We wanted to share some of letters that we receive from our adopters, (occassionally our rescue babies like to check in with a letter as well!) in the hopes that it may encourage others to adopt rescue pets.
We must be the voices for the voiceless and the defenders of the innocent. In the grand scheme of things we may not make the worldly difference we hoped we could but hopefully we have made a difference to those that we were so blessed to have share our world, if even but for a moment.

We strongly believe in the beneficial role that pets play in people's lives. Below is just a sampling of affirmation as to how these animals change and enrich the lives of all they touch. These animals are here to help us, to love us and to be our comfort. They make a wounded and broken spirit whole again. They bring light into a cold and dark existence and help us when we think we have no hope at happiness and wonder if we will ever smile again. We rescue these babies to change the animals' life as well as the person who adopts them. Almost everyone's life is enriched in ways they could never imagine and we are forever touched by the power of love these little gifts from God exhibit to everyone they meet.

To these most precious creatures that have graced our lives with their presence, you are definately made by our most wonderful God, for we see him in you and we don't even have to look very hard.

A Note From Perry King

Celebrity actor Perry King of "Melrose Place" and many other film, television and stage projects, accompanied his friend Bob Dills to Tennessee to adopt a beautiful Lhasa Apso from Precious Paws Asian and Small breed Dog Rescue on November 10, 2007.

Perry King is a strong advocate of adopting abused and neglected animals, from dogs to horses, many of which are now living on his Northern California ranch.

Mr. King praised the work of Precious Paws.

"They have made the life of my friend Bob so much happier again after losing his Lhasa of 15 years and have also saved the life of an abandoned Lhasa Apso, changing both of their lives for the better by joining the two."

"Please consider adopting from Precious Paws so you too will be rewarded with the priceless joy that comes from choosing a wonderful new family member, just as my friend Bob has done."

"I hope that many others will support the wonderful and credible work of Precious Paws."

My name is Tricia and my beautiful “rescue” dog, Willow, is sleeping by my chair. We have had this baby for only nine days, but what a blessing she has been. I’m writing this in the hope that others will make the decision to always adopt a rescue pet and also to highly recommend “Precious Paws Peke & Tzu Rescue”. I began my search shortly after the loss of my Lhasa’s Ginger and Molli. We purchased our angel, Molli, from a breeder over sixteen years ago and we rescued a senior, Ginger from a shelter in May 2005. Ginger had had a hard life and we just wanted her to have some good times and a better quality of life for the rest of her years. I think that desire was obtained. After the loss of our girls we wanted to take a long break and not jump into dog ownership too soon. We knew no pet would take the place of our girls; however, when I kept coming home to an empty house I realized there was an obvious void without that special affection and love that only a pet can fill.

I was searching for Lhasa’s in our local paper even though in my mind I didn’t really want to purchase another pet from a breeder. I guess it was fate one day that I typed in Lhasa Apso in my computer and Pet finder came up with a few, but most so far away. Then I saw the beautiful black face of Willow. I read Willow’s story and she just touched me from the first moment I laid eyes on her precious face. When I clicked to the website of her adoption I first discovered “Precious Paws Peke & Tzu Rescue”. Over several weeks I read all the stories many times and devoured every bit of information that was on the site about this rescue. I was touched by the dedication of everyone involved in this organization. I am so appreciative of the people who can see and deal with this horrible tragedy everyday and take in as many of these animals as they can. I am also in awe of the absolute beauty of these dogs as they are meticulously groomed, every medical need taken care of, and the complete socialization of these animals in the homes of these loving caretakers. Willow came into our home as if she had been here all her young life. The transition was seamless. I am grateful for their total honesty of the health, history, and any special issues these animals are experiencing. I think it is a tribute to this organization that they continually work with these animals until they are ready for adoption. They don’t push them on to unprepared new owners who don’t have the patience to deal with issues the pet may have. I encourage everyone who is lucky enough to discover this rescue to read every story, look at every picture, read every letter and try to open your heart and home to one of these deserving animals. If you cannot adopt please sponsor a pet or send a donation of any amount to help these individuals continue the work they do and that we cannot. I wish I had half of their strength.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing and caring so lovingly of our new “baby”. Willow, Tom and I will never forget each individual that communicated with us and the volunteer that brought Willow to meet us. Ours was an 8 hour round trip, but no matter how far you drive to pick up one of these babies it will be worth the journey.

All our love,

Tom, Tricia and Willow


Hi Laurie - Here are a couple of pictures of my precious Willow. This is what she does every morning to begin "waking up momma"! She gets up in the bed and lays so sweetly on my pillow. Then, at her daddy's prompting, she jumps totally on my head until I can't take her licking and digging in my hair a moment longer. This is the first time we have been able to get her picture in the bed in the morning. Usually when she sees a camera she is up and gone. She is so sweet the way she sleeps on our pillows during the night just like a little person. I didn't think it would be possible for her to be any more precious, sweet, and loving than the day we picked her up; however, she surprises us every day and becomes an even more special dog every day. Thanks for all you did for her and for all the things you do daily to make this world special for as many babies as you can. You literally are our heroes.

Much love......Tricia and Willow

We began looking for a small dog for our family in the winter of 2006. After a lot of consideration and talking with dog experts, we decided we needed to wait a little longer, allowing our children to mature a little more before making this huge commitment. When our daughter, Madalyn, had her seventh birthday approaching in the fall of 2007, all she wanted was a dog. My husband and I got on petfinders.com and began to search for a small family dog. We ended up on the Asian and Toy Dog Rescue web site. As expected we found the cutest little puppy (is there such a thing as an ugly puppy?) and began the application process. The application process was extensive to say the least. We spent hours emailing back and forth, with the expert asking questions that I hadn’t considered. While the process was time consuming, our family was making a major decision that would affect us for 10 to 20 years. The time was energy well spent. The rescue organization got a chance to thoroughly investigate me and I quickly began to realize the commitment we were making. The Wolfe family was ready to make that commitment! Asian Dog Rescue arranged a convenient time and place for us to meet. We got Darby, took him home, and were given the best gift anyone could imagine.

Darby has been wonderful for our family. We spend much more time together as a family, reading about how to train and socialize a dog, but mostly playing with the dog. Darby has gone to our children’s classroom and met their classmate, gone to our son’s soccer game, gotten carried around in a purse dog-carrier, and much more. He had adapted perfectly into our family. Getting a puppy or dog is a huge commitment, Asian Rescue makes sure you realize what all it entails, but if the time is right, getting a puppy or dog is as good as it gets.

Thank you for all the work you do, you make the world a better place by saving these dogs and the rescued dog we adopted has made our family feel complete.


Kelley Wolfe


Hi Laurie,

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt three darling furbabies. They are the joy of our lives and we love them so dearly.

When we decided to adopt a rescue furbaby we visited many websites looking for just the right animal and group from whom to adopt. We were not sure exactly what we were looking for because there are so many animals in need of a forever home and so many rescue organizations offering adoptions. Our hearts went out to every one of those lost, discarded and mistreated little darlings on all those many, many websites. All of the rescue groups seemed to be truly interested in finding good homes for their animals but when we found Precious Paws Peke and Tzu Rescue we stopped and took notice. Your organization went much further in getting the animals ready for adoption. All your precious furbabies are taken into homes and cared for as part of the family. They are fully vetted and socialized before being put up for adoption. Your organization is truly unique and exactly the one we were searching for. When I saw Missy, a special needs Shis Tzu, on your webite I just fell in love with her. I was a little nervous about adopting her because she had very poor eyesight as well as poor hearing. You were very reassuring with answers to all my question and we decided to adopt her. We picked her up on January 5, 2007. She just fit right into our family like she had always been here. She started to explore the house the moment we arrived home and in no time she knew her way around the whole house. She is such a smart little girl. If someone doesn't know she is almost blind they would not guess it by her behavior. She is so very sweet and precious. After having Missy with us for almost three months we thought we might want to adopt another dog that we had seen on your website. I sent and e-mail inquiring about Keila. After several communications we adopted her and picked her up. So now we have these darling furbabies and we are just one big happy family. These little girls are the sweetest little furballs that we have ever seen. They are as different as daylight and dark yet they get along surprisingly well. Missy is so laid-back and likes to find a quiet corner to sleep. Missy has chosen my husband, Bill, as her companion. He is quiet and spends a lot of time working on the computer. Missy is happy to curl up at his feet under the computer desk and sleep. Keila is such a sweetie. I don't think she has a favorite person. She seems to love the two of us equally. She is such a sweet, gentle little darling and we are so happy that we added her to our family. They are so precious and give us so much joy every day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing the wonderful thing you do for all the darling, neglected, lost and forgotten animals that you rescue.

God bless you.

Nelda & Bill, AL


Hi Laurie,
Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful stories you send. I hope you and all the furbabies are doing well. We have just had the daughter and grandchildren here for 16 days and we are just about exhausted --- but in a good way. We always enjoy them so much. The children are ages 12 and 10 now and so grown up. Maiya, Keila and Koko(Tokyo) actually enjoyed their visit too. I was very surprised that they adjusted so well. They are all three doing great. Koko(Tokyo) is so full of pep that he keeps those girls on their toes. He steals all the toys and goodies too. He has gained 3 pounds since July 4. I am having to limit how much he eats because he is getting a bit chubby. They are all really good eaters. The "girls" are just as precious as ever. Maiya still worries about everything and tries to hide out under the coffee table or at the end of the couch. We try to bring her out as much as possible by petting and loving her .... she is such a worrier. Keila gets more loving every day. When I watch TV or read she is right by my side. She is such a love. The three of them enrich our lives so much.


Hi Laurie,

The babies, Bill and I are doing really good. We are enjoying this much needed cooler weather. I can actually open the windows and doors to air out the house since the temperature outside is less than it is inside. The doggies are really enjoying getting to spend time outside with me while I work around in the yard, especially Keila. She wants to spend more time outside than Maiya or Koko. Koko still has that need to be right with me constantly ... but he is getting better. He is such a cute boy. He discovered the cabinet door where I keep the treats had been left ajar a few days ago. He didn't get into the treats but instead he guarded the door for two days. That was the first night he didn't sleep in the bedroom with us. He is doing so well ... just eating everything in sight. I can tell that he has had to fend for himself in the past because he can't seem to get enough food. He has gained 3 pounds since we brought him home!!! Keila just gets more loving and adorable every day. She is so good for her grooming and baths and is getting much less shy with people whom she doesn't see often. Maiya has warmed up to Koko and isn't so jealous now. She still tries to boss both Koko and Keila around but they just ignore her. She is so insecure ... I wish she could overcome that. She does seem to have a happier look in her eyes and I see a few more tail wags and once in a while she gives us one of those rare kisses. I think she is just a very serious little girl who worries about everything. We give her a lot of special attention and she just loves it. Every night when Bill settles into his recliner she stands in front of the chair and does a little noise that sounds like a sneeze (that is her begging noise). Bill picks her up and holds her on his lap and strokes her and talks to her for 15-30 minutes. She closes her eyes and just loves the special attention. They are all so sweet and so special in their own way. I can't imagine our lives with them.

I check your website almost daily to see how Hope, Luvy and all the little ailing ones are doing. I am always drawn to the ones who need the most care ... I just want to gather them all to me like an old mother hen. I know you and all your Fosters are doing everything that can possibly be done for them and we are so glad that you are there doing that. I always want to do everything that I can to help you. It would be such a shame if you couldn't continue. We pray that things will work out right for you.

Love, Nelda


Hi Everyone,

This is Maiya, Koko and Keila sending out Happy Holiday greeting from Pleasant Valley in north Alabama. Our mom says we just looked too unhappy when she made us sit by the Christmas tree .... so here we are on the front porch just waiting to greet everyone who visits during the holidays. Keila and I (Maiya) just love getting brushed and wearing bows in our hair but that Koko just wants to eat his Santa hat. Our mom had to take it away from him a lot of times before she could get this photo taken. Anyway, we hope everyone has happy holidays and a healthy and save new year.

Hugs and kisses,

Maiya, Koko and Keila

I live in Indiana and first learned of Precious Paws Peke and Tzu Rescue of Tennessee from their website. I was a little skeptical about driving six hours one way to get a dog, not really knowing that much about them. I asked questions and I always received quick and friendly responses. I found a dog named Noel on their website and fell in love with her. Noel had just lost an eye and had been severely mistreated. I decided to adopt Noel and after the approval to make the twelve hour round trip journey to get her. Except for just losing an eye, she was clean, groomed, and seemed to have no illnesses. After getting Noel, I immediately took her to our local Veterinarian, and he gave her a clean bill of health and highly praised the condition of the dog. Noel has turned out to be a very precious and loving dog. I just love her to death. I was all so pleased with the adoption of Noel, I decided recently to adopt another dog named Che Che. Again, I made the twelve hour round trip to get Che Che. As with Noel, I immediately took Che Che to see our veterinarian and he gave her a clean bill of health and again praised the veterinarian used in Tennessee for being so thorough with her previous care.

Precious Paws Peke and Tzu Rescue has been very kind, helpful and friendly to me during all of my communications with them. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a good pet. I trust them entirely. I thoroughly believe they are a respectable and loyal non-profit organization. I do see one issue that needs to be addressed, and that is funding. This organization needs to have more assistance not only from the city and state, but from people who love animals. I have and will continue to support them.

Tonya Gratzer

Hi Laurie

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful thing you do for all the special furbabies that need homes. You are a very special lady and deserve all the wonderful things that life can bestow upon you. You give so much to these beautiful darlings. All the special furbabies out there each have their own wisdom to share with us. They are precious beings that are in our lives for a reason and they are our beloved teachers in so many ways. They give us such unconditional love and are so full of playfulness. I want to thank you ever so much for bringing one of your special furbabies into my life. Tofi is such a joy. Tofi helps me in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Sandi and Tofi

Dear Laurie

I am writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my precious Tawney I adopted from you last year. After losing my 16 year old yorkie to cancer, I was very hesitant on getting another dog, but really wanted one again. Each day I would look on the different websites and then a friend at work told me about Save a Pet.com and I went to that website and it routed me to Precious Paws. When I saw all the precious furbabies, I just could not decide. When I found Tawney's picture with a pink dress on I could not resist looking at her website and reading about her. How in the world could someone be so mean and vicious to such a precious dog? She is the most grateful creature I have ever had and I truly love her more and more everyday. She is the sweetest Yorkie in the world. She reminds me so much of my Mollie. Laurie, you are truly a wonderful person and I thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity to rescue such a sweet dog. I hope that when anyone is in need of an animal that they would visit your website and not go to the breeders.


Jamie Montgomery Harry Norman, REALTORS

When our sons went off to college a huge hole was left in our family. We had always had dogs and children running around our house. One of our dog children, aged 18, named Tiger had to be put down because of cancer in his face and sinuses. The despair was almost too much to handle. We started looking to rescue a dog. Surfing the web we came across your website and a photo of Myiabi. It was love at first sight. After filling out your adoption papers, a number of emails and the adoption process, we were able to adopt this terrific little guy. He is a mix, Tibetian Terrier and Havanese.(never heard of either breed). He is a perfect fit for our family. He is everything described on the web site and more. He gets along with our other animals (dog, cat, and horses) loves people, is a total love puppy. He is just what we needed to help us fill the void. You are really doing a great service for humans and their animal friends, keep up the terrific work.


I am sorry to inform you that Myiabi passed away today. His tracheal stint ruptured and he was on the surgical table and had a heart attack. The little guy was a fighter, he did not have a mean bone in his body. We are only happy to think we were able to give him a loving, happy, life for too short a time. My wife and I want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to love this little fella.


Dr David Cohen

Oakwood, Georgia

We have adopted two little fur babies from Precious Paws, Maggie (9/05) and Chen (1/06). These little fur babies have been wonderful from day one, they are everything Laurie promised and much more. Laurie was wonderful to work with, she was very informative and answered all our questions promptly. I know her rescue center has a strict adoption policy, but she has the best interest for the pet as well as the person(s) adopting. Laurie has numerous years experience and is very good at matching pet with owner, Maggie and Chen are perfect for us. She brings these little babies back to good health and rehabilitates them. She puts countless hours and money into these precious fur babies to give them the best possible medical care and a second chance at life. She keeps the fur babies in a home enviroment which helps them adjust and learn to love and trust humans. Many of her rescue's have been through horrible experiences and it is a lot of work to get them to trust again. Laurie does a wonderful job with these fur babies. Laurie has always been there for me even after adoption. There have been many occasions where I would e-mail her and ask for advice or help and she always e-mails me back and gives me the support and answers I need. She has also helped me out in another capacity as well. I have a neighbor who came home from the animal shelter one day with two dogs and she didn't know what she was getting into. Well it turns out that things didn't work out for her and she needed to find a home for them. I wrote Laurie and asked her if she could take them in and find them a home together because they have been with each other from birth and I wanted them to stay together. She agreed to take them in for me, so we drove 12 hours round trip to take these two little fur babies to her, the reason I went to so much trouble was because I knew Laurie would keep her word and that she would find a proper home for them, unlike many of the shelters who do not screen their adoptions as closely, which is why this lady had gotten herself into this situation in the first place. Laurie kept her promise, these two little babies were adopted together to a good home. I stay in touch with Laurie and check her website frequently. I am fascinated with the work she does to give these little fur babies a second chance with life.

God Bless you Laurie and keep up the good work.

Pam & Don

Kathleen and I adopted Kobe in November 2006. Kobe, a Tibetan Terrier/Poodle mix. Just prior to adopting, he'd had surgery to correct his cherry eye, but we adopted him knowing that his ears might require surgery, which we gladly used our vacation savings to get done. Shortly after we arrived home (having driven to Tennessee from Mobile, Alabama and back in two days), Kobe got sick and began vomiting. He required an overnight stay in the hospital, IV fluids, and a very bland diet after discharge. The poor guy! Hadn't he endured enough in his two short years of life? Then, his miracle family comes along and he gets so sick he could have died! The cause of his vomiting was an obstructed small intestine. Kobe had found and swallowed a large chunk of a chew-bone our Yorkie had hidden in a doggy bed. Luckily for us (and Kobe), he was able to digest and eventually pass it and thanks to superb veterinary care, he made it!

Yes, pet owners are often biased. We think that nobody else's dog is smarter, cuter, braver, or more special than our own. But Kobe seems to be even more special than mere words can tell . . . it's as if he knows that he got more than a second chance at having a good life and he truly seems to be grateful. I know that dogs cannot rationalize their circumstances, but they know pain when they feel it and they know love when they experience it. We had the opportunity to make his pain go away and we're still giving him more love than he's ever known. The miracle part? Kobe gives in the same measure he receives. To say he's a "Daddy's Dog" is an understatement! Within a few weeks of his arrival, he returned a favor . . . he adopted me! It's been 38 years since I've had a dog that bonded to me and me only . . . a dog who'll go anywhere, do anything, and be happy doing it just because he's with me. That's MY Kobe!

Once Kobe recovered from his vomiting and obstructed bowel sickness, he demonstrated his own remarkable traits as a companion dog . . . he's become the guardian of our property, protector of our chickens, best buddy of our Yorkie, and the best TV-watching partner a dog owner could ever ask for! He even supervises visits to the bathroom . . . something I had to get used to, but now I've come to expect his little black nose edging the door open.

How much is a little black dog worth? Frankly, I'd say there is no price . . . you can't buy true devotion and loyalty. Kathleen and I forfeited our vacation to pay for his ear resection surgery. Our investment in this little dog has now topped the $1500 mark . . . we don't begrudge him one dime of it.

At a time in my life, where I'm facing the overdue decision to retire for medical reasons, I've spent many sleepless nights . . . wrestling with my decisions, worrying about financial issues, and battling my own male ego. At age 50, it's hard to admit I've worn my body out. I battle chronic pain from degenerative disk disease. I needed the companionship for the "alone times," the kind of quiet companionship that seems to be Kobe's area of expertise. He reads my moods and he seems to have this uncanny ability to pull me out of my blue moods . . . he'll grab the squirrel toy -- seemingly saying, "Come on, Dad, let's play a while and forget all about our worries!" And, sure enough, I'll find myself in the livingroom floor . . . playing "I'm gonna getcha!" and my little laughing dog makes my funky mood go away. Funny thing, he knows when I need the treatment before anyone else does. Don't get me wrong, my wife is a wonderfully loving wife who loves me with all her heart, but Kobe not only watches over our yard, he watches over me. It's a wonderfully unique relationship. He accepts me . . . just as I am. I think I'm a better human because of him. Odd, huh? How is it that a loving pet makes us into better humans?

Well, why would this little dog have such a troubled first two years of life? It's sad that he ended up needing to be rescued, but I believe that God was just lining things up until we could get together. Even though we've had Kobe for slightly less than a year now, it's hard to remember when he wasn't a part of our lives. His impact on our home has been that profound. I believe that God knew that Kobe needed us and we, especially me, needed Kobe.

Now, the story takes a twist. In the early part of our story, Kobe was always sick . . . very sick. He's blind in one eye, had surgery on the other. He's had both ears resectioned. He nearly died from a bowel obstruction. But, bless God, there must have been a reason for it all. And, I believe what I'm about to tell you explains it.

Just a few weeks ago, I got sick. We're not 100% sure why I got sick. It could have been a problem with a prescription I take . . . it might have been food poisoning, but I got sick in the worst sort of way. I'll spare you the details. As I sat in the bathroom floor . . . so very sick, Kobe lorded over me . . . never leaving my side. As I walked the floor all night . . . my stomach in knots, my little dog paced the floors with me. As I tried to sleep in the recliner, he laid between my legs . . . his chin on my thigh, never once looking anywhere else but my eyes. Every time I woke up, he was awake. He seemed to know what I was going through. When our Yorkie tried to approach me, he'd growl at her . . . as if to say, "Not now . . . Dad doesn't feel up to your yappy-Yorkie antics!"

On a Tuesday night in late July, after two days of ineffective self-treatment, I ended up in the emergency room and I would end up spending five days in the hospital . . . all sorts of scans and tests, an NG tube to drain my stomach, and a diet that consisted of IV fluids only. You won't believe the diagnosis. No, really. You won't. I had an obstructed small intestine . . . the same thing that had almost killed Kobe just nine months earlier.

Fortunately for me, I didn't require surgery and was able to come back home. I returned home very sick, very weak, and somewhat depressed. But the moment I walked through the back door, there stood my little buddy . . . so excited that his "daddy" was home. With God as my witness, he looked as if he hadn't eaten . . . like he'd been as worried as Kathleen had been. It's as if he knew . . . he identified with what I'd been through. He seemed sympathetic. I know the naysayers probably think I'm full of baloney . . . giving my dog much more credit than he deserves, attributing concern and understanding that only a human could have. But, my dog -- even if he wasn't sympathetic, even if he has no clue what human sickness is -- he knew something was wrong with me and he never left my side during what was the scariest sickness I've ever had.

In the days after my discharge, Kobe rarely left my side . . . the dog who once required around-the-clock care, fully embraced his duties as watchdog and companion over his recovering human. Only a true pet-lover understands this story . . . even now, they're nodding in agreement . . . understanding every subtle implication here . . . believing that when it comes to a special relationship with a special animal, what goes around comes around. I took care of him. He took care of me. He's not "just a dog," he's a member of our family.

I've shared this true story about Kobe in hopes that more people, like Kathleen and me, will make a very important decision . . . the decision to consider a rescue dog . . . a dog who's just waiting to become the pet you've always dreamed of . . . a pet that'll return your love unconditionally. The most important thing I've learned in adopting Kobe is that companionship is priceless . . . it isn't about the money, it's about righting a wrong and giving a wonderful animal a chance to become the best friend you've ever had.

Thanks for sharing our story. Now, go ahead and fill out your application . . . your own "Kobe" is waiting for you. You need him . . . you just don't know it yet.

Virgil, Kathleen, Kobe and Missy Fleming

"Two humans, One black mutt, and a Yorkie"

Theodore, AL

We really didn’t need another dog, really. We weren’t looking for another dog, really. However, Heidi thought a little differently about that when she stared at us from the computer screen with the most beautiful brown eyes that were saying “what are you waiting for, can’t you see I need you?”. And in my head a voice is saying:” Yes, I can see you need us, we need you too”. What was that? Who said that? 5 minutes later I find myself filling out an application and I’m mumbling to myself “eyes get to me, eyes go straight to my heart, why do I always have to go on petfinder and “look around” and then bump into eyes that are impossible to resist!”.

The last time that happened to me was a year ago. Back then, a pair of brown eyes stared at me from the screen, all the way from a shelter in Arkansas. I ran downstairs, pushed my husband to the computer and said “that’s him, that’s our dog, that’s him!”. Surely enough 2 days later, my daughter and I drove 12 hours to Fayetteville, Arkansas to pick up our Scruffy. We slept in a hotel and drove back 12 hours the next day, and Scruffy has been our baby ever since. I knew he was mine, I knew that was him, I felt it with my whole being.

Again I look at Heidi. Darn it, yes that’s her. She’s it, she’s our dog, that’s her. I sent in my application and get an email back from Kristeen. We talked about the terrible conditions Heidi came from and about how I used to do rescue but stopped doing it 3 years ago, but that for the vet check, all my paperwork is still under the rescue’s name. That Monday I get an email that our application has not been approved. I feel like someone hit me with a hammer, but I managed to email back to politely ask why. Not even an hour later, Kristeen calls me, to talk to me. She said that the vet had told them I still did rescue – which was not the case – and so I got to explain the situation to her. I was ever so glad she didn’t just deny us, but called to clear up the situation. My personal references were checked and we were allowed to adopt Heidi! I can never thank Kristeen enough for taking the time to call me and clarify the story. If it weren’t for her initiative, Heidi would still be looking for a home right now.

Thursday 9/20/2007. I leave at 7:00 AM to drive to TN to pick up Heidi. Scruffy is in the car, we have cookies, toys and water and a collar with her name tag on it. When I met Isaac, the volunteer, he was extremely nice. We handled all the paperwork, he took a picture of my 2 fur babies in my arms and off we went. Heidi laid on the chair next to me, Scruffy on the floor in front of her. She seemed nervous and was panting. As I was driving, I just rubbed her ears and after a while I felt her body relax. The first round of cookies offered was not accepted, but the second one was! She fell asleep and slept mostly the whole way home.

At home she went exploring in the backyard, and made it clear through the fence to the neighbor’s dog that he is not to come anywhere near “her” yard. We took some pictures and eventually when she was done sniffing inside as well, Scruffy and her jumped on the couch and feel asleep, exhausted from all the new impressions and the long drive home.

Then Tessa, my 13 year old daughter, came home from school. As where Heidi had been somewhat stand-offish so far not sure what to think of all these changes, with Tessa all the brakes went loose and she jumped all over her when she came in. From the first minute those two were inseparable and Tessa took Heidi outside and pulled her on her lap to love on her and I went after them to take some pictures. Heidi immediately settled in her arms. Tessa has this “thing” with animals, she attracts them like a magnet. Heidi was no different. 2 loving arms around her was enough for Heidi to give a couple of deep “sighs” and fall asleep on Tessa’s lap, while I kept snapping pictures. Heidi seemed to finally feel she was home… The endearing result is obvious on the picture. Sometimes a picture says more than a 1000 words…..

I hope everyone who reads this will go out and find their “own Heidi”. Seeing a dog going from living in terrible circumstances to being peacefully asleep in your daughter’s loving arms is astonishingly satisfying. An angel has joined our family today, and there is an angel out there for you as well, waiting to join your family.

Heidi has enriched our lives already so much in a short few hours…Thank you beautiful sweet little angel girl for choosing us and becoming a part of our family, we will love, cherish and pamper you forever!

The Johnson family


After our wedding about a month ago, Philip and I started searching for a dog to adopt. I happened upon the Precious Paws website one morning before work. That evening, we began to search the site for a puppy or dog we might want to adopt. Initially we thought that a puppy would be perfect for us. We filled out the application and corresponded with Kristeen...answering questions, discussing our home environment, and trying to figure out what we needed. Kristeen actually recommended a different dog, Michou, who was about two years old. We reviewed his profile and decided that he was the dog for us! We drove the six hour drive to Tennessee (one way!) to pick up the newest member of our family.

Michou has been such a blessing to have in our home. He's warm, affectionate, and is settling in to his own routine. We are thankful that our application was reviewed so thoughtfully and Michou was recommended for us. He is truly the perfect dog for us. Thank you so much for knowing these animals so well and placing Michou with us. We appreciate your thoroughness and willingness to help us make this decision. We look forward to many years with Michou!


Philip, Michelle and Michou


I must tell you that we have fallen head over heels in love with Ellie. She acts like we have had her from day one. She wakes us up if she needs to go outside which is a WONDERFUL thing !!! She minds very well and I think is learning a couple of new commands. She is, as you said, very active but in a good way. She does have a tendency to get on your head if you are still in bed and she is ready to get up!!!

We have a lot of wildlife, i.e. birds, mallards, geese, here on the lake and Ellie takes notice of EVERY ONE. She is one "nosey" young lady. She doesn't bark at them but she will woof every so often. She loves playing with her squeaky toys and chews on her rawhide bones. She also has a good appetite so we are feeding her twice a day, just smaller portions.

I am going to call the vet that we will be using and set up an appt.for two weeks from now to get her on the heartworm regime. He went to the Veterinary School in Auburn and, as I understand, it is supposed to be one of the better vet schools.

Ellie has been introduced to a few neighbors and today is going to an "open house" for Lloyd & Marylyn Bible as well as June Lich and Doe Hayes. Lloyd and June both told me how much they enjoyed their conversation with you and what a caring lady you are. If you are ever up here in our area we would love for you to visit.

And a million thanks to you and the committee for sending Miss Ellie to us. I can already see a change in my Mom from having Ellie here. She talks to her constantly and yesterday the two of them "took a little nap" together in the sun room. And you weren't kidding when you said she is a "velcro dog". She is with one of the three of us at all times.

Take Care and stay in touch,


Dandridge, TN

My husband and I were not actively looking for another dog, but I had wanted a playmate for our 3 year old Yorkie for some time. Where I work we have an extensive internal classified system that employees can post items they have for sale. I had been keeping my eye open for cars for my nephew so I clicked on the link to see recently posted ads. The first one that popped up was a little puppy that needed a home and was listed by a foster mom who worked at my company.

That link led me to Petfinder.com, which led me to search for Yorkies. A lengthy list of adorable pups popped up. As I was scrolling through the list the cutest little guy caught my eye. I had never considered a rescue pet before, but suddenly found myself thinking of little else. I sent the link to my husband, fully expecting him to give me the "one dog is enough" line that was a common response to doggie ads I would occasionally send him. For some reason he gave me the thumbs up to inquire more about little "Faygen" even though his location was nearly 400 miles away.

After several emails, and a lengthy adoption process, we learned that "Faygen" could be ours. We left our home at 5:30 in the morning the Friday after Thanksgiving to pick up our boy. We brought our yorkie, Bella, with us so that she could bond in the car with her new brother in a more neutral territory than "her" house! They got along wonderfully from the start. By the time we got home they were best buddies. My husband and Brody (the name we gave our new boy) have developed such an incredibly strong bond in such a short time. Brody will sit by the door waiting for Mark to come home.

Brody is EVERYTHING we could have hoped for in a pet and family member. We found the information on the Asian Dog Rescue website to be very forthright and honest in describing the animals - and their personalities. Brody has proven to be everything they intimated - and so much more. I would like to say Mark and I had this great desire to help a dog in need when we set out to adopt a rescue pet, but the truth is we simply fell in love with a cute face. But having seen how appreciate Brody is of his new home and family, and what a wonderfully sweet well adjusted boy he is, we have both decided that any future pets will be rescue pets.

We don't know Brody's past, or why he ended up in a shelter, but we are so grateful that Asian Dog Rescue was there, and able to give him a temporary home until we could find him! We would encourage anyone thinking of adopting from Asian Dog Rescue to follow their hearts - and find your forever pet.

The Jones

First of all I would like to thank Laurie for letting 'Sassy' come into our lives. My husband and I had three Shih-Tzus, ages 15 1/2, 14 and 7 1/2 yrs. old. Our two oldest babies had heart disease and other problems associated with older Shih Tzus. I had been going on your website for the past year and would just cry after reading what horrible conditions these little furbabies came from but then would be so grateful for the success storys. Your rescue has been blessed by God and everyone is so grateful for all the work that you and your volunteers do for these sweeties.

In September, 2007 I came upon a little 6 lb. Shih Tzu whose name was 'Kylie' that just melted my heart and my husband's. We had not planned on another baby but something in my mind told me that she needed to be part of our family.

I filled out an application and we were blessed to become the proud parents of another baby. We had never adopted before but we would highly recommend adopting for everyone who would like to have the most loving, sweet furbaby ever. Kylie is now named Sassy and we feel like we have won the lottery with her in our lives. Everyone in the neighborhood adores her and she them. She likes to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes. Sassy and her siblings seem like they have been together from the start. We are sad to report though that our oldest Shih-Tzu went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 3, 2007. We found a week before that she had a mass which was cancer. Sassy would lay her little head on Missy to comfort her while she would lay on the sofa. It was so heartwarming to watch. At times Missy would lay as close to Sassy as she could. Then Sassy would give Missy kisses and lay her head next to her's. It was very tramatic for my husband and I to see Missy leave us but she will always be in our hearts and we feel so blessed to have had her. I think God had placed that thought in my mind before we saw Sassy because he knew of what was to come. Sassy, Apache and Savannah miss Missy but they have each other and 2 parents that love them dearly.

Sassy is not only a lap baby but loves to be held, go on walks and ride in the car. She seems to just want to make us happy and we do the same to her. She runs and plays with Savannah and has her special little bone and plenty of toys!!! She is never bored. There are a lot of other couples in our community that I found that have adopted and cannot say enough about the experience of adopting a furbaby. They just want to have a loving home like other babies but also stand out among the crowd. For all the horrible conditions they go through in their little lives, they deserve to be loved. Last year my daughter adopted a furbaby from a rescue in Virginia Beach, Va. They have such a loving furbaby named Zoe who is around 12 yrs. old and Zoe has unconditional love for her parents.

For anyone who reads this, 'Please Adopt'. The Asian Dog Rescue has such beautiful and loving little babies that just want to and deserve to have a loving home. You would be astounded at how much your life can be enriched!!!!! Thank you again to Laurie and her wonderful volunteers.


Hi Laurie,

It is hard to believe that Sassy came into our lives one year ago today. The joy and love she has given my husband and myself has been overwhelming. She has touched everyone in the community with her warmth and affection. Actually, three families on our street alone have adopted little angels from the SPCA because of Sassy. She is such a little snuggler and sleeps on my pillow at night and loves to go inside the bank, Lowes Home Improvement, PetSmart etc. She even sits on my husband's lap when we eat. Could you say 'Spoiled Rotten.' Even when going on walks in the community, other people in the community driving by will pull over just to say 'Hello' to Sassy or even get out of their car just to give her and hug and kisses. She, Savannah and Apache love each other and each are the Sunshine of our days. Thank you again for such a precious gift from God that we have. Bless you, the volunteers and all the babies that need to be adopted!!! I am sending you a picture of our little Angel Girl. You and your volunteers are remarkable for saving these precious little babies so they can have the life they so deserve. Thank you again for all that you do and God Bless You!!!!

Tracy and Brad


To Laurie and Precious Paws Asian Dog Rescue,

Thank you for Ace! We just came back from PetSmart where we got tons and tons of stuff. I can tell though that he misses you alot.

He is so precious & has exceeded my expectations. He and I both enjoy the same things. We snuggled all nite - he shared my pillow. I brushed his little coat this morning and he just stood there and let me pamper him, which I'm sure by now, you've already guessed just how spoiled he will be.

U have done such a wonderful job with him. You are a woman truly blessed to give so much of yourself to all those beautiful, homeless furbabies. I have to applaud you all as he is the most polite, well-mannered, well behaved little creature I've ever encountered. This is merely a "thank you" note for all of you who were and are involved in the excellent care and nurturing of these little furbabies and in making them ready for their new families. You have made me happy once again after losing my baby of many years not too long ago. THANK YOU!

Georgia M.

Knoxville, TN

To everyone involved in Tru's rescue, foster and adoption:

Thank you so very much for all your hard and heartfelt work. Truman is an absolute joy. He fit into our family as if he were always here.

Tru is up and ready for a walk at 7:30 a.m. and ready to get in bed and snuggle down at 11:30 p.m. In between times, there is more walking, training and playtime. He is so well mannered but full of energy. When we were walking through Petsmart today, people just looked at him and smiled. He rides in the car beautifully.

My father in law has a 1 acre fenced property. Today Tru ran and played and was just as joyfilled as a dog is supposed to be. With my son home from college, there are several college boys around here. The minute they see Tru they melt and talk baby talk.

Again, thank you to everyone who worked on Truman's rescue, foster care and adoption. You are well appreciated at our house.

Toni Williams



It has been almost five months since Truman joined our family, rather completed our family. We were in Charleston this weekend to help our son move out of the Citadel barracks and into an apartment for the summer. Truman is the best little traveler. He sits in the backseat for the six hour trip like a big boy. We put a cup of water in the cupholder and that way he can just lean over and get a big sip anytime he wants. When we stop for a break he is very patient and waits until his lead is on.

Truman is a wonderful hotel guest. This was his second time in Charleston and both times we stayed in dog friendly hotels. In March, we stayed on Folly Beach. Tru loved the big sandbox but not the noisy water. This time we stayed in West Ashley close to our son's apartment. Tru is very quiet in the hotels and polite and well behaved around the other guests.

Tru loves to go to dog friendly patio restaurants, especially the ones that have water and treats for him. He also loves to go to parades at the Citadel. Sometimes, he gets to meet other dogs with brothers at el cid. He even was snuck into the barracks by his brother while mom and dad went to a family association meeting. Truman really loves all the cadets he met. But his favorite part is laying on a blanket under a tree with his food and water bowl right there. He usually lays between mom and dad while they watch the parade.

At home Truman is very popular and has 14-18 four legged friends he play with once or twice a week. He likes anyone who will run with him.

People ask us what breeder we got Truman from. We tell them Truman was adopted from Precious Paws in East Tennessee. Tru is so handsome nobody believes us.

Truman is truly a blessing for all of us.
btw...I have attached two pictures of both my boys

love, Toni
Knoxville, TN

Hello Laurie,

One year ago we lost Chippy, our little Shih Tzu to a brain tumor. He was 14 years old. I said I would never have another pet again because it hurt too much to lose one, but after two weeks and countless emails with you we were traveling the 6 hour round trip to your rescue to pick up our first rescued baby, a puppy mill Shih Tzu breed dog named Keely. She was just so loving when we brought her home and had so much zeal for life that two weeks later we decided to adopt a second dog, a two year old Shih Tzu-Terrier mix named Raven. He came to us very timid and not sure at first about trusting us but within days he and Keely were best buds and he was deciding that we were not too bad either.

We have had such a faboulous year with the two of them. They have given us so much joy and we love them more every day. You think how can they love and trust again after the horrible treatment they have endured, but they have so much love to give and are now enjoying every day of having a safe and secure home with people who love them.

We thought this would be the last of our extended family, but after checking your web site (like I do almost every week) we decided to adopt a third beautiful little girl. We picked up our new addition to our family, a 1 year old Maltese-Bichon Frise mix named Lacee (formerly Ambrosia), just this past week. She was so scared and timid when we brought her home, but just a few days have passed and she is beginning to warm up to us and the other babies. I know this has been the best therapy for us after losing our precious Chippy. Each one of these babies have so much love to give and they reassure us every day thay they love us when they so freely give you kisses and want to sit in your lap or just be by your side.

It is so hard to try and describe how these little ones can make your life so complete and all they ask of you in return is to just love them.


Hi Laurie,

Just wanted to give you an update on the three babies. They all went to the groomer yesterday and after taking their nap from such a stressful time(meaning no nap) we all went for our afternoon walk. As Jim and I were walking they were walking so proud with their hairbows and necktie and acting as if they owned the world as they usually do, when one of our elderly neighbors came out to see the three darlings (as she calls them). She said "this is the highlight of my day to see these three babies". Of course they all have to give her kisses and get petting in return. She said when it was cold she just could not get out of the house but she loved to see them walking in their sweaters and coats. So they are not only giving us so much joy but others also.

Thanks again for our wonderful babies,

Jim & Pat Warlick

After my husband and I got married in 2005 and moved into our first house, we wanted to expand our home by rescuing a dog. We both have strong feelings about rescuing as opposed to buying from breeders. I had been on the search through Petfinder.com for many months looking for our future friend. When I ran across the Precious Paws Asian Rescue website, I stopped searching any other sites because it was clear to me through the honest assessments of each pet, photographs, and testimonials from other adopters, that this rescue really cared about the pet, took care of each one above and beyond the call of a typical rescue, and put extra effort into finding the best fit for their future.

My husband and I have had the privilege of owning our rescued Shih Tzu-Maltese Lily for two years now. Lexi, (now Lily) stole my heart with her little red bows above both ears and pink tongue sticking out. While in the care of the rescue she had surgery to correct an infected uterus and had fully recovered when I adopted her. Laurie was very easy to communicate with, and answered TONS of questions with patience and honesty. The day my husband picked her up and she came home was truly a wonderful day. She came with veterinary records from the rescue and I was later able to find out a little about her history before the rescue from Laurie. Her health check from my vet matched the check from the Rescue’s vet, including estimated age. I even knew in advance from Laurie what some of her favorite treats were, and what her disposition was like. Talk about really knowing the pet you are adopting out!! When Lily began to display some aggressive behaviors, Laurie was very willing to answer questions again and make suggestions about what I could do to correct the problem. Even as recently as this month I emailed Laurie with questions about allergies and she answered right away. She is completely supportive to the adopter!

Today Lily is well adjusted and a wonderful addition to our home and family. I am so thankful to Laurie, everyone at PP, and all those people who donate to the Rescue and gave Lily the chance to be a part of our lives!!

With thanks,

Jill and Corbett Hunt, East TN

SAD UPDATE: June 17, 2009

Hello Laurie,
Lily died this morning. We were able to be with her. She had another blood clot in her brain this morning early. Neurologically she was not with us when we got to UT. We did literally everything we could for her right until the end. I got to hold her as she was leaving, a blessing. Corbett and I are devastated. We decided to allow them to use her body to learn from so hopefully she can help another dog/family, then we will get her ashes.
We plan on making a donation to Precious Paws in her wonderful memory. Thank you for being constant support during this time. Also, thank you for rescuing her and bringing her into our lives. She enriched our lives in every way possible.


Emerson is adjusting really well and is already part of our family. She sleeps with us, follows us around, she is eating really well, and does really well on using pee pee pads. We have had our vet meet her and check her out and everything was great.
She is such a sweet natured little girl and very loving. We are so happy we found her! Her outside chainlink fenced in area was installed yesterday. It creates a safety area for her so she can get some safe outdoors exercise. Of course, one of us will always be there watching her.

She loves all her new toys, clothes, blanket. She loves going bye bye and travels very well. The foster parent that had her did a great job getting her ready for a forever home. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have her! Thank you so much for caring about the babies!

The Adderholts

Knoxville, TN

Hi Laurie and all,

I am sending a check to Notchey Creek Vet Clinic in thanks for my precious Sabrielle. She is truly the light of my life. She has put on a little weight and her hair has grown longer. This is a current photo of her with her Griffy sisters. She is on the right as you look at the photo. Thanks again for permitting us to share our home with her.

Carol J. Scherotter

Parker, CO

Dear Laurie,

Jacob and Noah are such blessings to have in our home!!! There is no way we could ever thank you enough for allowing us to adopt from Asian Dog Rescue. It feels like they understand that we really think they are extra special and they are incredibly loving and playful. With each passing week, they seem more adjusted to one another and really love to play together. They are a big hit with all the people who come to our house, Jacob running to bring you a toy and Noah falling on his back for a belly rub.

When we first began looking for a new pet this past fall, I did a great deal of research on different breeds, their individual needs, temperament size, etc and had initially planned to purchase from a good breeder. We have had pets all our married life and they came from every situation. Our first dog was sort of a rescue dog as our neighbor could not get rid of the “runt” of the litter and was going to send her to the Pound. We took her with intentions of finding a home for her, putting up notices all over campus about a sweet little terrier mix. Within two days, I was taking all the signs down as we had fallen in love with our Tasha and were blessed to have her for about 16 years. Our second dog, Meesha, came from a local person who was selling pups for $15. I know this sounds bad but, until we got our second dog, I didn’t realize that there could be such a difference in doggie temperaments and needs. I thought that a dog was a dog, just in different sizes and colors, etc. We kept her for her entire life, but she had traits that we had not anticipated. I believe that this lack of knowledge is one of the reasons why many dogs are given up! It’s easy to choose a cute little puppy and, if it doesn’t meet our expectations of what a dog should be like, they are often given up. Pets are given up for a number of reasons; family tragedies, financial, illnesses, divorce, allergies, death of the owner, etc.

Our third dog, Tucker, was from a breeder and it was the first time I had really tried to educate myself about dogs. It was very enlightening and helped us to get a dog that we knew a bit more of what to expect. We also kept a wonderful dog, Baby, for a family friend who was out of the country for about 15 months that had been a “found” dog. Then we adopted a rescue senior dog, our Angel Maggie, whom we had for about three years before she passed at about 16 years. She had issues when we got her, but they were eventually worked out.

Our daughter volunteered for a rescue agency and had a very special dog, Princess, a Japanese Chin, that had been very badly abused. She was about 6 or 7 when she got her and it took her a long time to learn to go up and down steps, to not cower and tremble if anyone were to move around her, and to be able to run and play with her doggie pals. Yet, she did come to realize that she was loved, protected and would never be hurt again and she blossomed! She was the princess she deserved to be, living her last 7 years very loved. Another daughter has also adopted a very sweet rescued Parson’s Terrier, Poco, that has provided great happiness.

While I was searching for a dog, I began to think of the four very precious dogs that were in our family that were from a rescue. I began to realize that a breeder was NOT going to be the way for us to go to have our next two dogs, nor ANY dog that we should ever again have. To honor our rescued dogs, I know that we will always adopt and encourage family and friends to adopt! Sadly, it has taken me far too long to realize what a great need there is for animal lovers to adopt! I didn’t know so very many pets were euthanized each year, many are purebreds and many are sweet mixes. Fantastic volunteers set up organizations that save so many wonderful pets! I realize that good breeders have wonderful intentions of preserving traits of their chosen breeds, and I appreciate that. I wish that people who are interested in showing dogs would be the only ones to buy from them.

People who want loving pets, please save the life of a sweet animal that will truly be so endeared to you and will make a super pet! Asian Dog Rescue, all the volunteers involved with this excellent group, is one of the best rescue groups I have ever seen! They are super at caring for these precious dogs and getting them ready to find the homes that they feel are a good match for each pet. We know they are very responsible in making sure that pets are ready to go to their new homes before they place them. I can’t tell you how often everyone answered our questions and gave us support as we searched for our sweet pets. They are a remarkable group of people whom I admire immensely. Our Precious Jacob and Noah couldn’t be more loving, more entertaining or adorable!!! We hope that they are with us for many years to come!

Linda Warren


Thank you so much for having faith in Larry and I to love and nurture Bogie(Rigby)in our home.

He has gained weight, loves his toys, sleeps now in his bed beside our bed, loves to travel and goes everywhere with us. You mention "bye-bye" and he's off to the garage before we are! He's such a people and dog lover, all our neighborhood loves him.

Bless you all for your caring for all those babies. We look forward to a long and loving time with our Bogie.

Marge and Larry

Fairfield Glade, TN

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