It has been an eternity since I have sent you any news about my precious little Truffles. Oh, she is so fat and sassy now, and every day she comes more and more out of her shell.
What a joy she is to my life, although I believe she is sometimes a pain to her step-sister, Pepper. Here are pictures I made of Pepper and Truffles together a few weeks ago. Truffles weighs about 8 lbs. now; she loves to eat! Truffles is on the left, Pepper on the right. Though my Pepper is terribly excited when I come home each day, it's Truffles who makes me feel as though I am loved more than any other person in the world. My girls are my life!
Have a good day, Laurie.

Betty T

Dear Foster Mom & Bestest Friends at Asian Dog Rescue,

I wanted to tell you all about my trip to my new home. When we started to drive back to Nashville I was a little nervous at first. I guess because I was in a car with someone I didn’t know. She seemed nice, she gave me kisses and told me she loved me. She said everything was going to be ok and I was going to love my new home. After a little bit I settled down so my new Mom could find her way to the hotel and she did a great job! As soon as we got in the room, I walked around to check things out. My new Mom put a pee pad on the floor right away and I did a little wee so she told me what a good girl I was. There was a nice big bed that I was hoping I would get to sleep in, my Mom put me right up on it so she could get organized – that was a good sign. There were a lot of big white fluffy pillows and I wasn’t sure why there were so many. I decided to dig through them to see if there was anything on the other side but after a long search I found there was nothing!?
After all my exploring I was hungry. My new Mom got me some water and food and I got to eat right up on the bed. I gobbled down most of it and I got one of my treats which made her very happy. The next morning we didn’t have to go very far and we were already at the airport. When we walked thru the garage everybody stopped to talk to me. I guess they thought I was adorable, I had on a nice little brown corduroy coat that my Mom brought with her because she didn’t want me to be cold. It fit perfect and we asked some nice people to take a picture of us!
Everyone was looking at me in the airport cause my head was sticking out of the bag – I went thru security (I’m not sure what that is) but I didn’t beep and neither did Mom - then we got on the plane. We got to sit down in the back by ourselves which I guess was good because that meant I could sit on Mom's lap. I liked that part but I kind of didn’t like the loud noise or the feeling I was getting when we were up in the air like the birds. I know my Mom was worried about me but a few people come over to check on me and said their little dogs did the same thing when they went on airplanes. When we got to the ground I was really happy – we had to get on a shuttle bus but I didn’t mind that. I could feel how much colder it was and I was glad I had my new jacket. We got off the bus and had to wait so we talked to a lot of nice people. We talked to people who were with the Red Cross in Texas when they had floods and stuff and they found puppies in houses all by themselves with no Moms or Dads. They rescued the puppies and took them home to care for them - they were very nice. We told them and some other people about you guys and how great you are. They took a picture of us while we were waiting and Mom told me we were almost there, that’s when I realized we had to go up with the birds again. There were a lot of people on this plane and they were all saying how cute I was. We sat in a seat and I stayed in my bag – my Mom asked the ladies if I could sit on her lap and they said I wasn’t supposed to. But then she explained how nervous I was because this was all new to me. One by one they came over to see me, one of the nicest ladies said to the other lady, “oh my God look, she has a little bow”. I think that’s what did it – one by one they came over and told us they liked puppies better then people and thought it was a dumb rule. My Mom told them that she loved them all for saying that and the next thing ya know – they said, “oh go ahead, who could say no to that” (meaning me : ) and I was back on her lap. I did so much better this time, I hardly got nervous at all. I just cuddled up in my Mom's arm with her jacket over me and we both took a little nap until we got on the ground again. We couldn’t find the car at first because I guess when my Mom was coming to get me she only had 15 mins. to catch the plan so she flew in the car place and ran to the plane. She didn’t realize that going back she was on a different level and her car was up higher than we were. When we finally found it we were so happy because we were tired and hungry. Then we couldn’t find some other parking ticket thing – oh boy, poor Mom – she had to wait for the manager to come over and check her out. He charged her extra which was really crummy I thought, but they didn’t ask me what I thought. Well we were off and she told me it wouldn’t be long before we were at my new home. A nice lady greeted us at the door and helped get our stuff in – oh boy, I just found out I have two Moms - this has been a really great day! I got in the kitchen and guess what, I have new playmates. Candia held me because I was nervous and slowly she let everyone sniff me. She said that was like when people meet and they shake hands – sounded good to me I guess. There was a little black and white dog named Freckles who has been looking for a home like I was so she has been staying here. And two little dogs that belong to my Nanna (I have a Nanna?) they are Chihuahuas and their names are Little Petal and Princess Prika – they are smaller than me and very cute. Oh, and then two other little dogs came into the room and they look a lot like me. Their names are Willow and White Cloud – White Cloud is a little crazy and I think her and Freckles have become good buddies because they ran right off to play and didn’t really notice me. Willow did a little growl so I just ignored her while her Mom told her to be nice. After just a little bit of time, we were all walking around saying hi and everything seemed ok. My Moms made us dinner and we all gobbled down our food – Candia said she loves listening to the sound of little puppies eating and chewing their treats which she said was pretty funny as nothing is more annoying then a person making the same noise. She is so funny!
I have only been here for a couple days but it feels like I have always lived here. I fit right in and I am so happy. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you I met another nice lady last night, Beth – I guess she was Lilly’s Mom and she couldn’t believe it when she saw me. She was so happy, she said I looked so much like Lilly. She said, “look at that face, my God it is amazing” and Mom said she really believed that a higher power looked down on me and her and said some how we need to bring these two together. I laid on Beth’s bed with her and she hugged me and gave me kisses. She said she loved me and my new Mom, she whispered to me that I couldn’t have gone to a better home because my new Mom was one of the most loving, bestest dog lovers around and she should know. She said she would be my Grand Mom – I can’t believe that I have met so many new people that already love me. Thank you so much for finding me the best new home to spend the rest of my new life in.
I love you all – You’re the best!

Cami oooxxxxoxoxoxoxo

Domino is the sweetest puppy. Fell in love immediately. Our other dog Booboo is jealous, but is coming around. They both are playing who can run the fastest. Domino acts like he has lived here forever. We have a lot of windows in our house and he loves to look out them. He loves to play frisbee and he brings it back to us. Smart dog! Love these puppies!!!!!!
God bless
Sue Messer

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am at my new home. My new Mommy and Daddy just love me! I am sending you a picture of me and I want you tell all of my other furry friends that I miss them but I am so happy! My mommy says that I am better than what she even wished for and she says I am perfect for this family. Today for dinner I had homemade boiled chicken and rice---yum! Everytime I go outside and potty mommy or daddy give me treats. Today I surprised them and got frisky and grabbed one of my new toys and started running through the house and we played fetch and tug of war for half an hour. They think I am hilarious.
Tell everyone hello for me and I will keep in touch.
Puppy kisses!
Love, Lotus

Hello Asian Dog Rescue,

First of all, Lola's name has been changed to Sophie. I just wanted to update you and let you know Sophie is doing spectacular. She bonded with our pugs right away and they all get along GREAT! She has been the sweetest little girl ever, she wants to be with me all the time and follows me around everywhere. Sophie had her 1st doctor appointment yesterday. They said she was in great condition and looked to be very healthy and her incision has healed beautifully. She weighed 4.9 lbs so she has gained a tad, not much. She got Bordatella and we got her Frontline Plus and Iverhart Plus to start her on at the end of the month. Sophie has also had her 1st grooming appointment this week at Petsmart, and she looks fabulous.
My brother and I have both said when we get our next babies we will definitely be back to visit you. We both have had a great experience and two wonderful, beautiful little princess girls. Thank you for what you all do at Precious Paws Asian and Small Breed Dog Rescue with all the babies that need love and a home!
Knoxville, TN


Hello Laurie and Asian Dog Rescue,
Update for Sophie (Lola)
I can’t believe we have had our precious Sophie for 5 weeks tomorrow. I will never forget the moment Isaac put her in my arms; it was like love at first sight. Thank you Isaac for making my life complete. She is the most beautiful, spectacular baby in the world to me; she indeed is a little royal princess. Sophie is a sweetheart in every way and is such a spirited little girl; she keeps you on your toes. She has been spoiled over and over again and she loves it. She settled in beautifully, it’s like she has always been with us. I can’t imagine not having Sophie in my life. In just these few short weeks my life has changed forever. Thank you soooooo much for allowing us to adopt her. My heart is saddened and breaks every time I think about how someone took her and left her in an overnight drop box; filthy and loaded with fleas. What kind of person could do this to a precious furbaby; I can’t understand. I can only imagine how your hearts break everyday; with what you all go through. You are all ANGELS….Thank you for what you do!!
Sophie wants to be with me all the time, we are like each others shadows 24/7. I bought her a dog bag so she can go everywhere. I have bought her so much; I will have to send a picture so you can see just how spoiled she is. Sophie goes to school twice a day to drop off and pick up the kids (she is a little nervous riding in the car…we are working on that...she is getting much better). I thought she might be afraid that I was going to take and leave her somewhere, maybe. She loves to go to Petsmart and shop (at least twice a week)…it’s a girl thing huh…ha-ha. She is walking on a leash much better now; she likes going to the park. She loves to run and looks like a little pony prancing around and hops like a bunny. She is such a joy to watch. Sophie doesn’t play with toys yet…we are working on that as well...any hints...did she play when you had her?
My wish is for every furbaby to find a loving place to call their furever home. They are all so precious and need love and a home. We are thinking about adopting Sophie a little sister; it would be nice since we have two Pugs to have two Yorkies. I hope it will be in the near future. I love Hayley and look at your website every week.
Sophie is my furever little princess and will always have the best of care and love.


Dear Kristeen,

Travis made the trip to Austin very nicely. Though initially shy and hesitant, he warmed up to us fairly quickly. He made the car trip home pretty easily, eating and drinking normally and with no accidents during the overnight stay at the motel. By morning he was wagging his tail when we petted him, and he slept with his head on my leg most of the last five hours of the trip.
He and Scout are getting along just fine. After some circling and sniffing, they walked side by side on the evening walk, seemingly comfortable with each other. Travis slept soundly through the night and ate his breakfast in the morning, and enjoyed his morning walk with us.
All is well, and we already love him to pieces. He is a great dog, and we can't believe our luck in becoming his parents. Attached are two photos, one of Travis relaxing in the hallway, the other of Robert with both the boys sitting on the front porch.
Best wishes to all and many thanks.

Karen and Robert

Dear All,

Dougie has done really well so far! He was very calm in his crate as I drove back to Nashville. He has pottied outside consistently--no mistakes yet. He is a real sweetheart--he loves to be held, he follows me about. Right now, he is lying next to my chair as I write this to you. I brushed him a little last night and he was a good boy. He's also been very quiet--he does watch TV and yips when the people on it are too loud or wierd-looking. It's funny! He has also met my neighbor and her eleven year old son and was very good with them. He slept in his little bed at the foot of my bed without a whine or a peep (I heard him snoring at one point--very funny!) and woke up all happy to see me. Today, I am going to introduce the concept of my leaving and returning for brief periods to get him ready for our normal schedule. I have a couple of really fun treat-toys for him to enjoy. This evening he will meet my son for the first time, and if he was so sweet with my neighbor's kid, I think he'll do well with my son.
The only question I have is about feeding Dougie. I saw on your website that you use and recommend Blue Buffalo brand of dog food. I bought a small bag of the small breed adult food and a couple of cans of the wet food. I mix them together. Dougie eats most of the canned and leaves the dry. I tried adding some water to soften the dry and he still leaves it. What or how was he eating in his foster home? In contrast, my last dog Toby inhaled his pretty bland Prescription Diet food and was always eager for more, so this is quite a change for me. I'm not scared or alarmed, but I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas you have for me.
Thanks for this precious little elf of a dog,



Dougie has actually been eating more of his kibble. I feed him twice a day so he seems to be getting used to the schedule. He met my son Eddie yesterday and they are great with each other! Eddie thinks he is adorable and Dougie loves being with him. I'm sending a couple of pictures of them together so you can see how comfortable they are with each other. Just to "set the stage": Eddie likes putting quilts on the floor of the living room and lounging there to watch TV. So that's what he and Dougie are doing. (Yeah, I indulge my boys!)

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how absolutely wonderful Mai-Shae is doing. We have decided to re-name him Augustus, and call him Gus. So, Gus went to Aunt Sue's Doggie Bakery yesterday and is a total rock star. He picked out a few treats, a few toys, a new dog bowl, and we started him on Orijen all-natural dog food. He loves it and it is formulated with only the very best of ingredients.
He spent his first night in the big bed, barked when the alarm went off, and has not stopped wagging his tail. In short, I think he is loving his new home. And, we love him so much. He is without a doubt, the sweetest little man ever!
We are putting the word out about your wonderful organization. I have forwarded your link to several friends who are thinking about adoption.
Thanks so much for your great work and your fantastic effort of rescue. Isaac was wonderful and could not have been better to work with.

Monique and Nancy,


Thank you very much for taking such good care of me while waiting for my furever home. I love my new mommy and daddy, and the new toys! They feed me well, and give me yummy treats for being such a good boy. I haven't had one accident, they are so proud of me! I have so much room to roam, I could get lost!
Today we get to go shopping at Petsmart. My mommy keeps calling me adorable, one day she'll realize my name is "Kaizi"! Soon I get to meet my new vet, Dr. Bryant. Mommy said he is really nice and will be good to me. Yep, I think I'm going to love it here. I'm really a happy boy!!
Hope you like my new photos. Mommy and daddy love that camera!
Well, I'll keep in touch.

Kaizi Spiczak

Hi Laurie,

Finally... some pictures! Bella (formerly Blanca) went to the groomer on Saturday and did so well! She even got to play with some other small doggies :) She was ready for a nap in her daddy's lap afterwards because getting beautified was quite exhausting.

I just have to tell you how much having Bella in our lives has meant to us already. When I first started thinking about adopting, I was having a lot of trouble with anxiety and even panic attacks at night- especially when my husband Tom was on call overnight at the hospital. I've been doing a lot of things to help with this, but since Bella has been with us, I have someone else to think about- and I am perhaps surprisingly more relaxed and sleeping better than I have in a long time. It's funny- from the moment I brought Bella home, Tom said "this is the perfect dog for you." And it's true! The adoption application process was stressful - and the first dog I was interested in adopting wasn't one you thought would be a good fit for us, but I feel like the process was so worth it because I feel like you really got a feel for who we were, our lifestyle, and what dog would be a good match for us. And boy did you get it right! Bella has become my best little buddy already - she is such a little love! She charms everyone she meets- my parents and grandmother, our neighbors, my friends- they all think she is just the cutest (and of course she is)! Suddenly, all the hours I used to spend in the house alone while Tom is working are filled- She prances along the curb like she's on a catwalk on our walks, she follows me everywhere- she keeps me company while I cook (and does her little ballerina dance begging for treats), she cuddles with me when we watch TV and next to my pillow at night, and oh how she loves it when I brush her- she gets absolutely limp. I don't know all that Bella went through before she came to us. I think I'm a healing, calming influence on her, but I know she is healing and calming me- something me and my husband are so grateful for. She has been such a blessing in our lives already and it has only been a bit over a week. As a first time dog owner- I had no idea what a huge impact such a tiny fur baby could have on our family. Oh- and although I've been focusing on how much I love little Bella, I should mention that her dad is smitten as well- I come home some days to find he got off early and she's all curled up in his lap while he works at his desk and he's already taken her for a walk through the neighborhood. He might not admit it to his guy friends, but he's totally wrapped around her little paw! She is our spoiled little princess.Thank you again for letting Bella join our family!

Much love,
Helen, Tom, and Bella


I was giving Bella (Blanca) her Interceptor this morning and realized that she's been with us for 6 months now. It seems like she has always been with us though. I've included a recent picture of Bella in her "Princess Bella In Charge" dress and one of her with her brother Baci in their pajamas. :P I took Bella to the vet last week because I felt a little lump on her side and the vet told me just to watch it- that it might be a reaction from a bug bite or from the shot she got back in July. They weighed her while she was there and she is up to a healthy 6.2 lbs now- very cuddleable and couldn't be any cuter! We just adore her!
I can never thank you all enough for rescuing her and then allowing Tom and I to bring her home to join our family! I'll be sending pictures in November.... we have some great costumes planned for Halloween: I'm going to be The Cat In The Hat and Bella and Baci are going to be "Thing 1" and "Thing 2." :)
I hope all is well with you! Bella sends love and kisses!
Helen, Tom, Bella, and Baci

Hello Laurie and Asian Dog Rescue,

Update for Hayley and Sophie (Lola)…

Oh my, where shall I begin…It’s been an incredible few weeks. I was the new proud mom of Sophie “my little princess” and then came along “my sweet little Hayley”. OOH LA LA!
My wonderful pugs (Phoebe & Harley) are the best; they have welcomed Sophie and Hayley with open paws. Sophie was a little jealous for a few days after I got Hayley, but now things are like two peas in a pod. LIFE IS GOOD
Hayley, Hayley, Hayley…what can I say, she has more personality than any furbaby I’ve ever owned…she’s definitely a little character and we’re all smitten! She is sooooo precious and unbelievable. She absolutely has completed our furbabies. Phoebe, Harley, Sophie, and Hayley what can I's like a beautiful song playing over and over in your head and you can't seem to get it out...they bring joy and laughter to our lives.
Hayley had her 1st vet appointment on April 9th…weighed in at 3.4 lbs. They said she appears to be in excellent health…her incision has healed beautifully...thought she might be a little older, judging by her stained teeth. We got her Bordatella, Frontline Plus and Interceptor. Hayley had a dental cleaning April 16th. Her teeth were in pretty bad condition, they had to extract 2 of them. She was a little trooper and doing very well. Hayley has been to PetSmart and got beautified. Life just doesn’t get much better than that, huh. It’s great to be a pampered pooch! She adjusted to our routine quickly. She rides well in the car and that has helped Sophie enormously. They both love going to PetSmart and getting all the attention from everyone; they act like little beauty queens LOL imagine that! Going to the park has been a blast...if I could only keep them untangled (ha-ha).
Sophie and Hayley love hanging out and just being sisters. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful or sweeter girls. I feel like I have won the lottery twice. I can't thank you enough. Thanks to Isaac for bringing my girls to me and to everyone who helped take care of them.

Thanks again for everything Laurie and Asian Dog Rescue,

Cindy :)

Hi, Aunt Laurie,

I just got back from Dr. Bush and he was pleased with me and all the good looks I have. I haven't had a seizure now since I started my meds. I'm still on a very low dose and doing fine. He also cut my prednisone back to 1/4 of a small tab every three days. He said that he recently completed research on my problem and received some scholarly papers which stated that male Shih Tzus about 4 years old are the prevalent dog with my problem. He is doing the surgery where they drill into the skull and take fluid out of the sac in the brain on a little Chihuahua next week. Boy, am I glad he said that I didn't have to have that!
I am happy here and so glad I have Dolly, Missy, my older brothers too, but that Teddy gets on my nerves growling at me so the girls don't give me all the attention. He is plain silly. Everyone knows the girls love "TomKat" the best (te he he).
Ms. Laurie, thank you for saving my life, taking me in your home and knowing my Mother. I feel so safe and loved with her. It was horrible losing my home and being put in a kill shelter but to be here with my pack and so happy with my new Mom.........was worth it all.

Love you, Thomas aka Budha, and TOMKAT!

Hi there gang,

Sorry it has been a while since we last spoke. We have all sorts of pictures of Keita to share with you. First I wanted to share a couple of stories. It has been nine months since Keita has come into our lives. She has truly found her place in our family. We can tell that she feels right at home because she is not timid or jumpy anymore. Not that she was either one of those descriptions. Took just a little time to settle in. She did amazingly well in the car on the way home. As a matter of fact, she travels very well. Not one complaint comes to mind. She had the rare potty mistakes in the house for just a few months. She picks up quickly. Her and Peaches get along like they are best friends. It is so adorable to watch them play and take care of each other. It's as if she has always been a part of our lives. We dressed her up for Halloween and she was quite the smash. She acclimates to people quickly. She takes baths like a champ. No fuss. She has even begun to play with me. There is a little game that we play where I make a strange pose and she will speak and come alive. Thank you all again so much for approving our adoption. She is our little girl. Mine and Michael's.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Roger and Michael Tison - Kitts


Hi Laurie,
We can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since we came to Alcoa to pick up Tawney. She's an absolutely GREAT dog!!! She was a little apprehensive at first and was afraid of every little noise. She's come a long way and seems to be very comfortable in her new home. We're still feeding her the same food you were feeding her and she's gained about 3 pounds since we picked her up. This puts her at about 50 pounds which is where our vet said she should be. She loves going for walks and even more, loves playing in the yard when we throw her ball and rubber frisbee. Having a dog that gets grass stains on her legs is a new experience for us :) We also have a plastic ball that has holes on each end that we put some of her food in and every night she bats that ball around in bed and always gets all the food out. One of her favorite bedtime activities.
We just can't get over how well behaved she is. When we take her for walks, she never pulls and always walks right besides us. Even when other dogs are walking by or out in peoples yards, she always behaves. Also, we've never had any accidents in the house. And the only challenge we had when we first got home is she didn't know how to go up and down the stairs in our house. We got some laughs out of carrying her up and down the stairs (a 50 pound dog is a bit more then the 20 pound dogs we've had in the past) but she had it figured out after a day or so. Even the 12 hour car ride home was just great. She didn't have any problems and we enjoyed being able to spend that time with her getting to know her. Plus, I don't think she minded being petted for 12 hours straight.
We renamed her Phoebe. We've been working with her on basic commands as she didn't seem to know any when we got her. She learns really quickly. When we sit down to eat, she'll go lay down except at dinner, she almost always eats her dinner when we're eating ours. She's been to the groomer a couple of times now and they can't get over how well behaved she is. We took her last Saturday and when Terry went to pick her up, she wasn't in a cage waiting to be picked up, she was in the back room with the groomers. She's getting spoiled by everyone.

We've attached a few pictures of her and Terry is sending you a donation check in the mail. We just can't tell you how much we enjoy having her with us. We wish we knew a little more about her past but we're glad she'll be with us from here on out.
We're so glad we found her at your rescue and hope all is going well with you.

Bill & Terry


Jayden and I made it home just fine. He's absolutely wonderful! He has his own couch, and, as you can see in the picture, is taking full advantage of it.
Thank you so much for all you do for others like Jayden. I will be making donations from time to time in honor of my new found friend.



Remember little Mindy the black Shih Tzu that we adopted a year ago this month? Well she is still doing fine. Her hearing is completely gone and her eyesight is really getting bad but she still loves walks and loves to play. Here she is holding tight to a cookie so her little sisters won't steal it!
We just got home from a camping trip with her and her 2 little Shih Tzu sisters. Mindy (now Granny) strutted around the campground on our daily walks and traveled just fine all the way to New York and back. I call her my little "Looney Toon" because she has some funny quirks because she is deaf. We love her!!!!!


Well, it has been seven months since I left Asian Dog Rescue with all the good love, fun and attention you gave me for so many years. Then you just went and topped every thing off pawfectly by picking Mommie Joyce and her pack for my furever family. I have been so happy here and I have so much fun running in my big yard, playing games with my pack (there are seven of us from about 1 1/2 years to 14+ years) and we all get along and have good times!
Sometimes I wonder if people realize how hard and how much sacrifice rescue groups make to help us animals who are tossed aside by our original owners and put in kill shelters or surrendered at vets with instructions to euthanize us because we have become too expensive or inconvenient?
So I thought I should write to you and tell you how much I still love you and how much we appreciate what you do all day, every day and with little acknowledgement from the world of what you have to do to save us.
Mommie went on a web site to show us how stupid people can be! She showed us hundreds of baby and young Shih Tzus offered up on line and in classifieds for hundreds to thousands of dollars and the breeder said they would 'ship' those babies any where! How horrible would that be? Wonder how many survive the trip? Why are they breeding all those puppies when so many of us were surrendered to kill shelters and so many of us are rescued from puppy mills, and say they "care" about the breed? Shelters every day euthanize thousands of homeless animals, so why are they making so many more babies ... many who will face the same horrible reality we did when put in a shelter where we had only a few days to be adopted or put to sleep.
Thank, God, there are "Lauries" and foster parents throughout the United States to save a few of us. I realize how lucky I was that you saved me and found the pawfect home for me where I get tons of love, home cooked meals twice a day, good vitamins & supplements, lots of exercise, good clean bedding, lots of play time with my pack and squeaky toys and even get my teethies cleaned with a brush, and have a doggie Nanny, Auntie Jane, when my Mommie has to go to work. Now how cool is that?
Well, I know you are real busy but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and what you do.
I will always love you furever.

Teddy Bear

Hi Laurie,

I hope all is going well for you all!
We think of you often, almost every time I look at Daisy and realize what you gave us!

I have finally figured out a way to get the pictures of Daisy; I avoid the flash and use the zoom so she is not focused on the camera, but instead on having fun. Some of the pictures are here around the house, in the yard. I could not wait to finally have photos for you of Daisy and hopefully bring a smile to all to see her so happy and healthy!
I am still having the "jar'" in the shop for donations, and we have had many donate to help these special animals, which I am so happy about! We will be in touch!

Sue and Daisy

Hey Laurie,

Kody is doing great! He is a very sweet little love! He loves to get kisses and hugs! He loves to play with the other dogs and he loves to get groomed evey morning. He sleeps with me and loves to cuddle, which makes it hard for me to get up in the morning because he feels so good. He goes to the professional groomer every month and the girls love him there!
Kody says hi!

Greetings from Manon

Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that Kody is doing really good! He just got a short haircut because it is so hot here in the South. He loves to go to the groomer every 2 weeks. He is so sweet and loves to get hugs and kisses all day long and at night he sleep in my arms. His 3 sisters absolutely adore him and my other male dog acts as his big brother and keeps an eye on him in the backyard. Kody loves to go for a ride in the car and to get some snacks at Petco. I love him so much and he gives us so much love...I feel very blessed to have him as my little buddy!
I hope that you and all the dogs are doing good! You truly are doing great work.


Thanks for inquiring about our beautiful girl Emmy. We are retired and she brings so much joy, love, and companionship to our life.
Your agency really did a super job with this little girl . She is exceptionally smart and such a loving little dog. We had no problem with housetraining or overall training at all. She took up with us from day one. She was exactly what we needed and fits into our life beautifully. She is a super traveler and very well mannered.
We’ve traveled with her to Hilton Head, SC and will be going to Edisto Island this fall.
Please find attached pictures of Emmy. We are so thankful that you guys are there helping the babies and so grateful we found our baby and that you all gave her the love and care she needed. We will send a love offering via pay pal soon.

The Adderholdts, East TN

Hello Laurie,
I've been thinking of you this past week & just wanted to say hi. I hope all is well & that everything has been going great for you. Always in my prayers. As you can see, I've sent a pic of Miya, Kya, & my Grandmother. Miya is the one laying down & Kya is sitting up. Aren't they precious!?!! My baby is such a good boy, loving, playful, cuddles lots, has a HUGE personality, which makes him all the more special - (if that's even possible!) & very protective.
He's the best thing that's happened to little angel.
Take care, Love & Hugs,
Tami & Miya
Knoxville, TN

Hello Everyone,
We are doing so great, it's like we were destined to be together. I groom him every day. We are totally bonded. He is using the pee pads consistently. I keep moving them closer to the door but I think the leap to the outside will be really hard. I have been cooking for him and he really likes it. He and the cats are getting along also. I hope that some day we can bring another rescue into the family. I will send money when I can.
Just know that your organization has made one old lady very happy!

Susan and Ming-Li(AKA MOOSE!)

Hi Aunt Laurie, Aunt Kristeen and Everyone!

I'm here, in Maine, with mom, who is reading about things down there. She is feeling so sad about all the little furbabies that need help, but she says she is also in awe at everyone's dedication. She's going to send you all a donation for those Shih Tzu's you're trying to help. I remember when I came here last year, she also found out about my sister, Mia who was in a New Jeresey 'kill shelter' on her 29th day. I guess they only give them 30 days. She was older, with a bad eye, had been abandoned. No one wanted her, but mom and dad went down and picked her up, got her eye removed and helped her heal with love and lots of good food. Boy, am I glad, 'cause she is real nice. We love playing together and sometimes I can get ol' Jettie to play. I tease him something "wicked". He is the older black Lhasa mom has. He really likes us and will play on the lawn with us. I love to run and mom and dad will have me run back and forth between them. I can't believe there is so much fun to be had. If you had told me last year when I was at the puppy mill, I would not have believed there were nice places to live. I love them so much and I show them everyday. I try to look right at them when they are loving me and love them right back. They say they can see the love in my eyes pouring out. I know it is all because of you all and everything you did for me when you rescued and fostered me. You saved me and don't think I don't know about all the time and training you gave me to make me ready for my 'forever home'. I'm still a tomboy and feisty and I can't help jumping when I get excited, but because of you all my life is so different in just 1 short year. I know Aunt Kristeen, you were sad to have me go and I was too, but you helped me learn the things I would need and gave me the time to heal. And Aunt Laurie, you found me the best forever home. I just can't thank you all enough and if you were here, I'd show you my thanks by kissing you lots and lots. I know mom is going to send some pics because she just got a digital camera and is learning how to use it. She has been following us around trying to get all of us to be still so she can snap us. She's driving us crazy, but we still love her.
Anyway, hugs and kisses to everyone. You are the real lifesavers and don't you forget it! Every day of our new lives is possible only because of your caring, dedication and committment!

Dear ADR and Potential Adopters,

My husband, Corbett and I, adopted a beautiful, white, 7 year old Maltese/Shih Tzu from ADR in November of 2005. Lily was the light of our lives. Vivacious and full of personality she captivated our hearts. Though she was not always friendly to all, those she loved were showered with her appreciation for their attention. Through the years she made so many improvements personality wise, proof that even an “older” dog can be taught new tricks. This summer I noticed what appeared to be bruises on her back. I immediately took her to our Vet who ran blood tests and diagnosed her with immune mediated thrombocytopenia a disease that attacks blood platelets. He was hopeful that with medications she would be OK. There were many ups and downs during her treatment at home, and after a week she was just not improving. Our Vet told us that for her to have a fighting chance; she needed to go to UT Vet School in Knoxville for treatment. We immediately packed up and headed to Knoxville. That was certainly the longest drive of my life, I prayed for Lily to be healed from that terrible disease the whole way. She was treated at UT for 3 days with chemo drugs, and things appeared to be getting a bit better. While visiting her and giving her dinner (her favorite, chicken) she had a blood clot form in her brain. (This is common with immune mediated thrombocytopenia.) The devastation was almost too much to take. Our doctor told us there was still a chance she could survive with a relatively good quality of life with another transfusion. She also offered that this could be the end of the road. How could I look at my friend and tell her she was not worth every effort? Of course, she had the transfusion overnight and our first call from the doctor that morning was optimistic. I was so happy that it might have worked! While driving to the hospital that morning we got a call from the doctor telling us that she had had another clot and would not make it. We did get there in time to see her again before the end. Corbett and I were heartbroken by the loss. I will say the treatment and compassion shown by everyone we came in contact with at UT was amazing.
The whole time Lily was sick I was emailing Laurie at ADR and keeping her updated on her status. She sent words of encouragement and prayer, both needed and appreciated. A few days after Lily was gone I got an email from Laurie telling me about her own experience with the loss of a special dog and how it had helped her to get a new dog. At first, I was very unsure of the idea because I felt it would be trying to replace Lily. Laurie explained that there was nothing better I could do to honor Lily’s memory than to help another dog who had been in her same situation. That thought clicked with me and I realized that she was right. Corbett and I had a good, loving home to offer a dog that needed one. Laurie suggested a dog she felt would be perfect for us. Tia (now Mia) had a video on her “doggie profile” playing with a quacking duck. She was just beautiful! She looked happy, playful and so sweet. We decided to adopt Mia and donated to ADR in Lily’s memory. Mia was very shy at first. She came out of her shell very slowly, but with lots of treats, attention, toys and love she became herself within a matter of two weeks. Now she is my constant companion! Mia accompanies me almost everywhere she can, even my classroom (when the kids aren’t there.) She’s a quiet, calm, playful, loving, baby. She is so very easy to love. When I arrive home from work she is so excited to see me she literally jumps up into my arms! Adorable! Her favorite things now include, riding in the car, tennis balls, and walks, sleeping on the bed, her cheetah print bone and chewies. None of this happened overnight. She needed a lot of TLC at first to help her learn things like being comfortable walking on a leash, house training and traveling up and down stairs. Whoever said Shih Tzus were not fast learners never met Mia! After our initial two week adjustment time, she has been so easy to train! None of these things are issues at all anymore. While she is still pretty nervous around men, (Corbett included) she is an absolute joy to be around. With time and patience (both so important with rescue dogs) I know she will come to enjoy being around Corbett too.
I have never once regretted our decision to adopt another dog from ADR. They are a simply amazing organization that deserves praise for all the love, time, and effort they donate to these rescue babies that would not always have another chance. We have been lucky enough to have two wonderful dogs come into our lives. Lily will be in our hearts forever, and Mia will continue to bring us joy for many years to come.

With appreciation,
Jill Hunt, TN

Good Morning,

Just wanted to let you know that Clover is doing just fine. She is the friendliest, happiest, most snuggly creature on the face of the planet. I just love her so much, she follows me everywhere and if I sit down she is in my lap. Her hair is so beautiful, she loves to be brushed and I love to brush her. I can see why it was so difficult for you all to part with Clover. She is a very special girl and has already brought so much joy into my house. The other dogs Bella, Scruffy, and Rufus just adore her and they play so well together. I have been taking a lot of pictures and should have them developed soon. As soon as I do I will send you copies.
Thank you again so much for letting me adopt Clover. I can't imagine life without her.

K-Jo Lonergan :)


Hello Laurie,

I hope you don't mind too much, but I changed Clover's name to Sophia Mae. She just looked like Sophie to me. Sophie is the most gentle, loveable, affectionate and cuddly animal that I have ever met. I just love her to pieces and so do the other dogs. She goes everywhere with me.
Sophie loves the garden. She loves to run through it and explore. There are lots of paths and birds and chipmunks everywhere. She gets so excited when she sees the chipmunks!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to adopt this shaggy angel and for entrusting her care to me. She will never want for anything in her life ever again. She has brightened all of our lives and we are eternally grateful to you.

My love and thanks to you and all of your volunteers who made this possible.

Affectionately, K-Jo, Rufus, Scruffy, Miss Bella Rose and Miss Sophia Mae(Clover)!

Hello Laurie,
It is hard to believe it has been a year since I drove to Boston to pick up "Derek the Labradoodle". And I believe I was supposed to give you updates!
Well here's a quick one... We ADORE Derek - so does everyone else in town. They always make a big fuss over him when Malcolm takes to to the Post Office every morning to get the mail.
We put him through the very basic training and hope to do more but he is very obedient, is improving his retriever skills, and always comes when called. When he first arrived, he wouldn't walk further away from me that one foot, but now, when we go on the "off leash" trail, he bounds ahead - still never too far that I am nervous, but certainly confident and happy. His only issue is a penchant for eating seat belts if left in the car for even five minutes. Ah well, we are working on that one (grin). He does not like to be left alone, but has learned not to trash the house when left - just the car needs work now.
Derek was stunned the first day it snowed and he LOVED cavorting through the beautiful white stuff - sticking his bum in the air and getting his nose covered in snow - and of course that silly tail wagging crazily. So please tell whomever was worried about him being cold that he adapted just fine.
This summer he found out to his shock that he could swim. We took him to our rustic cottage on a lake. He had a wonderful a carefree time there, swimming, rolling in the leaves and getting suitably filthy and covered in twigs.
I will send some pictures in following e-mails so as not to send too large a file, but attached here is the funny one where Derek first tried out water and his owner (me) seems to have gone to the same hair stylist. Also attached is a shot of him in our kitchen... the first day he lay on his back (probably about two weeks into living with us) I knew he was finally comfortable enough. Now he regularly sleeps in the position you see in the shot.... and usually manages to scam a good tummy rub for being so cute.

Thank you again for allowing us to adopt this amazing dog!
Dawn Harwood-Jones

Hello Laurie:
In August 07, Boomer, came to be my forever dog. I am so grateful that you saved him for me. He is wonderful. This weekend I participated in an art fair and dedicated my sales of one line of my product to Precious Paws. I made $75 for Precious Paws and will kick in another $25 to make it an even $100. I am thinking Sumei needs it the most right now for her surgery. What do you think? Which little baby needs it the most? I will send a check tomorrow in the mail. I am participating in another art fair this weekend and I will make sure to dedicate some of the sales to Precious Paws. If you could send me a quick email to let me know you received the check I'd appreciate it. I wish it were more but times are really tough now – I am out of a full-time job and using the art fairs to live on.
I hope this finds you well. Boomer sends lots of kisses.

Joan Parker

I just want to let you know how wonderful Zuri and I are doing together. It is like we were together forever! We had a wonderful trip home and she took to her new house immediately. She is super with my grand children and they love her to death already! I feel like she has always been with me.
Thank you so very much for everything!

Hello Kristeen, Laurie and everyone,

Sophie (Tai Ling) is such a sweet, loving, adorable little girl! We're head over heels in love with her!
Isaac was great --- what a wonderful person!
Sophie slept beautifully last night, in her little bed next to me. Never woke us up....she woke up when we did. She is doing wonderfully --- very happy and playful! She loves lying down with us on the couches, and also lying in one of her two (very plush) doggie beds. She's also been exploring all around our house --- it's very very cute! We have lots of little doggie toys here, and she's played with almost all of them already! She chooses them from the toy basket, and plays with it for awhile, and then goes to find another. She loves the little balls --- picks them up in her mouth, drops them, and bats them around with her front paws. So cute! She's so precious, we're head over heels in love with her. Ron is out now buying her some puppy food (on the advice of our vet) to help continue to fatten her up. We'll mix it with the chicken, green beans, and rice, and transition her into it fully over the next few days. She's eating great, and peeing and pooping outside on the leash. Such a pure joy. We couldn't be happier with her! When we came home from the vet this afternoon, she ran gratefully into the house, gave me a big thank-you look, and curled up to take a much-deserved nap. The Fairview Animal Hospital vet (Dr. Charles Lloyd) was so gentle and thorough with her. They gave her a free physical (rescue dogs get that) and we had her micro-chipped (don't want to ever lose her!) She came through the exam with flying colors! We'll have her groomed soon, mostly to keep the hair from getting into her eyes and into her mouth. We know how well cared-for she's been! She's sleeping soundly on the rug at my feet. I'm sure that when she wakes up she'll have forgotten all about "the scary vet's office!"
Thank you everyone who made such a transformation in Tai-Ling (Sophie's) life --- we'll keep you on our donation list, and I'll continue to send you occasional pictures.
Thanks so much for Sophie --- she's a DREAM!


Here's Sophie right after her doggie salon appointment! Isn't she precious? She's so soft and beautiful! Her "coif" is a "puppy cut" with a "round face" and uncut eyelashes --- what a darling girl she is! The pictures were taken at Diana's house, where Sophie and Marley ran around and around, playing happily. It was just too cute for words. Ron, Diana, and I just sat around the periphery, and watched the fun.
Sophie has completely adjusted to us and our home. She runs around playing with one toy after another, licking and licking us all the time. She sleeps in the bed with us at night, and we wake up to lavish love in the mornings. Sophie is a DREAM girl, and we love her so very much!

Anne & Ron xxxxxxx

Hi Laurie,

A big hello from your God Children (Maiya, KoKo and Keila) in Pleasant Valley. We have been having some wonderful weather so we have been helping our mommy with the gardening. These photos were made in our most favorite place. Our mom says it is a special place because it is where all the precious furbabies that she has been blessed with in the past are resting. We don't know what that means but we enjoy going there and having fun poking around in the plants or just sitting in the sun. We really enjoying being outside in the sunshine so much. We run around the yard and have so much fun. Chasing birds and squirrels is our most fun thing to do. Our mom says we still look like summertime babies with our short hair but by Christmas time we will have our beautiful long coats back and mom will send you some more photos then. We hope you and all the furbabies have had a good summer.
We love you lots.
Maiya, KoKo and Keila

Dear Laurie and All at Precious Paws,

As we told you in the letter that accompanied our recent donation, Tessa(who we adopted in January 09) brings so much joy into our lives, and we are very happy to have her in our family. We will try to make more donations in the future to help you to continue your wonderful work.
Tessa has successfully completed the Beginners and Intermediate dog training courses at PetSmart, for a total of 16 weeks. She greatly enjoyed the classes, and received many compliments from the trainers. It was a wonderful experience for us to learn with Tessa, and she has learned many new things since those official classes. For instance, she rings the bell at the front door to tell us that she needs to go outside for a potty break or for a walk. Although she didn’t seem to know what to do with toys when she first came here, she quickly learned to play enthusiastically with them, and she keeps us entertained with her cute antics.
Tessa loves all dogs, big and small, and enjoys going to the dog park and having play dates with two of her Bichon Frise doggie boyfriends, Max & Harvey. She has many doggie friends in our community, from a tiny 2 lb Shitzu puppy to huge Dobermans or Greyhounds. It's funny seeing her looking so sweet and dainty when she is standing with sumo-wrestler-looking big bull dog, Amos.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to include some other cute photos that we took of Tessa, especially the ones when she and Brian (her other daddy) first met. It seems that the photos on which we made corrections -- for red-eye/pet-eye or cropped -- couldn't be found by our email program. We're still trying to figure that out.

We'll write more in a few months. Mary Jo & Jack Paul

Hello Laurie,
I wanted to let you know that the card you sent with the pictures was very nice. Quite a few people have commented on it. I have to ask. How is Ashley doing? That poor little baby. I admire all that you do for these precious babies. It is truly remarkable and BRAVO to you all. I want to do so much more. I will try and get a donation out next week for Ashley. I know every bit helps. Well, I wanted to say thanks for sending the card. Please let me know how the little girl makes out.
Take care.

Dear Laurie and volunteers,

I am just thanking God that you were able to rescue little Mya. It is truly so hard to believe that anyone would treat any animal like she was treated. Well, that goes for all of the ones in such need that are lucky enough to be rescued by Precious Paws! You are my heroes. I hope that Mya is going to be OK, and able to heal. I will be looking for updates on her.
I also am keeping up with little Ashley's progress. What a precious baby. And I hope that Sumei will be able to get her surgery soon.
I will send more $$ when I can. I keep a regular check on all of the great things that you do.

Love, Jan Steele

Well little Mindy (Granny) as we call her is celebrating another Halloween. She is totally blind and deaf and bumps into things at times but still has a great life and 2 loving little ShihTzu sisters.
She spends most of her time on her sofa in between our recliners and likes late sleepers and brunch unlike the other critters in the house. She adores my husband especially and has a fit when he is not in his chair and her nose tells her so every time he moves.
We call her Queen B 'cuz she is. We love her dearly.

Brenda Le Blanc

Hi Laurie,
We met Bonnie to get Avery. She filled us in on him and gave us his records. He was well taken care of by her. Avery is so sweet. He is curled up in my lap as I write you. He had a great ride home, he loves the car. He slept all night, I had him in the bed with a belly band on(just in case). We need to work a bit with housetraining, but that will come. He is loving exploring his new home and we will go on a walk later so he can start to explore the neighborhood.
Thank you he is really a cutie. Pepper likes him, too!

Just a quick update on Avery. He is doing really well. We are still working on potty training, but he and Pepper are pals. Here is a picture of the two of them...they like to share a bed.

Hi Laurie,

I just wanted to let you know that Zhu has adjusted so well - he acts like he has lived here forever. He gets along well with my other two dogs and is just a delight. He loves being outside - he and I sat outside for a long time today. He is also whining and going to the door when he has to potty - doing very well in that respect, very few accidents. He also loves being held and rocked - such a baby!! He slept with us last night also and did very well. He has such a personality and is so cute! He moved in like he had been here forever - my sleeping buddy every night. What a joy he is!
Thanks so much for letting us adopt this little angel - we love him already - but who couldn't love that face!!

Vicki Corbett

Hi Laurie,

It's hard to believe that we have had Sassy in our lives for two years and Gus for one year. We are so blessed.
Sassy continues to be the "Princess" she was always meant to be. She continues to keep Gus in line. Ha Her health is great. Just had her yearly checkup and everything was good. Will need to have a small cyst on her back removed but is not a health problem. Sassy is still a snuggle bunny and lap furbaby. Everyone loves Sassy and Gus. They are such delightful babies. Gus is not small anymore. He now weighs almost 12 lbs. He is on a special diet. He kept gaining weight and had numerous blood work done and sent to the Univ. of Michigan. It is genetic. He is on a special diet. He also evidently was born with one lung so we have to monitor his diet but that does not keep "Budda Boy" down. That is what the Vet calls him. Ha...He is such a doll baby and full of playfullness and still loves to ride to the bank and go inside. He has become the neighborhood kissy boy. He is such a happy go lucky fellow and luvs his other sibblings.
Our lives have been so enriched and blessed by adopting Sassy and Gus. Again, I want to thank you for the opportunity to have them come into and be a part of our family. Could not imagine them not being with us. I pray that all the other sweet furbabies you have will be able to be adopted soon. They so deserve the best life possible. God bless all of you!!!!!!


Hi Laurie,

Thank you so much for the kind e-mail. Gus's condition could possibly get worse if he gains more than 4 or 5 more lbs. That is why I monitor him very closely and see that he doesn't try to nab the other dog food instead of his. He can be quite sneaky. The vet said the extra weight could possibly put pressure on his heart and lung since he is short and stocky. He just had his annual exam and other than his weight he is in great condition. He is weighed once a month to make certain his weight stays the same. We love him so much........ and are making certain that he has the best medical care possible. Everyone loves Gus and I do mean everyone!!!!!
He and Sassy are babydolls and loved beyond expectation.
Thank you again for the e-mail and for letting Sassy and Gus be in our lives. I will keep you updated.
By the way, I saw little Ming Ming and almost e-mailed you about adopting her also. Then I saw that she found a forever home. I am so glad for her. Take care and God Bless!!!


I first want to tell you how very thankful I am and always will be for all of you wonderful people at Precious Paws Asian Small Dog Rescue. You rescued me and I so love the chance you gave me to be found by my fur-ever mommy & daddy. This being Thanksgiving month, I thought it the right time to send you an update on how I’m doing since I left you last April 1st. (with mom’s help). I have learned that it really is true that time flies when you’re having fun. I must be having gobs of fun because I can hardly believe that it has already been 7 + months since I came to live with at my new fur-ever home.
Here is my picture on my 1st week here; wasn’t I cute!

Well it didn’t take me long to feel like I was right where I am supposed to be. I have learned so very many new things and I’ll always remember all the things you taught me too. At first I wanted to be carried up and down the stairs but in no time at all I learned to go up and down all by myself. Now I can really run up and down, faster even than mommy or daddy (tee-hee).
The first few weeks I spent time bonding with my new parents and meeting all of my new neighbors; there are even some little kids who just love to visit with me (and I love to visit them even more). Mom and Dad enjoy taking me for walks every day; they say we go about one mile but it doesn’t seem that far but sometimes I ride part way home in my new stroller (it’s blue and I really like riding in it). Just a few days after I came here, I got to meet my good Doctor Vet (mom & dad call him Dr. Bryant). He really likes me and has been very good to me; he told my mommy and daddy that I needed to have my nose opened a little more to help me breath better; I think he called it an SN condition but I don’t know much about that. I did really great with it Mom said; I got used to the bright blue stitches real quick and didn’t scratch at them even one time (wasn’t that good)? Now I can breath a lot better so I know it really helped and it really didn’t hurt (I guess I’m just tough). I have lots of fun toys and some of them are my best friends. This one time, we were all playing school and I was teaching Froggy and Dino how to roll their tongues. Here’s a picture mom took of that. I taught them real good didn’t I?

We have enjoyed a lot of adventures together this summer; In July I got to go on my first road trip to someplace called Indiana for a Family Reunion. It was 8 hours by car but I really liked the car ride and they said I was real good. We all stayed at a “camp around” as one little boy called it. He must not be able to pronounce his g’s cause mommy called it campground; but I had lots of fun there. I got to meet a lot of my new human family (they said just over a hundred, whatever that is) and some of my canine cousins; boy did we have a great time together. Cosmo is a Shih Tzu just like me and he lives in Texas and my other cousins were from Indiana and Florida. Here’s a picture of me, daddy, mommy, uncle Jeff, aunt Bebe, aunt Amy, & four of my cousins.

Then, on another adventure in August we went to Lake Cumberland (they said it was in Kentucky) and got to go boating with mommy and daddy and Aunt Myra and Uncle Harold; I got to swim with my new life jacket on. Before we went, daddy taught me how to swim with my life jacket in our swimming pool at home so I was already a good swimmer; daddy said I learned that real fast too. That was my first time on a boat and daddy put the captains hat on me; that was funny! I got to take my friend Froggy and I taught him how to float; what fun I had! Mommy took my picture when I got in the lake with Froggy and when I was riding on the boat, just “lazin around” daddy called it.

I went back to see Vet Bryant last month cause lots of people kept telling mommy and daddy that I walk funny and they were afraid I had something wrong with my back legs or feet. Doc Bryant took some pictures called x-rays of my legs & feet and showed them to my mommy and daddy and smiled and said I was just a “very special doggy” (no surprise there) that I can do what most other dogs can’t. Doc said I was double jointed in both hind feet. Now, I don’t even know what that means but I’m glad I don’t have to have any surgery for it; I guess that’s why I can run so fast!
I guess that gives you a bit of an update on my way of life here in SC. Mom said we are going on another road trip in a week; we are going back to Indiana for Thanksgiving dinner. Mommy says it with a big smile so that must be special but I like the part about getting to see lots of family again and especially my “Grandma” (she’s 83, in human years that is but mommy & daddy & I think she’s pretty young in dog years.), I really love that lady!

Thanksgiving has a new meaning to me this year and I truly love my Life now! I am so very thankful for all of you and my mommy & daddy too (they say they are very thankful for you and for me). Love, Kaizi
P.S. Daddy said to mention that he mailed you something today; we all want to help you to take care of some other little rescue doggys, just like I was.

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