Rolo is doing great! He is the sweetest dog, he is funny and has the best personality. He has adopted us and loves the kids so much. He sleeps with me and has become my shadow...he loves his squeaky toys and loves getting the squeakers out of them...the kids love the noises he makes as he is playing with his toys....he is bringing so much happiness to my house, something that has been missing for a while.

My story.......In 2005 my beloved Maltese, Princess, passed away, she had been my baby for the last 18 years. I was so upset having suffered a divorce, having a sick child and then losing my furbaby, Princess, I didn't think I would want another dog again. Sadness had set in my house. My son, who is seven, was born with congential heart problems and the doctor looked at me in January 2008 and told me a pet in the house would help his health. "It is a proven fact, people who own pets are healthier and have lower blood pressure." I dismissed the issue, even though I knew it would help my son.

Then in April, 2008, a gentleman came in where I work and we began talking about his furbaby and how he had adopted from Precious Paws Asian and Small Breed Dog Rescue. He said it had forever changed their lives and how I should check out the website. He also told me that the adoption process could be stressful, a lot of information is needed and throughly checked out to make sure these animals find the best homes to spend the rest of their lives. He told me it was not an easy process but well worth it!! So I was prepared for the adoption process and knew it would be tough. The thought stayed in my mind all day so I went home that evening and I looked at the precious babies that had been rescued and began reading the stories of each one. It broke my heart to think of people abusing these helpless animals, my kids were deeply moved also. We were all in tears, the kids understood these animals had horrible lives until they were rescued. Then as I was scrolling through the pictures we saw Rolo. Immediately I knew he was the furbaby for us. I showed the kids his picture and we watched his video over and over. My middle daughter looked at me and said "Mommy this puppy needs us and we need him!!" The kids talked about how much they wanted to adopt a rescue dog because they wanted to give a dog that had a hard life, a better life, just like them. They felt like life was getting better for them and they wanted to share that, so the next morning I submitted my application for Rolo. After several days we were approved to be Rolo's family.

I can't describe the happiness and laughter Rolo has brought to my house. Adopting Rolo has been life changing for my family. My son's blood pressure is down and the girls argue about who will feed him and take him outside on his leash. Rolo has given my kids the understanding that they can make life better for anyone or any creature.

Thank you seems so inadequate...but again thank you for choosing my family.

Sherrie, Kendra, Shelby and Ross Davis

East TN

First, I would like to thank Precious Paws for taking such good care of Sadie (formerly KiKi) before we found her. They spend a lot of time finding just the right homes for all their little fur-babies!

We lost our Abbey in December. She was a 3 1/2 pound Yorkie. We loved her very much, but she was so small, we thought we would get a larger breed this time.
We had decided to get a new puppy from a breeder the end of April, so I had gone to a pet supply store to look around for some new things for her. The lady that works in there is so nice and has always been very helpful. As I looked around at things, we started talking. I told her about the puppy and I also told her that I had been looking for a while, but just hadn't been totally happy with what I had seen. The puppies were very cute and I had always gotten a puppy, but this time seemed different. Then she said, "Did you ever consider a rescue?" I said, "No, but I would!" She gave me and I went straight home and started looking. There are so many animals available!! I couldn't believe it! I was on my computer for 4 hours and then I saw Sadie. I fell in love with her! She has such a sweet face! I went to bed but I couldn't sleep, so I got up and started working on the adoption application. I figured she was already adopted because she was so cute, but I just had to try! After the adoption process was completed and many e-mails back and forth...we were approved to adopt Sadie. We drove 6 hours round trip to get her.

Sadie is so full of love and just the right size. She wants to be with us all the time. If we sit down someplace....she is in our lap. She has lots of kisses to share and loves to cuddle. If I am working on the computer, she puts her nose under my arm and pushes until my hand is on her head. She loves attention! She is doing great with her house training and she loves my grandchildren!!! She likes her bath, but doesn't like to be trimmed. She loves to be outside, so she can run and play. She also sits on my lap or lays beside me when I read at night...she likes our bed much better than her own! She loves to ride in the car and look out the windows. She is so sweet! There are some things to work on with a rescue, but just think how much work a new puppy takes!

She has so much love to give and there are thousands more out there just like her. Please think about giving one of them a chance at a new life. You won't be sorry! Many of these animals have been neglected and abused, but still they keep trusting that someday, someone will come along and love them and take care of them. Maybe you will be that person? We are so glad we found Sadie!

Gay and Sadie : )



Hi! I couldn't remember if I had told you this or not.......

July 15, 2008.....

Sadie finished her Manners class on July 8, 2008. She was the only one there the last 2 nights and she did great! Our trainer really bragged on her. She received her certificate and they let her work the agility course a little bit because she did so well. I had to keep her on her leash, but she really took to that course! We might try that later in the fall or next spring. We still need to do some work on what we learned in the Manners class, but she is doing lots better! We are working on the heel command now. She starts out sitting on my left side and follows close when I start to walk. When I stop she will stop and sit. At least most of the time......She has learned what she is supposed to do when I say " bedtime". She runs to her bed and I give her a little treat.

August 7, 2008....

Sadie had a rash on her belly.......she also had a knot on her right side. I took her to the doctor. He gave her some medicine for the rash and it cleared right up. The knot he said was fine. Just to have it checked every once in a while. I check it each time I bathe her and it has not changed any.

October 1, 2008.....

Here are 2 pictures of Sadie made with her friends Boone, the large dark dog and Dani, the smaller tan dog. She loves to play with them. Boone and Dani are rescue dogs also...Their owner has a fenced in back yard and Sadie has a ball. We are building our new house now and I think we might fence in the back yard so we can let her run loose. We have a long leash, but it is not quite the same. She has so much energy, we take her for about 4 or 5 long walks a day. She loves to be outside!! I was looking over your website at the "Dogs Are People Too" section and I saw a picture of Sadie. She is so pretty! She was saying, "Got anymore Pawtting Soil"? At least I think it is her??? When we got her, the hair on her tail had been cut really short, but after I saw this picture, I think I will let it grow out. It looks really pretty! I cut her a little shorter this summer because she seemed to get so hot, but the weather is getting cooler now, so I will let her hair grow and see how long it will get! She is still quite the barker....she always greets everyone she meets with a very loud voice. She gets lots of attention! She wants to make friends wherever we go! She loves to stop and play if we pass someone with a dog while we are out walking! She is so sweet! We love her! She is laying on the bed beside me while I am writing this to you. She just had a bath and a little trim around her eyes, ears and bottom, so she knows she is looking good! She looks like she might be smiling! She has learned to heel now. She will also sit up on her bottom with her paws up, if I tell her to say please. She is so cute!!! She is really smart and she loves to run and jump. I know this is kinda long but I wanted to catch you up on Sadie...I will send more pictures later. Share this with all who love Sadie!

Gay & Sadie : )


10/29/08 and 10/30/08 Sadie went to the office with me and she was very good. No barking and no messes on the floor. She even let one of the workers pet her head and really seemed to enjoy the attention! She is really making progress.

10/31/08 we took Sadie out tonight. We thought the constant ringing of the door bell might be too much for her. We had fun just the 3 of us! We ate supper out together!

11/01/08 We took her to a dog park and she played with about 20 different dogs. Her favorite was a 2 pound Yorkie. She chased a ball with a dog about her size and she had so much fun! She was a little afraid of a large bloodhound and whenever he would come close to her she would run to us and sit close until he went away.

11/05/08 We have noticed that Sadie gobbles her food every time she eats.....after she finishes she does this little burp that is so cute!!! My granddaughter that is 7 will sit beside Sadie and wait for the burp!

11/29/08 Sadie continues to do well at the office. We fixed a little area around where I work that she can walk around, lay on her pillow, see others as they pass by and wait for a pat on the head if that is what she wants. One of the guys in our office has 2 labs and he loves dogs. Sadie always wants to greet him.

12/25/08 I made some pictures of Sadie with her Christmas presents. She looks so cute in her new coat. It is pink, blue and gray. She also got a yellow raincoat and it is really nice. She doesn't have to have her hair blown dry every time she goes for a walk in the rain! She really enjoyed watching the grandkids open their presents. She was so excited! She decided she liked one of the toys I got for our grandson. It was a curious George monkey. She took it when I wasn't looking, which was fine except that she started chewing one of the eyes off so I had to put it up. We got her a hard blue ball that we put treats in and she works to get them out.....she loves doing that!!! She loves to be outside and run. She will run until her tongue hangs out. We have a park close to where we live now, so we walk over there to let her run. We still have to keep her on a long leash, but she can run 26 feet before she has to turn around and come back. She has so much energy! She needs lots of exercise!

Our new house should be finished in May. We are all anxious to get moved in.....even Sadie. We take her with us when we go to check on the house and when she sees the driveway she starts bouncing all over the car. She knows she is going to get to run and I think that is her favorite thing to do!!!!

12/31/08 I am sending a few pictures of Sadie for you to share with all who love Sadie. One is with our granddaughter back when the weather was warm. The other 2 are from Christmas. Sadie is by the tree with her bag for trips, her heart bowl, her pink and gray jacket for cold weather, her new ball and rope, her yellow raincoat and I put her purple leash and harness in the picture just so you could see them. Sadie had a nice Christmas and we all enjoyed having her. I just wondered what kind of Christmas Sadie had last year??

Tell everybody Sadie is happy and loved!

Gay and Sadie : )

Hi Laurie and All the Great Foster Parents at Precious Paws,

I wanted to give you an update on one of your former “kids” named Taebo but who is now very responsive to Boomer. Boomer arrived in the middle of November and took about a month to ingratiate himself into my life and many others. In one word, he is “darling.” I take him to work with me every day as he has a job – he’s the official “Meet and Greet Ambassador.” He is also the hit of the Office Park as he goes for a long walk every day and everyone knows his name. He has his favorites (mostly women) and lets all delivery men in uniforms and baseball caps know who’s boss (not them). He has his own car seat which is slightly elevated so he can see the scenery too. Every once in awhile I can see Boomer deliberating about something and sure enough he launches into playing with his squeakers or digging up one of his Paul Newman doggie treats he has hidden all over the house. It is so fun to see him “plan” what he is going to do next.

He is just the best and is my constant companion. I wanted you to know he is dearly, dearly loved. Financially times are a little tough right now or I would ask to adopt another one of your dear ones – especially one of the older ones. Maybe someday when times are a little better. Thank you for all you do. I am so glad you saved Boomer for me. I love him with all my heart.

Kindest regards

Joan M. Parker, HBI N.A., LLC


Hi Everyone!

It's Paisley Doschadis here! My mom said I should send you an email to tell you how I'm doing, so since it's raining at my house in Illinois right now I thought today would be the perfect day to do that!!

Well, where do I start? My mom and dad are very busy people, but they're never too busy for me and my big little sister, Princess. They take us EVERYWHERE! I love to go for rides in the truck, so it's a lot of fun! Even though I've only been with my new family for a little more than two months we've already been on driving trips to Minnesota, South Dakota and Missouri. Sometimes we stay in pet friendly hotels and sometimes we go CAMPING!!! I LOVE CAMPING!! I get to be outside all day and we get to play in the water. I found out why my sister has the name 'Princess' - she doesn't like to play fetch with the ball in the water. I keep telling her she doesn't know what she's missing, but she doesn't believe me yet. Maybe next weekend when we go camping in Wisconson she'll change her mind, but either way I can't wait!!!!

I really like my sister Princess a lot, although I can't figure out why she won't do what I say! Right now she's running laps around the living room and dining room and throwing one of my toys up in the air. I think she's too big to run around the house like that so I try to tell her to stop, but she just won't listen!! It's o.k. when I do it, though!

This weekend dad is on a golf trip so Princess gets to sleep on the bed with mom and me. I get to sleep with mom and dad every nite, but it's a special treat for Princess so I don't mind sharing with her; there is room for both of us! My sis and I have lots and LOTS of toys. Mom usually picks them up at the end of the day and puts them in the toy box, but I can get them out whenever I want, so I'll usually do that right after mom has put them away. My favorite toys are my squeaky hedgehog and any of the toys that are bigger than me that are really more for Princess - like Baby Shrek! Oh, and balls! I LOVE balls - any kind!

Mom and Dad take really good care of me in other ways, too. Sunday is bath day, whether I need it or not! It's also the day I get my teeth and ears cleaned! I don't mind the bath or the ears, but the teeth - ugh! Mom says it all keeps me looking pretty and healthy, so I guess I need to believe her. She seems to love me an awful lot! Oh - the other thing that she does every day is comb my hair. I never knew how much I would LOVE to have my hair combed!! Mostly she combs the hair on my head and face and my tail, but the hair on my body is finally getting long enough to be combed, too. It's really relaxing and makes me a little sleepy!

Mom and Dad have lots of friends, so I'm getting to meet lots of new people. Mom knows it's still a little scarey for me to meet new people, but she tells them to just let me go to them on my own and introduce myself. That works really good! I really like most people I just need to get to know them in my own way. Then I'll climb on their lap or roll over and let them scratch my tummy. They think I'm pretty because mom always has my hair done and usually I'm in a fancy dress. I have LOTS of those, too!

It just stopped raining so I guess I better go. Mom says I need to go outside and go potty before it starts raining again, and she's right. I HATE to go outside in the rain to go potty!!!

Thanks for taking care of me and thanks so much for letting me come here to Illinois to live with my Forever Family!

Paisley Doschadis

P.S. My mom and dad, Shannon and Jeff, say 'Hi!'


This is Darlene just letting you know that having Bethany is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is so sweet!!!!!!

We've been calling her Sweetie and she responds to that better than Bethany. So her nickname is now Sweetie. She made the 4 hour trip home very well, she is a trooper at traveling. My Yorkie, Jewlie loves her. She is trying to teach her to play but Sweetie hasn't caught on yet, she will in time. Now she is perfectly content being a lap dog.

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to share in Bethany's life and to make the rest of her years happy ones.

You are truly dedicated servants and angels.

Thank you again!

Darlene, Jewlie and Bethany "Sweetie" Sumner



Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but my new family has been very busy. Sweetie is just that, the sweetest dog you will ever find. Her and my other dog Julie are now inseparable. I will try to send some pictures soon. Sweetie has been admired my many. She is my right hand girl when I go to festivals to sell my sterling silver jewelry. She loves to wear her tiara and sit where everyone can see her and give her loving hugs. She has been a great addition to my family, and I hope you win the contest.


Bethany’s (Sweetie) mom Darlene



Just updating you on Bethany's progress! She is the best dog I could have ever dreamed for, a BIG THANK YOU to you and your organization for giving me the opportunity to share and give her a forever home. I have had her since June and as you can see she is a princess, of course I'm so proud of her as you can tell with the big smile on my face. She is so well adjusted. I am not worried at all taking her out in public settings, as most everyone wants to give her a hug and pick her up. It is my hope that each one of your adoptables find that one and only perfect home.

God Bless each of you.

Darlene Sumner

Dear Laurie

We just wanted to let you know how much we love our little Jo Jo. He has brought such joy to us. He is just such a part of our family that we can’t imagine not having him in our lives. We are like new parents!!!

As I mentioned to you in my email when we were looking for a small dog, my husband and I never had a dog. We had cats that lived for 20 years and once they were gone it took a while before we decided we wanted another pet. My husband convinced me that we should think about a dog. I was a bit leery – but agreed. We were both in agreement that we wanted to work through a rescue organization and not through a breeder since there are so many dogs that need good homes. We decided that a small dog would work best for us.

At that point we began searching the internet for small dog rescue organizations. We found one near our home in Atlanta who had a Shih Tzu. We began the adoption process and completed all of the necessary applications. Two weeks went by and we heard nothing. We finally emailed the organization to find out our status and were told that the foster parent was keeping the dog and he was no longer available. We were pretty disappointed by the whole experience especially since we thought we could provide a good home.

We began our search again and this time we found Precious Paws. There were a number of small dogs especially Shih Tzu’s ready for adoption. We completed the application form and submitted it. To our astonishment you acknowledged it and responded immediately. This was already a different experience than what we had with the other rescue organization. In the application we said we would be happy with any of the Shih Tzu’s pictured. After reading our application and learning about our lifestyle, you selected the perfect dog for us and we think we are the perfect match for him. You made the entire adoption process easy yet thorough. Getting back to us after completing the paperwork was so important to us. I’ll never forget talking to you right after you told us we were accepted to adopt Jo Jo. I asked you a million questions about what we should feed him, what toys to get him, what about a bed, a leash, a chewy. You were so very helpful and gave me the help I needed as a new mom. The best part was when we saw our Jo Jo. He was healthy, clean, groomed, and happy. Even though he had a rough time before you rescued him, through your efforts we knew he had been loved and well taken care of.

My husband has been working on me to get Jo Jo a brother. I need a little more time but when we do, we know that we will not go anywhere else but to Precious Paws.

The job you and your volunteers do in taking care of these abandoned and mistreated animals is tremendous. We hope that you are able to continue to do the wonderful work you do.

God bless you. Margie and Kenny Boatwright

Alpharetta, Georgia

Hi to everyone at Asian Dog Rescue!

I just wanted to let all of you know that I can't believe what an angel Ma Tza is!!!!! I'm so in love!!! He is so much more beautiful than he was in pictures and the first thing he did was give me a kiss!! I am so lucky to have been chosen to give him a home and I just won't ever be able to thank you all at the rescue enough!!! You were all understating how fantastic he is!!!!! I don't know how you did it, he's just so dear. I am so honored to be the one chosen to give Ma Tza a home! There is more and more I discover about him every day that makes him more and more special to me!

When we got home I went in and put the other "big" dogs (Whippets) on a leash and brought them outside and off we went as a whole pack on a neutral territory walk around the block! (It's a Ceasar trick) and by the time we got back we were able to go right inside with very little posturing or dominance actions. Then we all went outside and Ma Tza smelled around and did a little territory making and then he found the "summer couch" hopped on and settled in! I wanted to take lots of pictures of him around the yard but he wouldn't have any of it: that couch was it!!!

Ma Tza is just amazing and it's all gone so well!! I just can't believe how perfect he is!!! He's such a wonderful gift and I can't believe I get to give him a home!!! How was it that he hadn't been adopted before now??!! Had he just become available for adoption because his health problems finally allowed it?? We went out today for a walk and everyone who met him just adored him and couldn't believe he was a recent rescue! For someone who led such a sad life until now he is amazingly loving and well balanced! I have yet to discover any real emotional issues with him. Ma Tza just loves and cares so much and is so friendly it's unbelievable that he came through with almost no emotional scars??!! I guess I just can't believe how lucky I am to have found him!

Your organization really does go above and beyond the call to rehab your dogs and Ma Tza is a perfect example of it! I know that truly rehabilitating dogs is something that's very hard for rescues to do because of lack of funds, not enough volunteer staff, not enough places just to put them! The fact that you do that despite the trouble shows your dedication and love of them! And it is too bad more organizations can't do that because that is often the very thing that keeps them in a home as opposed to being returned after having problems with the dog. I honestly expected many more issues than Ma Tza has shown and now I know why that is. I was entirely prepared to do a lot of training and rehab myself, but I've done pretty much nothing and he's already the perfect dog! I really wish I could donate a lot of money to your organization but that's tough for me. I will definitely promote your cause and please be assured that should I ever come into some kind of monetary windfall you will be the FIRST one on my donation list!

I've talked with my vet, Dr. Sowders, and will be taking in all of his information about his surgery and condition so that they can continue to follow up on his recovery. Besides I know everyone at my vet’s office is just dying to meet him! After getting the call from your organization they were waiting for me to call and tell them all about my adoption of Ma Tza! By the way putting the drop in his eye was unbelievably easy considering his poor sight on that side and the surgery and everything involved with caring for that eye! He is so patient! I don't feel like he's at all "special needs" and I'm getting off too easy with caring for him! You've done all the hard work and I just get to love him! I just can't say enough about how giving your organization is!! You have made this experience so wonderful and rewarding. Ma Tza is my little fur child and you rescued him and for that I can never repay you! I feel like we are the ones who were rescued and not him!

Thank you for having the strength to let him go after all the love you gave he blesses my life and words just can't say how much that means to me!!! If you ever need help with transporting a rescue just contact me and I will gladly help! Or anything else I can ever do to thank you! In a world where not enough people care about animals, you have made a massive effort to correct that imbalance! I will do anything I can to help such an organization!

Ma Tza says "HI!" and thank you too!

Laura, my happy pack, and a very special little boy Ma Tza!!!




Ma Tza is WONDERFUL! I've been having so much fun with him this summer that I haven't had time to write! Sorry... :-( I still don't have a single problem with him and he is in a beginner obedience class with me at Gem City and is doing great! I've been thinking about going into Rally Obedience and I think he would be great for it!! He's very good about grooming, bathing and nail Dremeling!! I must be doing something right because he looks great and his skin is smooth as silk! (but I'm taking too much credit, he came to me with great skin!) He LOVES the dog park and plays with all his doggy and people friends almost every day! He has decided to be a Frisbee dog like my Whippets and acts like toys are the greatest thing in the world! He runs and pounces on a Frisbee and picks it up and runs and runs in huge circles with happiness all around the park..a genuine puppy frenzy.... it is just the sweetest thing you could imagine! I'm still working on getting you good pictures but so far he's too fast for the old cameral! His eye is doing great but every time I see a tear run down his face I don't know if he's crying (with JOY!) or if he's hungry!!! :-D (I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell this joke about him but it's too good to pass up!) I've voted for you and sent an email to all my friends at the park who have met him and I'm also posting a request for votes on Gem City's e-list as well! We really hope you win!!! Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to my family! We all love him so much!!!!! I'll send more news and pictures... hopefully??!! :-[

Laura Lucente



I wanted to let you know Ma Tza is doing just great! He's such a snuggle bug! He did wonderfully in his first obedience class! I wanted to send you this years Christmas photo with Santa. Despite the number of dogs they are always very patient and never kick me out no matter how hard it gets trying to keep that many still for even one second! This year they all just kept looking at me and refused to look at the camera; but they still all look so sweet! You know who is right in front! :-) Merry Christmas to all of you great people at Asian Dog Rescue from me and my happy pack of pups!




Just wanted to let you know that Ma Tza passed his Canine Good Citizen test last week! On his very first try! I have him in Rally Obedience classes with me now and he's doing great! Thanks again, he's such a treasure!



We adopted Oscar, a Shih Tzu, a little over a year ago from Precious Paws. And, what an angel! I truly believe, and so does Oscar, that he is a real person.

We found Precious Paws online and at first were a little “nervous” about the whole process. Well, let me just say that the professionalism and compassion was top notch, incredible and amazing. We soon knew that everything was going to be just fine! The honesty of the health, history and special needs were exceptionally addressed. This organization is to be commended for working with their animals until they are ready for adoption. I completely, totally, entirely trust this organization and their efforts.

However, there is one issue that needs to be addressed – funding. If I only had tons of money to contribute! So, if you are reading this and love animals, please support their efforts!

And, by the way, I will soon be brining home a new little fella from Precious Paws! He will be going to my parents house! Their dog of 18 years just passed away and he is the perfect fit! Oscar will have a new friend with lots of play dates and trips!

God Bless You,




This is to everyone at Precious Paws involved in the rescue and fostering of so many sweet babies, who give so much of your time and of your hearts, for without you we wouldn`t have the lil` love of our life..Seiji-Ming (CoCo). Rick and I thank you all so much for giving us the chance to love him. Hes been with us now for almost 2 months and...Wow!-he has truly tied up our heartstrings in a great big bow, even (Babie)our 1-1/2 old Lhasa loves him SO MUCH, they are like 2 Peas-In-A-Pod. We didn`t think we`d be able to love another rescue after losing our Lhasa( Choo-Choo) of 10 years, but after visiting the Precious Paws website and seeing all of those sweet faces, we knew it was time.

Anyone thinking of buying a dog from a breeder, please reconsider and adopt one of these lil` rescued guys instead, they truly make the very best pets...for they are so happy to be loved. And they will give so much love back to you. We love Seiji Ming(CoCo) so much, we`re thinking of adopting another one real soon. Many,many blessings to everyone at Precious Paws for the awesome work you do.
Rick,Elizabeth,Seiji-Ming(CoCo),&Babie-Choo Russell

East TN


Hey this is Seiji Ming here saying hello to my lil` brother "Benjo",in South Carolina. I was reading the letters with my Mom, and saw the one that Benjo`s dad wrote, so heres a BIG HELLO to you! Hope you`re happy and doing real well, I`m VERY happy and I`ve gained weight, my hair is growing so long(just check out my picture with my red bow)! Well gotta go now, but, thank you everyone at Precious Paws for helping me get a forever family.


Hey everyone there at Precious Paws, this is Seiji-Ming here showing off my big brother "Babie-Choo".....we are so close to one another that my mom is almost jealous :) (not really she loves us all the more for it)! We went Friday to our Doctor and spent the whole day there getting groomed....just look at us!! We love each other SO MUCH that they put us together while we were getting all pretty. Babie got his hair cut a little shorter but mine is growing out long. Here we are on OUR bed where we nap and sleep at night(we just Let mommy and daddy share it!) I`d like to say hi to my lil`brother Benjo again and ask him (if he`d like) to write me back. Well mommy says its time to go pee pee! I just want all the furbabys there to know how special they are and there IS a forever family out there for them.....just be patient and they will find their way to you!!

Love to everyone,

Seiji-Ming ( CoCo )


Hi everyone there at Precious Paws

We are sending some new pics your way of myself,CoCo (SeijiMing),and Babiechoo. We take them several times a week to our state park and walk them to see the deer and wild turkey. Thank you for letting Benjos dad know my e-mail address. We`ve exchanged several e-mails and pics of our babys. God bless to all.

Elizabeth,CoCo and Babie-choo Russell

I would like to tell everyone how very pleased I am with the puppy I have adopted from Asian Dog Rescue. I had recently lost a little tiny toy poodle I had for 16 years and there was a void in my house and my heart. I didn't think I was quite ready to look for a new dog, but a friend from Virginia was visiting and she was looking for a great dane rescue. Out of interest I went on just to see if any poodle was available in TN. As it happened, a 9 month old, 7lb. female poodle came up on my first try. My friend encouraged me to put in an application, which I did even though it was relatively soon after losing my long-time friend. The description of my new puppy's temperament and personality on the website was extremely accurate. After meeting my new friend in person at the home visit and having been approved by the rescue group, I am absolutely pleased and in love with my little rescue poodle. She is a huge blessing and exceeds all my expectations in adopting. This little puppy is so grateful for a new, safe home and has returned my affection multifold.

Rita Dunn

East TN


I wanted to give you an update on how Tigger is doing. He and my Shiba get along great! The cats keep coming up to try and check him out, but they make him nervous, so I try to keep them away. He sleeps on the pillow in between my husband and I and is such a good boy at night. Actually, he is so good all the time that I can't imagine him being from a rescue! I took him over to my parent's house to visit her Chinese Crested and they hit it off immediately. It was really cute to watch them play. I will send pictures soon. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring such a great boy in to our family. Tigger has stolen our hearts!

Tiffanie DeVarso-Kenealy

East TN

Dear Laurie

When I read today that your organization may not be able to rescue these sweet babies that have medical needs, I can't tell you how I felt. I have never heard of any rescue, other than yours, help so many animals with such major medical needs. What you and the other foster families do is generally unheard of. I wish I could take them all and give a lot more. It's difficult for me to put into words how much I appreciate what you do. It brings tears to my eyes and touches something deep in my soul.

We adore Augie and Chu Chu. They are so sweet and loving. When I look at them and think of what their fate would have been if you had not of rescued them, it breaks my heart. Your organization is simply outstanding. Your thoroughness in the adoption process definitely shows how serious you are in finding these babies loving homes with people who aren't just adopting on a whim. The lengths that you go to in saving them is so uplifting and inspiring. I plan on donating on a regular basis, for this is the very least I can do to show you how thankful I am for your tremendous dedication. Augie and Chu Chu bring such joy to my life. They are exactly how you described them, "sweetness personified." Thank you for allowing us to adopt them and for all that you do.

Love, Linda


Hi everyone,

Just thought you would like an update. Devon's doing great! We went to the vet this week. He got a clean bill of health. He's starting to get more comfortable with us. He is super sweet. So calm and gentle with everyone, so loyal already. He follows me around everywhere, sleeps upstairs between the bedrooms (like he's protecting us). Barks to protect us when someone comes in the front door. He likes to give hugs and kisses when he gets excited, he jumps on me, but very gently. And he's enjoying his treats. He's not chewing anything which is nice. And no shedding. We are really happy with him and I think that he's happy too. He has an absolutely wonderful temperament.

Oh, we did change his name from Devon and he seems to know it already. When we saw him we thought his face looked like an irish wolfhound. So, we named him Wolfgang, we call him wolfie. As I am writing to you, he is laying next to me as he always does as if he were always here with us. I can't believe how lucky we got, he is the dog we always wanted. I think that he's the greatest dog I have ever met. I am not kidding, I still can't believe it. I tell my husband every day, look at this dog, he is so awesome, so sweet, so gentle, so loyal, I think it was fate. I dreamed and wished for him and now he's a part of our family. I can only imagine how much greater it will be over the years if it's already so great. Thank you all so much for giving us a chance and for allowing us the chance to have such a wonderful dog.

Monique Martin


Dearest Precious Paws
What a sweetheart!!! Joe and I are so excited to have MiHo home with us. Our first stop was at Grandma's, she didn't want to let go of him, and her Cairn Terrier Sammy played with him in the back yard. When we got home Joe brought the dogs outside to greet MiHo, they started playing like they had been together all their life. MiHo, Tashi, and Lil' Bit played for a couple of hours, they were so cute together.

I took MiHo to bed with me for a nap…being on the road for ten hours I was dragging, He got right in bed with me, laid at my head and slept the whole time I did, we got up went out to potty and it was back to playing with Tashi & Lil' Bit. Yesterday I did not even get dressed, I laid around and had Mother & Son bonding time, he was more interested in playing with Tashi & Lil' Bit than taking time to sit on my lap. Of course we had another nap time. He is such a good pup, he lays down and sleeps and does not get up until I do. If he wakes he just sits on the bed and waits for me to get up, he does not jump down until I get up. I put food, water and puppy pad in the room and he did get down and drink, eat, and pee pee a little while I sleep, but got back in bed.

He took to the doggie steps right away on Saturday, he is a smart pup. The foster mom did a good job with him, he sits, lays, waits, begs on command. Leaving him and coming to working this morning was soooooo hard for me, I wanted to stay home and watch him play and be so happy. I will get more pictures to you soon.

We love MiHo, he is so precious, thank you again for letting us adopt him and make him a part of our family. I am so thrilled to have him, you guys did a wonderful job starting his training off, he is one smart pup, thank you for taking such good care of him. I LOVE HIM!!! If you ever need any help with rescues in North Carolina please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to help any way I can.

Furever grateful,

Debbie & Joe, and the whole Seal family


Hi Asian Dog Rescue Group,

I wanted to write to you to let you know that I am one who visits your site regularly and sees the good things you are doing for these poor, neglected and deserving dogs! I rescued my Chin/Pekingese mix, Chiyo, from you in February 2007 and don't know how I would live without him today!! He is just the love of my life and such a joy to our family!

I have, in fact, seen your desperate pleas for donations and funding recently and I am so distraught that I haven't been able to help. The down-turning economy has really hit our household hard recently. I really wish we could donate to your organization on a regular basis, but right now we just can't see our way to do that. Before now, it was always one of those things I meant to get around to, but tomorrow I will sit down and go over our finances and see what we can come up with....even if it is not a lot, I'm sure it will help in some way.

I regularly visit several online rescue sites, as well as our local shelter, and I feel that yours is one of the most caring rescues I have found! That is one of the reasons I was initially interested in your rescue when I was looking for a new family member in 2007, and one of the reasons I talked my hubby into driving 4 hours one way to pick up our new baby! You truly seem to care for all God's creatures, especially those that are injured, sick or hurting! I don't see this at other rescue sites!

I sincerely hope you are able to keep your rescue going and that you find a way to increase your donations and funding in the coming months and years. It would really be a shame for an organization such as yours to be forced to stop helping our precious little babies!! I will certainly do everything I can to get the word out about your rescue and the needs you have. I will also remember you and everyone at Precious Paws in my prayers!!

All the best to Laurie and everyone else who made it possible for me to have my precious Chiyo in my life today!!!

Jackie Tone



We are so thankful that your organization is there to rescue the dogs that you do and that we were able to adopt two of them. I included a picture of the precious dogs we adopted from you in July. (Greta PFId#10811399 and Gretchen PFId#10811426) They are such a joy and delight. They make us laugh daily. Finally, they have learned their new names, which we changed to Daisy and Scarlett.

You are the ones who deserve the thanks. What you do not only benefits the dogs you rescue but also us lucky people who get to take these precious critters into our homes. There is nothing in the world like a dog and the chance to help one in need is a privilege.

If I could, I would adopt many more, but since that is not an option for me I will try to send donations to you as often as I can.

Thanks again for the work you do.

God Bless You!!

Sue Cerniglia



Just a quick note to say we are both absolutely in love with Derek. He is amazing. He learns so quickly and as you promised, is very smart. He's fast like a Grey Hound and needs a lot of exersise, and yet he is calm inside the house (unless we throw a ball, then watch out!). These aren't great pictures - Malcolm looks stern when actually he is besotted with Derek. I am still sad that I didn't apply for Desi at the same time. If she still does not have a home by the end of September, perhaps you will see another application if you are willing. Derek is bouncy and playful, definitely knows this is his home (he will bark to protect the house). He gets that blissful half closed look of contentment when we are petting him like he knows he's home.

Greetings from our precious Gizmo

I'm not sure who is happier.....Gizmo or my mom and dad! This little rascal is spoiled! Perhaps, I should have thought about this decision more.....I used to be the only child. I've been replaced! HA HA HA!

Just wanted to let you know that he is fine. He walks with my parents at least a mile everyday at the park, doesn't bother a soul, but is a guard dog at the house! He is so sweet!

Love, Sherri

East TN

Hi Kristeen

We met with Issac and picked up Cinder. Issac was great and very informative about Cinder and what to expect for the first few days. We got so busy talking and taking pictures that he forgot to take his copy of the contracts. If you will send me an address I will be glad to drop it in the mail. We told Issac that we would love for him to join us for supper one weekend and he could visit with Cinder, or any time that he was out our way. Cinder is quite the little man. He has such a beautiful face. So far he has been great, he hasn't even barked at CoCo yet and they are getting along very well. We can tell that he is a very loving little dog. Mary was laying on the couch and he tried to jump up and join her, but his short little legs just wouldn't let him. She picked him up, laid him on the couch and he just curled up and layed there with her. We took him outside to walk him, but lord have mercy, with his color you couldn't tell what or if he did anything, LOL I told mary we were going to have to turn the lights on so we could see if he ever did anything. From what we have seen so far, he is deffinately going to be a lap dog, which is what we were looking for.


We just wanted to let you know how well Cinder did last night. He slept all night on his pillow between Mary and I and this morning he was jumping up and down on the couches. He seemed to be alot happier today. He and CoCo are getting along great. He will follow him around the house, and then when we take him out side he wants to run and play with him, he hasn't barked at him one time. They are both adjusting so well. He is alot more loveable today than he was last night. He is following me around the house and where ever I go he is right behind me. So far no accidents, but I am sure they will happen. He has made his home on both couches in the den, picked out his pillows to lay on and seems to making him self at home. He actually is a very loving dog. I have only had a chance to take a few pics but wanted to send you two, with his color its a little hard for him to show up in the house.

Again, we want to thank everyone for your help. Cinder is a welcomed member to our family.

Rolfe and Mary Mullins

East TN

Hi Laurie!

I am happy to say that Briley has flourished tremendously in the past months. He has blossomed into the best little boy I could have hoped for. As you can see from the pictures he loves to play and cuddle. It’s just amazing how self confident he has become. It took him a little while to come out of his shell…but he definitely has. He loves going out for walks, running around the yard, and playing with all his toys. He has also become a little cuddle bug and loves bedtime so that he can get into bed and cuddle with us all night long. He’s such an easy going little boy. He learns everything very quickly and just seems to naturally be obedient. He has brought so much joy and love to our lives. I can’t express how grateful I am to all of you for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives, I truly feel he was meant to be with us.

Thank you,


Tampa, FL


Luvey is fitting right in with her new family. She sleeps in the bed with the rest of the gang at night. She's even found her own little "spot" on the bed. She is a Luv...she followed me from one side of the bed to the other last night while I was getting the pillows arranged and the comforter turned back. Whining, she was ready for bed. Everyone else gets up but her and Mollie. They are the last two out of the bed.

She is a fiesty little girl. She loves to find the cats, she barks at them and tries to catch them but they are just too fast for her. We have even worked our "signing" out for going to potty. She comes running when she sees me make the signal. She follows me from room to room and curls up by my feet until I pick her up and put her on the couch with the others to nap.

She is a sweet, sweet girl. Tell everyone that helped with her care that she is very much loved and spoiled.
I want to thank you for saving this precious little girl from the shelter. She has settled in with her sisters and they all get along great together. She will be very much loved and spoiled here with my other little girls. Thank you for all you do to help save these precious souls from shelters. If not for you and the people that have contributed to her surgeries I'm sure Luvey would not be here today.

Thank you,




Sweet Luvey just wanted to say hello to everyone at Asian Dog Rescue and especially to her second Mom Laurie. She is the sweetest girl and is loved very much.

Hey everyone,

Sophie is doing great, she is about 23 lbs. and I'll attach some photos. Everyone always says how beautiful/cute/adorable she is. She's in great health, but has some skin and food allergies. So she has a special (and very expensive) diet... but it's totally worth it because it works! I've never met a dog with such a unique and lovable personality. She loves to cuddle and has never, ever met a human or other dog that she doesn't like.

Thank you so much for blessing my life with her!!!



Greetings from the Laings,

Reggie is doing great! Little Reggie has got himself a great life. He's momma's little prince. Most of his day is spent in his momma's lap. Here's a picture of him in his day-bed. Thanks again for bringing him into our lives.

Brad and Elaine Laing


Hi Everybody,

My new mom is letting me write to you to say a BIG BIG thank you for finding me such a great place for my forever home. My mom and dad are really, really nice. My dad gets on the floor and wrestles with me. He lets me jump all over him and we play until he's had enough. Of course, I could still play some more, but I stop when he tells me to. There's lots and lots of big lawns here and I just love to explore all the bushes. My mom is very nice, she is very gentle. I have to be careful because she has a hurt knee, but that is getting better. I get so excited and I want to jump all over her too, but she holds me and cuddles me and I love that too. She rubs my tummy and I go into a trance almost-yeah I really love that! I love to sleep in the chairs and on the couch in an upside-down position which sets my mom into fits of laughter and she comes over and kisses me. She lets us all sleep with her and I get in there and even sleep under the covers and she holds me and kisses me and talks to me and I fall right to sleep. It's heavenly! I do get a little jealous when she gives attention to the others, but I am trying real hard to be nice---I know she loves us all.

I'm in obedience training, which isn't bad. I get a lot of treats. I'm learning all kinds of new things. I overheard them say I was very smart and I am trying as hard as I can. My new brother Jettie is an old big, black Lhasa. He can be gruff at times, but I can tell he likes me. I like him too. I also have a new sister named Mia. She is a 11-14 yr old white 12lb Lhasa that was in a kill shelter. I overheard my mom saying how upset she was when they found out about her and that she only had a day left, so she and dad went and got her too. She and Jet basically hang around the house and sleep. I go for rides and walks with dad and have also had a couple of sleep-overs with a white dog, Honey.

I have to go play now, but I wanted you to know how happy and content I am now. And it's because of you all and how you came and rescued me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know mom and dad do too! I love you all for what you did for me. My mom will send pics soon!



We wanted to give you an update on Skittles. He is truly our little boy. He has become such a part of our family I am not sure what any of us would do wothout him! He has had many adventures this past year including trips to the beach, trips to the lake swimming and much more.

We truly thank you for helping us find him, he really has been a blessing. We are enjoying him so much that we have started looking for another rescue dog to adopt, hopefully from you! We think he could use a canine sibling! I attached some pictures, hope you enjoy them.

With Much Gradtitude,

The Brandenburg Family.


Hi all at Asian Dog Rescue!

This is just to let you know that Daisy is home safely! She was the best girl in the hotel last night and in the car the entire way, never making a peep. She is a little piggy and quite the beggar!!! I LOVE her so much I can't even tell you. Also, my maltese is crazy about her as well and won't let her out of her sight! Daisy is already bouncing all over, playing with toys, and going to the door when she wants out. She is soooooo perfect!

She gets up and runs whenever she sees the camera pointed at her, sorry no pictures at this time, but will as soon as she allows.

Thank you again for such a precious little girl!



Hello all,

Just another update on Daisy; she is great!! We saw the vet on Friday and she was so good. The vet feels her legs are not as bad as thought, and she performed some chiropractic exercises. She loves my other dog and makes sure she is keepng up with her, plays rough and tuff every night with toys and other pets, is just the happiest little girl, then she goes to bed with me and sleeps in my arms all night! She is right at home! We just LOVE her so much and it is like she has always been here. We will keep you posted.



Hello everyone and happy holidays!

I wanted to let you know how Daisy is doing on probably her first happy holiday season. Let me begin by telling you how much we LOVE her, she is just the sweetest little girl, yet she can really give it our to our other pup. Two of them play like puppies every night, fighting over one toy (always they want the same one) until Daisy will finally sit panting, then we go to bed. She is skittish over noises, and is cautious of all that goes on until she knows it is safe. She will go under our bed any time she is not sure, but will come out once she is sure all is well. She visits my Dad with our other pup each night and comes for dinner every Sunday at his house (he only lives a minute away) Daisy has figured out this is THE place as she is spoiled with snacks there and there is a nice field where the dogs run before we go home. It is so heartbreaking to think of how she was treated in her past and we are commited to making that up to her and giving her a life of a true princess!!

Medically, I have news too. She has at least 11/2 in of fur on her back end and the coat is so soft and white. Some of her yellow fur is still on the ends of her new fur ( I guess stainning and don't even want to think about the filth she must have lived in). She gets along great still, but I have noticed the right leg being favored more at times, and sometimes she just seems to have her legs "go out " from under her, so off we went to the orthopedic doc yesterday. X-rays were done and it turns out her problem is not the knees at all, although knee caps roll out slightly but put themselves right back in. Her problem is her spine; she has a birth defect of the spinal cord and it is so obvious on X-ray. She is missing 2 vertebrae and instead of the straight spine, hers goes up like a mountain peak then back down where the vertebrae are missing. There is nothing to be done for it, just the way she is. I think that explains why she gets along fine, and does not seem to have pain. She runs like the wind still, so I think her gait is just Daisy. She does not mind the cold but loves to snuggle in her blanket while being held. She eats EVERYTHING! I feed her mostly fresh veggies, alot of fish, she will eat it all! She weighs 6 pounds now so she has gained a pound.

She HATES the camera and can tell when I am going to take a picture no matter how sneaky I am. She runs under the bed and won't speak to me for awhile. So I don't traumatize her, just don't get the pictures I would love to have. One more thing, I know you are probably hurting financially and want to help more animals or at least care for what you have, so if it will help, I will send the wheels back for you to put on ebay or use for one of your animals or whatever. I know they were fitted for Daisy, but maybe someone else is the same relative size can use them. Her size is larger now and I really don't think she will use them; if years down the road, she does, I can deal with it then. I will close now, I think of you all and am so grateful for what you have given us and I am sure so many other people, not to mention the animals.

Wow, I was long winded but just wanted to share so much about Daisy with those who also loved her. I wish you and your organization only the best in the new year and hope things can blossom financially in 2009!


Hello everyone,
Finally some Daisy photos! She still HATES the camera, but we managed to catch a couple. Daisy is doing soooo well, I just can't tell you. It feels like she has always been here and she acts the same way. She plays with the other dogs and is just a true member of the "pack". She is very much at home now, and I could not imagine life without her. As you can see in the photos, her fur is so beautiful; it is the thickest coat on a dog I have ever had! Plus it grows so fast. Our groomer comes to the house and Daisy is very good; she just sits and lets her do whatever to her. Her bladder seems to be getting more tone, as there are fewer and fewer accidents in the house and fewer squats outside. She loves her walks and keeps up with all the other dogs or even is faster than they are. She just "smiles" as she runs around. We fostered three orphaned day old kittens and Daisy mothered them and cleaned them; she also protected them. She is just amazing, smart , and sooo sweet!
Hope all is well with both 2 and 4 legged members! We will keep you updated with any news about Daisy, but hopefully all will remain status quo!
Sue Kruger and Daisy



We can hardly believe it has been a week since little Tsu-Ling aka "Peanut" has joined our family. She is soooo very sweet and loving. We feel extremely fortunate to have been selected to be her family and we shower her with hugs - kisses and love. Peanut follows Todd EVERYwhere and she snuggles up close to me every night. She has such a great appetite, is going outside to do her "business" -mostly . When she naps - it's on the couch on her back with all four paws in the air! Very cute - everything about her is precious.

Now on to the healing portion of the update. She is on the last two days of an antibiotic called Clavamox, and she gets one half of an antihistamine twice a day (only as needed). Luckily she only had to have a few - they keep her from licking her sore spots, which are healing very nicely. She has had a "dip" rxed by our veterinarian for the mange and skin issues, she sort of smells like a match. Everything seems to be working very well. Her hair is growing in very nicely- her energy level is increasing and needless to say she is getting better everyday.

Again thank you for the opportunity to allow our family to be a part of this little bundle of joy's life! So long for now and we'll send more updates after her next appointment on Wednesday.

The Butler's

East TN


Here are some pictures of Peanut. She is doing very well and has gained one pound since her last veterinarian appointment. I was hoping she had gained a little more - we all thought she looked "pudgy". However, the Dr. says one pound is 10% of her body weight. (That's good and he was happy to see that.) One of the main reasons she looks pudgy is becuase her hair is growing in thicker! (This is a GREAT thing!!) Peanut has become a member of the family and we are sooo glad she loves us! She has such a wonderful personality and so loving and funny. We are very lucky.

The Butlers Todd, Janelle, Beau- Peanut and Buddy


Here are pictures of Koa Cookie Taylor at Halloween. His little T-shirt says "My other costume is much scarier!" We just get such a kick out of him. He thinks he is Kris' brother and at bed time I tell him to put Kris to bed so he has to run in and bark at him, then jump up on the bed and lick his face. Talk to you soon.

Tena Taylor



Hope you had a great Christmas. We have been very busy. I am sending you this pic. It is of Koa Christmas day after he played with his new green weenie toy right before he fell asleep. Just like a kid. Of course he is so spoiled. We just had 3 inches of snow and he was the first one out this morning and he would run, jump then hide, then bark at the snow coming down. Kris, my son, had a horrible cold 2 weeks ago and I got up in the middle of the night to check on Kris and I noticed Koa wasn't by my bed. I went ahead to check on Kris and Koa was in on his bed with his head next to Kris' head. Talk to you later.........

Hello Laurie and all volunteers,

I wanted to share a few photo's with you of Tasha and the boys. Of course, as you already know, she loves her (Sean's) recliner and Sean. But that is OK with everyone. She likes me and the boys - alot - but she really loves Sean. But we are so happy to have her. She has settled in very well. I have not been able to get a photo of all four of them together - yet. They are all doing fine. The weather is finally cooling off some here and they are happy about that.

I am thinking of you and all of the hard work you continue to do with all of the rescues.

I am so thankful to have Tasha, Chase and Pepsi (and little Roger) - Thank you!!!!

Love, Jan


Dear Asian Dog Rescuers,

I know you rescue other animals, not just dogs, because there are cats, and pigs, and a parrot on your web site. I am sure they are all as grateful as I am that you rescued them. But what I really hope is that they are adopted soon by someone who loves me like I am loved now. I had the best supper last night, and I smell the same thing cooking tonight so I know I am having it again. I had chicken and rice with string beans. It didn't have enough salt in it but I ate it anyhow. Mommy says she bought me some mixed veggies to put in my chicken and rice tonight. Yummy! Mommy is a great cook! I heard her tell daddy that Thursday is Thanksgiving. I wonder what she will cook then.

I have a wonderful new bed. It is brown and oh so soft. I snuggle in it a lot because it is so comfy and because it is right by my mommy's feet. I like to put my nose on her feet when she is barefooted, and she always laughs and says I am tickling her feet. She loves me so much and tells me that a lot of times all day. She brushes my beautiful coat, puts pretty barrettes in to keep the hair out of my eyes some, and has an appointment for me with a groomer a few days before Christmas so I will be extra beautiful for Santa Claus. I have been a good girl and have made out my Christmas list, but I already have everything on my list. I just wanted a new home and a new family to take care of me. When I say my prayers at night, I always thank God for answering my prayers. I hope all the other animals you have rescued say the same prayer and have the faith. I have toys and am supposed to play with them but I don't know how to play so mommy is teaching me. We went to my new doctor one day. I liked her but she had never seen a Skye Terrier before so I had to tell her about myself. We get to go walking and I just strut when I am out walking. Everybody wants to talk to my family about me because they think I am special. I don't like to ride in the car because I am scared that mommy will give me to somebody else, but I want to stay here. This is my forever home I have wanted for a long time. Thank you for picking my new family to have me.

Give everybody hugs for me and tell them that I miss them but that I am doing great down here in Mississippi.

Love, Bella, formerly known as Ivana

Merry Christmas to everyone at Asian Dog Rescue!

We just wanted to send you a holiday greeting and let you know that Baxter is doing very well. He's settled in and has trained us to completely live to satisfy all of his wants and needs!!! :) We love him dearly and I could write forever on all of his funny stories but instead, I'll give you some of it in pictures! Attached (and in the following email) you will find Baxter at the beach, hanging out with his best bud Daddy and just a few days ago after we hung his ornament on the Christmas tree. Of course, these are a few of about a million pics we've taken of him.

Merry Christmas and thanks for all that you do!

Mike and Cloresa Shumaker and all of the Shumaker dogs and kitty!


Just wanted to shoot you guys a few pictures to let you know how Quinn is doing. He has settled in and is making himself right at home. He loves playing with his little sister Buffy, and he loves chasing anything he brings us to throw. He is a real lover boy and sleeps in the bed with us every night. His coat is coming in very nicely and he is really a beautiful little guy. He is also very smart and seems to know what we are talking about when we talk to him!! Anyways, we are really glad to have him and I think he is very happy here.

Happy Holidays!! Allen Landers


Miss Laurie,

I am so glad you rescued me and then found me a new home. It is way too much fun much fun that I had to take a nap with my ball by my head I was so worn out from chasing it. There was a crazy cockapoo here when I got here....she is WILD!! We play a lot. As you can see in the picture...she finally wore herself out too. I had to take a nap when she did so I could get some rest.

You have a wonderful Christmas....and thank you again for taking care of me until you found me this home!!

Love, Quinn


Miss Laurie,

Christmas was really cool in Savannah. At first, I wasn't sure why that Buffy dog was getting a stocking full of stuff, but that was before I realized I had my very own stocking too. Then another stocking full of purple dog toys appeared. I was in doggie heaven. I couldn't decide what to play with first, or next, or last!! It has been a busy day. I am going to sleep well tonight. Hope you had a Merry Christmas too.

Love, Quinn

Hello Laurie,

Just letting everyone know that Zoe is doing GREAT!!! She has come such a long way. She still doesn't like the grass much but is getting a lot better with it. She likes all the snow we have cause now she doesn't have to walk on the grass. She is playing a lot more with her brother and sister. She wakes me up every morning with a squeaky toy in her mouth and scratches my head to show me what she has. She is just a joy to have around. Thanks again for letting us adopt her and take her into our home. Your organization is wonderful and the world needs a lot more people like you. I hope every pet you get will be able to have a great life with someone. They all deserve that. I wish I could take in more. We now have 4 dogs. A maltese Niko and 2 yorkies we adopted from a rescue in Michigan named Pixie & Tootie. They are very small, 3 & 4 lbs. Zoe does keep them in line. She is like the little mother to everyone. They are all so wonderful but Zoe is just very special to me. Well, we will keep in touch and send pictures often. I have enclosed a few of the dogs. Picture 2139 is Zoe watching youtube puppies on the computer. Pict. 2290 is Niko,Tootie,Zoe & Pixie. We hope you enjoy these and have a Happy New Year. Take care.

Elizabeth & Charlene


Hi Precious Paws!

It has been a little over 6 months since we adopted our sweet little Joey Cisco. He has made great improvements since then. Ever since the first day we brought him home he has been attached to me (Kacy) and follows me everywhere! We try very hard not to leave him alone for very long. On most days he goes to work with me and sits with me at my desk. He gets so much attention because of his good looks. He still has some issues with new people, but has never been aggressive. He just won't go up to them, which is an improvement from when he would go and hide. He is in good health and on his preventatives. He also had a microchip put in. We recently bought our first house and he has really enjoyed having his own yard to use the bathroom in! For your records, we are sending you our new address. I have attached a picture of Joey. We love him so much and every time he meets someone new we tell them how we got him from you!

Thanks for everything,

Kacy, Jason and Joey Lingle

Hi Laurie,

Thought I would update you on "Gus" who use to be Mocha then Milo and offically Gus and little "Sassy." Gus is such a energetic baby. Loves to play with toys and likes to be rocked to sleep in his baby blanket. Yes, we can say spoiled. He is a beautiful and loving little thing who now weighs 8lbs. 2 oz. Not a big eater though. Sassy continues to be somewhat jealous of Gus but they do like to play tug of war as seen in the pictures I am sending. Sassy will come around at her own pace. She is doing much better with him. She likes to be the Boss. Gus is very good with Apache as you know who is blind and deaf. He tends to let Apache have his own space. Smart little boy!!!! Savannah is a little scared of him now due to he likes to jump on her and Sassy but actually Sassy lets him know to back off..It is very amusing.. Since Gus is still in the puppy stage he just likes to jump on the girls and bite them, not to hurt them but playing. He has adjusted so well and has been groomed several times. Gus enjoys going on outings like Sassy. She is still the "Princess." Apache, Savannah and Sassy are so laid back and quiet and Gus is quiet the opposite which makes everything that much more lovely.
Gus loves to go on walks. He actually leashed trained very quickly. He is quite the ladies little boy. Loves everyone but I think he is a Mama's boy. Ha Ha! Everyone that sees him is so facinated with his eyes and coloring. The red in his hair is gradually fading and he will most likely turn blonde. I can't thank you enough for the joy our 2 little adopted babies are bringing us. There is never a dull moment around here. We are so blessed and are giving our babies the love and respect that they so deserve. Don't think that we could spoil them anymore than we do....FYI All of them sleep in the bed with us. Gus is also a little snuggler like Sassy. Thank you again and will keep you updated. God bless you for all the amazing work your group does for these furbabies.


Tracy & Brad B.

North Carolina

Dear Ms. Laurie and Aunt Carolyn,

Mommie got me up early this morning and did not feed me! She gave me a very nice bath with something with 'lavender' scents that 'those old boys' use. It felt good to get my hair all clean and I was very good when she blew my hair dry, combed it and put a pretty blue bow to match my sweater in my hair.
I got a little sad because it reminded me of when Ms. Laurie got me cleaned up and put a sweater and bow in my hair to bring me to Mommie and my new pack. I felt like maybe she was going to give me to someone else. But, she kept saying that was not the case and we were going to see another vet. I like my vet alot. He is very nice and always says good things to me. He likes us 'little underdogs'.
Well, it turned out it was the truth. Boy was I ever glad to see a hospital instead of another family (I hid my head under the covers while riding over I was so scared...Mommie had not seen me do that but Ms. Laurie used to). Everyone in the big hospital just stopped what they were doing and wanted to hold me, touch me and tell me how special I was and how cute, spoiled and pampered my Mom has made me.
The neurologist is a funny but smart man. He says I have right forebrain disease (cause not determined). He put me on a course of antibiotic and seizure medicine. Well, my Mommie became very confused! How can we tell if the antibiotics are helping if we are on seizure meds, too? Mommie explained that I only had seizures on one day and then one seizure the next but he says that creates pathways to the brain for others to occur. My regular vet agreed with Mommie. So for right now we are just taking the antibiotics to see if it will help any possible infection in my brain or spinal column. Potential causes of my problem: Hydrocephalus, infection, inflammation (my regular vet was treating me for that), unknown (wow ain't that brilliant of him), genetic, metabolic, others (Wow...sure is a big door open to that barn, huh?). Mom explained that MRIs and Spinal taps were out at this point for many reasons but mainly because every time that she has chosen to take the less conservative route all the vets (after she spends all the retirement money) say, 'well, that is what I thought but there is nothing that can be done other than what we are doing'. So, she told him to approach the entire matter in a conservative manner since I am doing good on the Dr. McLearen Photonic Light Therapy and the Dr. Bach's + organically fresh cooked foods, fish oil and good supplements. She cried. She told me that there was a time when she made enough money to just say go ahead and do the MRI so we will know for sure. Because there are seven of us and we all have needs, Mom has to be 'conservative'. But, Ms. Laurie, that does not mean she likes George W. Bush.
She talked to my regular vet for one half hour and he told her that he would proceed with only the antibiotics for now. Otherwise, how can we know if we are getting at the problem. He said if I have another seizure, we can start the seizure medicine then. Both he and Mom think that giving me both of those meds with possible bad side effects is not a good thing. The seizure medication is called Zonisamide and does not have any organ toxicity but can cause a mild decrease in eating. But, we will hold off on that for now. At least it is not that pheno bar be tal stuff that can have such bad effects. I don't want to live like a zombie. The antibiotic is called Clindamycin and I will take that 2 x a day for 21 days. It is an antibiotic, my Mom recalled, that helped someone she must have loved a lot called Chase E. Racer. When she asked the vet if that is what he prescribed for Little Chase E. Racer, she got big tears in her eyes and bit her lip to keep from crying. But, I knew her heart hurt because I could feel it sitting on her lap. The doctor said a structural cause is why he believes I have seizures. My vet explained that can be a brain tumor, a scar that didn't heal in the brain, infection, etc.
Mom says I was a perfect little boy today and looked very cute.

More updates soon.......

Love, Buda

I just wanted you to know that Kiji is doing well. I've renamed him Stewart. So his full name is Stewart Kiji Strobel. I found that he really loves the mini dog tennis balls and he like chew sticks as well. He wants to play ball every time I come home or if anyone new comes into the house, he likes to show them off. We've been spoiling him rotten. He sleeps in the bed with the people and is rarely alone. On my work days I take him to my mothers or she picks him up. I have three 12 hour days a week and I make sure that she can take care of him. So I tell him that he gets to spend the day with grandma and Uncle Jay Jay (her shih tzu). He loves it over there too. I've put a couple of pounds on Stewart. He's a healthy 12 pounds now and his hair is growing back in. I think he looks great.
He has a good home and he's loved everyday. You don't have to worry about little Stewie. Thank you for taking care of him and giving me the chance to adopt. Keep doing it. There are so many dogs that need homes and everyone I know who is looking for a pet, I'll always refer them to rescues.
Again thank you so much,


Thanks to you all! Angie is home and having a ball. Issac was wonderful! We both really enjoyed meeting him and talking with him.
The trip home was great. She is a great traveller. After an expensive stop at Petsmart in Alcoa for food, treats, and "girl-things", Angie slept most of the way home in my arms. We stopped at a rest area part-way back and she walked a bit and "did her business". She is indeed a doll. She has not been upset once, except when Isaac left.
We arrived back in Highlands about 6 PM and stopped by Debbie Clark's to pick up Sammy, our long-haired Dachshund. No problem and there were 4 other dogs staying with Debbie. When we got to our house, Angie started exploring immediately (to the chagrin of the 2 indoor cats, who are wondering what we brought home). It appears Angie thinks cats are wonderful toys to chase! They will adjust soon....just like they did when we brought Sammy home.
The most incredible thing is that Sammy and Angie bonded immediately - not a single growl or snap..., and no jealously - which is remarkable for Sammy. He loves his new sister. He even lets Bob pick her up in his arms - something Bob can not do with either of the cats without Sammy having a jealous tirade. They are running together all over the house. We even fed them together side-by-side without a single territorial incident. It is absolutely amazing and more than we ever could have hoped for on our first night as a new family. You all were right - she is a joy and a well-behaved lil girl.
I will keep you posted on our progress and we'll try to send photos of the family soon.



Hi all
Angie has been home for a week and it has been a pure delight. She is wonderful! Sammy & Angie are best friends and play together all the time. She absolutely loves her walks with Sammy (and vise versa). Now that the extreme cold temperatures have subsided in Highlands, she is romping all over the neighborhood and discovering new things every day. Even the cats are getting used to the change. Hard to believe that it has only been a week.
We have decided to use the Rabun Animal Hospital in Mountain City, GA, as Angie's vet. They have five veterinarians at this clinic which solves the problem of Dr. Patterson being out of town. The hospital also provides 24/7 on-call emergency care for their clients. She was examined today by Dr. Amanda Whitlock and, of course, passed with flying colors (except Dr. Whitlock wanted to take Angie home with her!). We purchased her heartworm & flea meds (Sentinel - Dr. Whitlock prefers it to the Heartgard and Frontline combination), a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other goodies. Angie now has three new sweaters, two harnesses, two leashes, numerous toys, a new safety car seat, and a shoulder bag carrier for shopping trips with Mom....., and she is a very spoiled girl. You probably can't tell.
Thanks for the great care all of you took of Angie.

Thank you, thank you, is all that I can say for letting us adopt Sashi aka "Sasha" as my companion. Sasha is doing just wonderful and is exactly as you described " a little lamb". She is so so sweet, gentle, good natured, as near to perfect as anyone could wish for in a companion or a friend. She sleeps in bed with us, gets along with the other dogs, she is like a baby and a 2nd daughter to my husband and me. Sasha does no wrong. She lets us know when she has to potty, plainly put, she is just wonderful and I can not imagine my life without her. YOU definately described her 100% correctly.
Sasha is an eyecatcher, loves to get in her car seat and go shopping; especially when we go to Petsmart, Petco or through the drive through at the bank and she gets doggy treats. Everyone knows her in Harrison, Cleveland, and in Hixson, TN.
Thank you again for making my life meaningful, happy and fun.

Martina Elliott

Dear Laurie, Kristeen, Isaac and All at Precious Paws,

Meeting Tessa and Isaac this morning was wonderful! She was so cute in her darling little outfit. When Isaac walked up to us, Tessa practically jumped into my arms and started giving me kisses! She did the same for Jack. We are totally smitten with her, and she has completely adopted us. It's hard to believe how absolutely comfortable she was with us from the beginning. It's like she knew us all her life. Her curiosity is delightful. First thing, she checked out our car, and gave it her approval. She also liked the harness and seatbelt, which enabled her to sit/lie in the fleece lined bed or on the back seat. One of us sat with her, and she was so good all the way home. Of course, she gave our whole house a thorough check too, and we're happy that it met with her approval. She even took a little nap in her bed, which is on the floor next to mine.
Our ride home was surprisingly delightful, the weather was much nicer than was predicted -- had sunny skies and not much traffic. We didn't leave Alcoa until about noon, because we had some shopping and exchanging to do. We bought her a pink ski jacket with a hood for the cold weather up here. I bought a harness that attaches to the seat belt for safety. To make the trip enjoyable, we stopped every hour for a rest break, and arrived home around 5:30 pm. As soon as we got here, Tessa wanted to go for a walk. She just ran and jumped into the snow. She was surprised that it was so cold. She liked it, but didn't seem to think that it was OK to go potty in it. So she did that in the street in front of our condo. We were all hungry when we got home, so we ate our dinners first thing. Little Tessa has a big appetite for such a small doggie.
We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did to make it possible for Tessa to join our family. She didn't seem to need a break-in or an adjustment period. She just moved in and claimed us and the house! We love it! We'll keep you posted on how she's doing.

May God bless you,
Mary Jo Paul

There have been two new developments since yesterday. One: Tessa decided that the doggie bed on the floor was fine for short naps, but nighttime she allowed me to sleep in bed with her (in my former bed). We got along just fine, neither of us hogged the bed nor the covers. And two, her love of snow and exploring the neighborhood are growing. She runs and jumps into the snow and likes to climb up the 5' high piles of snow that the plows pushed at the end of our cul-de-sac. Oh, yes, and she now knows that it's OK to potty on the fluffy white snow. Right now, she's napping on the floor next to me in a patch of sunshine. She's so cute!

Everything is going well at Tessa's new forever home. She usually sits next to me when I am on our computer. Just a few minutes ago, I was looking at some of the photos and videos of some of your fur babies, and Tessa's ears perked up. She jumped up on my lap while I was playing the video on Domino. I had to play the video multiple times for her and she watched and listened intently. She also perked up when I played the video for Lotus. Was Tessa in the same foster home with these dogs? Is the voice on those videos someone that Tessa knows? Can't help but wonder.
As you know, she is smart and learns very quickly. Within two days, she learned to use the potty pads, and of course she does her potty outside as well. Since it is very icy outside, I can't take her for much of a walk outside, so I'm grateful that she can relieve her self whenever she needs to on the pads. She already understands "No," "stay," and "come" and is learning "sit." I suspect that she already knew "sit" but she is usually excited because I have some treat for her and doesn't sit right away. She has several toys: balls, nylon bones, rope toys and many stuffed toys, but she doesn't seem to know how to play with them. It's going to be a delight learning these things together.


Dear all at Precious Paws,
I thought that the voice on the videos might have been that of her foster mom. Please tell her that Tessa recognized her voice and her former playmates. She was a little subdued after hearing and seeing them, but she cheered up again. Obviously, her foster mom is a special person whom Tessa loved for the time she was there. Thank her for all of us.
Tessa and I just got back from an afternoon outing at our PetSmart store. She saw lots of other doggies, big and small, and people, and greeted them all like they were long-lost friends. The people were all ages, including a 1-1/2 year old baby, a four year old, a seven year old and lots of adults. I was particularly interested and happy to see her friendliness with the baby, since we weren't sure about that. Will take some photos sometime this week and will send them to you.

Love & Prayers,
Mary Jo Paul

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