's my shining personality they love the most! This is a picture of me showing mommy how much I love her!! Every morning, if I've been a good boy, (I always am) mommy gives me a treat and as she giving it to me, I pull her hand into my chest & hold it tight. She LOVES MY HUGS!!!
Thank you so much for saving me when I was little & finding me a home where I'm going to be loved forever. You changed my life!!! ----Mommy says that too! She is always talking about how much better her life is because of you & me!!
Bye Laurie, I'll never forget you!!!!
Hugs & Kisses, Miya

Hi Laurie!
Kody is in the middle of his 2 girlfriends! I love this little boy so much! He made 2009 one of the best years that I have ever had! I wish you a Happy 2010 and will keep supporting you! I might even be looking for another sweetheart next year if my husband lets me!
Lots of love from Kody and me!

On Christmas Eve we adopted Princess Pang from your Rescue organization. I’ve never seen a "rescue" dog that was better taken care of and obviously loved by your group. She was clean and well behaved, although I know she must have been frightened to be with new people. I can only express to you my sincere gratitude for you sending the leash, collar, outfit and a clean Shih tzu to us. She is a delight and already house trained. I know you worked with her on this.
We are so grateful to your organization for sending all her vet records since you’ve had her. That will really help when I take her to our vet tomorrow.
We still cannot believe she is our dog and so well behaved. That did not happen by accident. I know you’ve spent many hours with her and we do appreciate it.
Happy New Year! Keep up the good work.
Norma Foster
East Tennessee


Princess Pang had just come in from the snow and you can see a little around her nose! This is one of her favorite spots during the day. However, she comes alive in the evening, runs, plays, barks and especially loves to do this when I take her to bed with us. She runs circles around on the bed and finally wears herself out. She sleeps all night and is such a good girl!

Hello Laurie
Sadie continues to do well. Still very excited when anyone comes to see us......She loves to play with Layla and Lexie. They always wear themselves out and lay around for several hours after they finish playing. Ha ha.
As you can see, she was very interested in what she might be getting for Christmas! She had 3 doggies to play with during the holidays and Lexie stayed for a while after our daughter's new baby came home from the hospital. Sadie loved it! We are letting her hair grow out again after it was cut pretty short during the summer. She is very hot natured and seemed to like the short hair during the hot days this summer....She is such a pretty dog! She slept on her pillow next to our almost 5 year old grandson (Jonah) last night. He said she licked his hand once, but he didn't care! I had 5 of my 7grandkids here yesterday and she had a ball running from one to the other. She loves for the boys to chase her! Jonah said he is not afraid when Sadie is with him! He said she watches over him and keeps him safe!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may your New Year be blessed!

Hi Laurie,
Just an update! Isabella loves to sleep and sit on the back of couches. She does this at both the house and my husband has a couch in his office that she sleeps on during the day.
She is fashionably attired in her new "hoochie-mama" purple coat and her "hot-mama from New Jersey" look! Gotta Love It!

Hello Laurie,
It has been 1 week since Taeo came home to live with us, he was so scared. Well I have to say that the first few days we thought it was going to take a good while before this guy ever came around. Well we were wrong. He is amazing!! At first he would run from you, crouch on the floor and not want to come too close. Now he will follow you everywhere and has figured out how to get on the bed and up and down the stairs, (well almost down them). He loves to play with the other dogs. Especially Pixie and Tootie. He is playing with the fuzzy toys and will cuddle up with you on the couch and in bed. He is an absolute sweetheart. He loves running through the snow, and do we a lot of that right now!!! He just wants to be loved and is always waiting at the gate when we come home. Then he will just shower you with kisses and kisses. Zoe is also doing excellent. She still isn't into the dog scene, I think she prefers humans better. But anyway they are all getting along so well. We have to thank you and everyone in your organization again for all that you do. You all are amazing people for what you do for these animals. You are my hero!!!!!! I tell everyone about your organization and just check out the web site because you have the most precious little babies and they are taken care of so well. I hope you continue to get donations to help these babies. We will help in any way we possibly can.

Love, Elizabeth,Charlene Taeo,Zoe,Pixie and Tootie
New York

Hi Laurie!
Sorry it has taken so long to give an update on Cozzi. But he is doing wonderful, he has such a great sense of humor, and is always so happy and loving. He and his brother are getting along very well, they love giving each other kisses and playing tug o war. He is very well mannered. He is catching on quickly with potty training. He follows right behind his big brother Aiden and copies his every move. He slept very well the first few nights on his doggy bed, but gradually made it to where he is sleeping in my bed also. He is definitley a cuddle bug. I am so thankful that you all gave us this opprotunity to adopt Cozzi into our family, he is such an amazing dog!
Thank you sooo much!!

Hello Laurie
Just wanted to tell you that the babies are doing great. Eli has gained weight and is such a cutie pie. They both went for a grooming last week and did great. Charley even lets David pick him up, and actually wags his tail while being picked up. He has turned into such a loving little dog. We just adore them.
They're just a wee bit spoiled. Ha....what an understatement.

Hi Laurie,
My daughter, Jamie Jaliwala contacted you about adopting a baby. She said you would like to see an updated picture of Kalani. She is our wonderful furry child. She is a total sweetheart and we love her dearly. Her disposition has never wavered. She continues to be super attached to my husband because he works from home. It is so cute---she sits patiently in his office on a blanket while he works. She doesn't even want to be in the living room with me if I happen to be home---she is all about being where he is. I am not very technologically savy but I have a cute picture of her in her pink winter coat. I will try to send that.
Take Care,
Janet Milazzo

Dear Laurie and friends,
I just arrived home today after being away for 3 weeks for knee surgery. The first thing I did was check your website to see if you have any new babies. I was so saddened to learn that Big Daddy and Sumei had both passed away. Poor little Sumei suffered so much in her life, she at least knew a kind touch and loving word while in rescue. I know you are devastated at losing both of them so close together. They are in a better place and will no longer suffer. One day you will be together.
My heart goes out to you at your loss,
Saralee, Keiko, Suki and Penny.

Dear Laurie and Friends at Precious Paws Dog Rescue:
We have been talking about sending you a letter, some pictures of Phoebe and a donation for the Precious Paws dog rescue for some time. I’m sorry it has taken us so long to send this to you. We wanted to give you an update on Phoebe and let you know how well she is doing.
Phoebe had a great first summer, fall and winter in Michigan. Until the snow came, we took her for a walk just about every day and sometimes we went for two or three walks a day. She loves to go on walks and play in our yard and just be with us. Phoebe is quite a celebrity in our neighborhood. Our neighbors really enjoy her and when we’re out on our walks, they always say hi to Phoebe before they say hi to us!
When we got our first snow this year, we got about 14 inches. This was quite a shock to Phoebe. She was a little confused at first, but it didn’t take long for her to figure out that she loves the snow! Her favorite game to play outside in the summer was Frisbee and, no big surprise, her favorite game to play in the snow is Frisbee too!
We hope you enjoy the pictures we’re enclosing. You’ll see Phoebe playing Frisbee, cuddling with our daughter, Christy, modeling her Halloween bows and collar, sitting with my parent’s toy poodle, sniffing one of her Christmas presents, looking at the snow outside and playing in the snow with and without her coat and boots. We were only going to send you a few pictures, but we got a little carried away! We really wanted to share them all with you so you could see how happy she is. Bill put a short video of Phoebe on YouTube and shortly after we mail this letter to you, we’ll e-mail you some of these pictures and a link to Phoebe’s YouTube video too.
We take Phoebe to her groomer, Pam, every four weeks. They love her there too. As the pictures show, Pam does a really nice job grooming Phoebe. When we go to pick her up from getting groomed, we often find Phoebe hanging out with the groomers in the back room. They take such good care of her.
Phoebe has been very healthy too. She continues to eat her Blue Buffalo dog food and the last time we weighed her she weighed 55.8 pounds. She sleeps in bed with us and I love it! Sometimes she needs to go outside in the middle of the night and she hits me with her big paws to wake me up. I love that too.
We adopted Phoebe last year on March 21st so we will be having our one year celebration soon. We are so thankful for everyone’s help at Precious Paws that gave us the opportunity to adopt her. We enjoyed working with you, Laurie, during the adoption process and you were so helpful. I remember talking with Joyce as she was checking our references and I remember talking with and meeting Isaac the day we picked up Phoebe. I think of all three of you often.
Well, I better close and get this in the mail to you. Please be sure to look at the stamp on the envelope. It’s Phoebe! My sister gave these stamps to us for Christmas.
We hope you can tell that Phoebe is the center of our family and we love her very much. Take care. We’ll write again and send more pictures too!
Terry, Bill and Christy Somerville (and Phoebe too!)

Mia loves to help me grade! We've been for a long walk today, she enjoyed some homebaked doggie treats and now she's keeping me company while I grade a massive stack of papers!

Jill and Mia

Hi Laurie

What a wonderful, special day thanks to you!!! Roxi is precious beyond words and it was as if she knew me from the first moment. Love at first sight!!! Its amazing that she's not shy or scared... I think she instinctively knows she's my treasure. Sallie and I laughed at each other as we agreed it is going to be work not to spoil her too much. Tho I'm not sure you can ever spoil them too much. We stopped at a Rest Area for a walk and she did wonderfully in the car. Cuddled on my lap and then when I had to leave my friend at her house about 15 miles from my home Roxi curled up on her new blanket in the passenger seat and rode very happily the rest of the way. We went for a walk and had the special treat you had said she loves ( and yes she does). She's explored the house and met Hal and is now curled on the couch beside me taking a nap. I think its hard work being so sweet. And when I had to go back out to the car to get stuff. I told her to stay as I left the living room and she did. What a good girl.
I love her as if she's been with me forever. I just can't express how much she means and it means that you were willing to hold her a little longer for me. And doesn't she look cute in her bling bling collar and leash and dress? That was an unexpected gift. Thank you ever so much.
I know I'm gushing, but oh my, its like I've been waiting a lifetime for her and didn't even know it. I will keep you posted regularly with pictures and I won't forget to send what I can for the other angels.
Wish I could give you a hug now Laurie!


Hello this beautiful morning. Life is so great! Laurie... you don't have to take time to reply to this...I know how very busy you are and I just wanted to update you on my precious angel. In fact I tell her so often that she is my angel that I think she's evolving into a new name of Angel. She is too precious.
Took her to our Vet this morning and Dr Stewart fell in love with her too. Told me how happy she is for both of us as she knows how much love I had to share with a new little dog and that she knew I needed Roxi as much as she needed me. And she appreciated all the vet records you sent along for her. Also got a supply of her heartworm and flea meds. And of course Dr S said she is perfect and knows she is going to be so well taken care of. Weighs exactly 10 pounds and Dr S laughed and said she knew me... that she didn't expect to see a weight loss happening any time soon. Well, Roxi does have me trained already... we go out for potty time and then we come in and she dances on her back legs and of course that absolutely requires a treat!!!!
Have a great day. The new babies on the website are so sweet... some lucky person will be blessed to be adopted by one of them.
Roxi sends her love too. jeannine

Good morning Laurie:

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for allowing us to adopt Pogo into our home, and to update you on his transition. In a nutshell, everything is going superbly. You can tell he was in good hands at his foster home as he is extremely well behaved. He is so full of energy and we are loving every minute of it. He is doing great in the house, telling us when he needs to go out, gave him his first bath and he is sleeping great. He has given us all many baths with his kisses. He follows my wife everywhere she goes. My daughters really adore him and are having a blast playing with him. Our Bichon, Macy, is getting more and more acustomed every day to his being around. Unfortunately, we got hit with about 5 inches of rain this weekend, so his outside time has been limited (although he got a couple walks and played in the yard as much as possible in between breaks in the rain.). But he is doing great. Thank you again. We took some pictures which I have to download and will send them to you.

A big hello to our God Mother, Laurie, from Keila, Koko and Maiya in Pleasant Valley. Here we are in our favorite spot enjoying this beautiful warm, sunny weather. We have been eagerly awaiting spring after such a long, cold winter. We did enjoy the snow ... for about 10 minutes ... but then we were ready to be back inside in our warm beds.
We send you big furbaby hugs and kisses.

Keila, Koko and Maiya

Good morning Laurie

I was thrilled to see that sweet little Georgio found a forever home!!! Don't have a large amount to give but we have decided that each month a paypal payment will be sent to you as a continuing thank you and to help others make the same wonderful connection.
I look at Angel's sweet little face and wonder how anyone could have discarded her... she is the sweetest little girl and if it hadn't been for you and all your efforts she might not have found her way to a forever home and lucky for me it was with me and we are a matched pair forever. She is so funny sometimes... makes me laugh with her antics. A nifty side effect is that I'm losing weight as we take many long walks each day up and down these hills! And oh my is she smart! She is sitting on my lap as I type... has to be involved in everything I do. Has lots of toys and she puts them thru their paces. I love her every minute and she is truly a gift.
When I think how close she came to being killed and so many more out there like her who are abandoned and slated for euthanasia I appreciate more and more all your efforts on these innocent babies behalf. If only people would realize that a rescue dog is a perfect dog... they cheat themselves by going to breeders or puppy mills.
Hugs, Jean and Angel

Hi Laurie

A quick note to tell you all what joy she has brought to our family. We named her Sunny. She is our little ray of sunshine. She has a wonderful personality and just wants to love you. Our transition could not be going better. She is doing great with the leash, loves her blue buffalo food and playing. Please thank Judy and Isaac for all they have done to help her get to our family. Their love and care is much appreciated! We just love her! Thank you!

Hi Laurie

I won't keep bothering you, but I thought you'd like to have another update. I think she likes it here. She wouldn't eat those little bites so I made her some roast chicken and rice with a little chicken broth mixed with a little chicken dog food. She didn't know about it at first, but then ate about 3 tblspoons and some water and then we went to bed. Well, she LOVED the bed. She snuggled right up to me and we did well until 3:30. She wanted to go out so Ti Lei and I took her out and then we came back and snuggled again. Steve brought coffee and donuts (plain) for breakfast. He split a donut between the 5 dogs and she had some little pieces. After she got her face washed and her hair done and dressed (pink one w daisys) we went for a walk over to the 1/2 mile oval. Ti Lei and I went around and Steve played with Misa. She walked a bit, but got tired so Daddy picked her up and took her to the car where she proceeded to roll around and get lots of belly rubs. Lunch was some hot dogs w rice and chicken juice. She dove head long into the bowl and wanted more. Steve went to the store and brought back some Vanilla ice cream-so of course everyone had to have some. I gave her a couple little spoonfuls. She was uncertain at first but then decided she really liked that, too. She went for some water and then ate her little bowl of science diet. Then it was back on the couch with Daddy for more lovins. She is currently upside down on the couch snoring. She has been real good about running up and down the porch stairs and following us everywhere, even outside. She still hasn't spoken, but I'm sure that will come. Her tail has not stopped wagging. These new little taste treats have been small amounts, because I don't want her to have an upset stomach. She does not seem to be afraid of the others and has very good manners. We had her on the side lawn having her go between us calling her by her new name and I think she is starting to get it. She is very smart and quick . It's about 6:30 - I'll steam some Salmon for the babies for Supper. She is so precious! I want to do everything with her and have her try all kind of stuff to show her a whole world and make her forget any bad times she might have had.
So, thank you again for this precious gift. I can't thank you enough! Okay, I'll stop bothering you now.
Have a great night.

Hello Laurie,

First of all we would like to thank you and your wonderful organization for everything you do to help these wonderful babies get a chance at life. We also want to thank you all for allowing us to adopt 3 of the most precious babies. They have brought so much joy to our lives, along with the other 2 Yorkies we have. They are all amazing little sweethearts. Thank you again Laurie it means a lot to us. Please also thank Issac for us. He is the sweetest person. I love talking with him.
Now, about little Lexi. An absolute gem. Of all the dogs we adopted, she is the one that made herself right at home. She came in the house that night we got back and said Lexi's here!!!!! She started playing and taking all the toys. She is soooo lovable and friendly. And how about the tongue hanging out of her mouth. That is so cute. She is wonderful Laurie, just like you said and she is so tiny. It is funny to see her chasing Manny around the yard, you can't catch him.
Well Laurie, we will definitely keep you all updated on the babies. Please know they are in good hands. Take care. Here is a picture of me and the babies.

Elizabeth, Char Zoe, Manny, Lexi Pixie & Tootie

Hi Laurie, Kristeen and all,

Dixie has a new name now and she loves it!! We just started calling her TIA to match TAZ and she automatically knew her name. Issac was great, he answered all of our questions and concerns, and he was very sweet. He did not rush us, he stayed with us until we were ready to leave with our new little girl.
She is such a smart girl!! She knows exactly what to do when you take her outside. She goes straight about her business and then back inside she heads. Unlike her brother (TAZ) who can not decide where he wants to go, and when he wants to come back inside (ha!ha!).
It seems like she has always been with us. She fits perfect. She already has my husband and son wraped around her little paw.

They bought her a new dress today and some new hair bows. ( she is such a princess). Of course her and Taz are typical siblings she gets a little irritated with him sometimes, but then sometimes she wants to play. He does not know how to approach her. It's so funny you would have to see them. They are so cute. They are both snoring under my feet, they have played hard today and I have toys in every room in the house. I could not be happier!!
Brenda Cheek

Dear Ms. Laurie and all the volunteers of Asian Dog Rescue,

We got Ms. Joyce to take these photos of us during our over night stay while our Mom, Margaret, went to see her grandchildren and celebrate one of their birthdays. We like staying at Ms. Joyce's because she has three Asian Dog Rescues and four others...all together there are nine of us and we have good doggy fun as evidenced by our pictures.
The real purpose of this letter is to thank you for saving our lives and being so particular about who was able to adopt us and insisting we be adopted together. As you can see from the pictures we are still very bonded and always will be. Mommy Margaret is the best Mom one can hope for. She lets us take our time getting to know 'regular' stuff because she understands how bad our back ground was. But you can tell from the pictures of our shinning eyes and beautiful coats she only gives us the best and lots of love and patience. Yesterday we got our summer cuts and just in time because it was hotter than some place Ms. Joyce called Haiti today.
Ms. Joyce wanted us to tell you how socialized (whatever that means) that we have become and we follow her around pretty good, we can be cuddled and held now, we eat our Blue Buffalo good, and we are all around very happy babies. We love our home and we are thankful to you and the Asian Dog Rescue that you adopted us to Mommy Margaret. We are happy campers. Keep up the good work and tell people not to be afraid to adopt us puppy mill rescues and older babies. We are very grateful and make the best companions.

Pawfully yours,
CeeCee and Wasabi

Lily is such a joy and her hair is absolutely beautiful. She walks like she is Royalty. Her tail is so full and the lady that grooms her for me brags and brags on her. She will not leave our side! She obeys well and has us trained already!
Thank you!

Hi Laurie,

They're doing so well. I'm so glad we got Charley. He's a little character and am not sure many people would have understood his uniqueness and problems and been patient with him. Poor little guy must have really had some hard times. He's like a different dog and is so loving.
Eli's a little cuddle bear and my constant shadow. If we're gone for 20 minutes, they greet us at the door like we've been gone a week. We just love them to pieces.
Hope you are doing well.


Good morning Laurie:

Hope you got my email. As you can see by the attached, Pogo is really enjoying being reunited with Pepper. They are all getting along great. We had an unusual 90 degree May day yesterday so in one they are enjoying Frosty Paws treats to cool them down after running outside.
Thanks again for everything. Pepper is really enjoying her new home.



These are pictures of Chanel, our newest addition. One shows her with her buddy, Buckshot, also a rescue. More will come later. Yesterday she walked on the leash with Owen. Progress is wonderful thing! Chanel loves to sit on our deck and ride in the car. Today is "dump day", always a huge treat with all of our pups!

Chanel is very happy with her new cut, and should be cooler. She is such a happy little girl and really loves her friend, Buckshot! Her two favorite things are sitting on the deck and riding in the car.
Please send to Isaac.

Hey Laurie,

I thought since I have some free time I would really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to foster Koko and then to adopt him. When he came into our family he was nervous and shy. He met his new Shih Tzu brother, Lucas, who is older than him. After adapting to the surroundings and friends he encountered, his true personality of a wild, silly puppy emerged. He has opened all of our eyes and created a more enlightened home for all of us. My parents especially love his enthusiasm. Once he sees them come home from work, it is his time to show off and to get some loving. Koko used to show aggression against men or strangers he didn't know well. He has progressed to staying calm around those he does not know. For example, he would bark at my dad and boyfriend and hide. He would try to protect the women and himself. However now he is not as aggressive and will slowly come to them to get some love.
He really is something important to our family. My family and I would like to thank you for the chance to adopt and volunteer with you.
We will continue to support Asian Dog Rescue with the donations coming from our restaurant, Koko Japanese Grill.
Thanks Laurie.

Mary, Raymond, Lucas, and Tiffany
Knoxville, TN

Hi Laurie,

Just want to give you an update about Carly. She is doing fabulous! When she first came home she was a little nervous but has warmed up to us rather quickly. She loves sitting on my lap and being pet. She follows me around and is so well behaved. She is pure sweetness. To think that this puppy mill baby spent years not knowing what it felt like to be loved and doted on is so incredibly sad. These babies you save just want to love you unconditionally and be loved.
This is my fourth baby that I've adopted from you and every one of them is pure joy to have in the family. My parents adore the Shih-tzu that they adopted from you as well. You take such wonderful, loving care of each of your rescue babies.
Thank you for EVERYTHING you do and sacrifice to save all of these beautiful furbabies.
I think you and your volunteers are amazing.


Hi Laurie!!

It's me, Mai-Lin!! I'm way up here in Maine and I just wanted to let you know that I'm o.k. and doing great. It's really beautiful here. I want to thank you so much for saving me and for all the help and love you gave me when I came there. I'll always love you and will never forget. It was really hard to leave you.
I'm really happy that you had my new mom and dad come to get me. They are very good to me and give me all kinds of love and hugs and kisses. I can tell they like to have me here with them. When we got here, I was so surprised to see that Meesa (her name is Beeja now) was here!! We kissed and kissed and jumped around 'cause we were both so excited. Beeja and Ti-Lei both want me to tell you that they love you too. It's so cool that we all came from the same place to here. I have a big brother Jetti, and sisters Mia, Beeja , Ti-Lei and Honey. Dad has two kitties too.They are Tiger and Misty and they like me too. I get all kinds of neat things to eat and have a big yard with trees and bushes to play in. The other day , mom and dad took Ti-Lei, Beeja and I to the old fairgrounds. Boy, was that a big place! We walked and ran and played and walked on an old road by the woods. There were lots of birds and animals and all kinds of neat stuff to smell. I had lots of fun and was pooped when we got home but it felt really nice. I hope we can go back again sometime because I really like it there.
I hang out with the gang at Mom's house during the day, and at night, I go with Honey to Dad's house. I get to sleep in a great big soft bed and dad holds me and talks to me and I feel ever so safe and loved. This really is my forever home and I'm so grateful you found them for me. I know they love me lots and lots and I love them more and more everyday. I can't tell you how happy I am now. I never dreamed that someone could love me so much. It's wonderful to have a forever home and a forever family!
Well, I gotta go chill with Beej and the guys so I'll ask dad if he will write for me again later. Thank you again for all you did for me Laurie. I just know that things will be great from now on so don't worry about me 'cause I'm happy. Talk to ya'll later'

Love ya!!!

Hi Laurie,

Here are the pics of Ava's arrival and meeting the family. I love the look on Shy's face, how she and Ava just locked eyes immediately. I went and saw them yesterday and that little Ava is right at home, just strutting around the kitchen, so calm, happy, at HOME! She slept between them Saturday night (on a feather bed, no less), never moved, Shy said. And her other girls accepted her right away, mothering her and following her every where, all ate peacefully together, just perfection! They are so happy with Ava, you can just feel their joy.
Anyway, hope you enjoy photos.


Oh Laurie.......

What fun! My daughter sent a review of the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat on and attached two pictures of Angel. Angel is famous!!! :-) If you go to that item then directly under the standard picture it says See Customer Images and there are both pictures with great comments about Angel and how she loves her car seat.
Just had to share with you as it was too fun to see her sweet face on the internet... not looking for a forever home but actually saying that thanks to Laurie and Precious Paws just see how sweet my forever home is!!!

Love you and kisses from Angel

Hi Laurie, Tiffany, Kristeen and everyone at ADR,

I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for letting me adopt this precious little bundle of joy, Kioji. He is doing fine & is absolutely wonderful! He has filled the void in my life & I couldn't be happier!

God bless all of you for everything you do for these babies,

Hi Laurie!

It's me, Mai-Lin!! Dad said that I should write and let you know how things are going, so here I am. Sorry I haven't written sooner but we've been having so much fun, it's hard to find the time. Everything is really great here and I'm so happy to be here in my forever home.Everyone is so nice to me!! I never dreamed I could be so happy. Dad taught me how to pee and poop outside like the rest of the guys and he said that he was really proud of me. That made me feel so good!! I get plenty of great food, and a great big bed to sleep in, and get to run and play with Beeja and Ti-Lei. Boy, is Beeja fast. I can hardly keep up with her! We run and run, chasing each other around until we're pooped, but it's SOOOO much fun. I get all kinds of love and kisses from both Mom and Dad all the time, and they're always telling me how pretty I am and what a good girl I am and how happy they are that I'm here. I never realized how it felt to have someone love me so much and to love them back That's the best part- all the love. Thank you for loving me too, Laurie. I'll never forget how good you were to me. Beeja and Ti-Lei said to say that they love you too and will always remember you. It's really neat that we all ended up here together. Ti-Lei has grown up to be a big, strong girl and boy, is she really beautiful. She's a lot bigger than me and Beej. You should see Beeja now! She's put on weight and is really strong now. She's my best friend and we hang out at Mom's house together everyday and snooze and have fun. I'm so happy she's here.
Well, Dad says that it's my bedtime now so I gotta go. I'll write again soon Laurie.

Love ya!

Greetings From Gizmo!

Gizmo just wanted to say hi. He is still ever so happy and has a stroller with netting and a misting fan. He has a regular fan and “Doggles” and 4 beds throughout the house and I don’t know what else. He is using up all of my inheritance HAHAHA!
Hope all is well with you!

Sherri from Nashville

Hi Laurie,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Jada(Braylen) is doing great! She is fitting in really well, except with the cat, so we’ll have to work on that. Other than that, she’s great. She and Jinx are best buds already, and to my surprise, Jinx is not overly jealous. It’s as if Jada has been here for months! I had the vet out yesterday to check her over and microchip her. She said she’s in great shape.
Here’s a pic I took of them this morning crashed out together. I’ll email again soon.


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