Not available for adoption at this time

Cookie is an absolutely adorable, tri-color Pekingese. She is a very calm, well behaved little girl. She rides extremely well in the car, is quiet, house trained and sweet. When she went to the vet for a thorough check up, the report was as follows: The veterinarian said that she was in great shape. She received all shots, is heart worm negative, her eye was checked; Tono-Pen Eye Pressure Check, Schirmer Tear Test, Corneal Stain (Eye), heart and lungs checked and sounded good...abdomen palpitation(fine), teeth fine(grade 2, could eventually use a cleaning, but he did not recommend it when we took her in), fecal neg, she was micro chipped, has been previously spayed and is started on preventatives. She does have a couple of eye issues, although nothing we consider serious, however that would be for you to judge. One eye has a previous injury, has almost completely healed, is not causing her any pain, has no pressure build up or further injury noted. She is on eye drops which will be given as her eye continues to heal. She is also on eye drops for "dry eye". The vet estimated her age at 8-10 yrs old. All in all it is a very good report. She does have limited sight in the one previously injured eye but sees pretty well with the other one and gets around just fine. It seems she has some "depth perception" issues but it is not problematic in our opinion. She is such a good girl and such a joy, her eye "issues" are inconsequential to us. If you want a dog with perfect eyesight and who is young and active, this isn't the girl for you. If you want a beautiful girl who loves to eat, walks well on a leash, causes no problems, is super precious and has that distinct Pekingese personality, she is your baby! She does get along fine with other dogs and cats, however she is a bit possessive over her treats, food and toys. She has that typical "Pekingese" personality that "peke people" know so well and love. She is very sweet to people, very willing, not an ounce of irritability when you do anything to her(ie: eye drops, grooming, etc). She would do well as the only pet in a home or in a home with cats or even other dogs if you are used to the Pekingese breed. We consider nothing about her "problematic", but once again, that is all relative and you might have a different opinion. We think she is wonderful and very well behaved, can't get much better behaved, especially if she is the only dog. Cookie is being fostered near Knoxville, TN and her adoption fee is 175.00. To apply to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application. Submission instructions are at the bottom of the application. Please email the completed application to: Applicants without children only, please.


Not available for adoption at this time.

Remi is a 8 lb., 2 yr old Papillon that was rescued from a kill shelter on the 4th of July holiday. Remi is a most precious little boy, full of exuberance. He has an outgoing, pleasing disposition. He is confident, very smart, active, walks well on a leash and rides well in the car. He loves to maintain a constant space in your lap and can also be "territorial" of your lap :) and does not want to share you with anyone else. Other than that, he gets along fine with other dogs. Remi may not do well in a home with "kitties" as he likes to chase them. He is very sweet, loves attention and gives kisses.All of that said, Remi does have a few "issues". He was obviously abused in the past and can be "nippy" when scared or startled. He wants to love, wants to be your very best friend but still has scars emotionally from severe emotional abuse. We will be happy to discuss everything in detail with applicants. We want you to know everything about this precious boy, what behavior to expect and any "triggers" that may cause unwanted behavior. This is not the typical behavior of Remi, rather the exception, but it is possible so we want you to be aware of it. Remi loves sleeping snuggled up against you in bed every night, will jump from the floor into your arms in one leap when he is happy to see you and seems to prefer men. He is deserving of love, kindness, understanding and a good life. He simply needs an experienced adopter willing to love him with no conditions. Remi has been neutered, treated for internal parasites, is UTD on shots, heart worm, Lyme disease and E. Canis tested (Neg) and is started on preventatives. Remi is being fostered in Nashville,TN. Applicants with no children only, please. His adoption fee is 250.00.

Update 10/2015:
During Remi's stay with us, we began to notice that he appeared to have some possible issues. Even though he had already been fully vetted we felt having some radio-graphs of his hip area were warranted. Sadly the news was not good. His age is estimated at 7-10 years old, not 3 yrs old as was originally thought by others. It appears that he has severe hip dyplasia/dimorphia. He really needs to have a surgery on each leg where they remove each ball hoping that his muscles would be able to hold the leg tightly to the hip area. He has calcifications all over the joint which you can see in the xray. Each surgery would run around 2k and they would have to be done at alternate times. There also are no "guarantees" for a favorable outcome. His age also must be considered. The vet says he must be in pain much of the time however he runs, jumps, plays and seems very happy with little signs of distress. However we have started him on pain management for the time being. So obviously little Remi is no longer available for adoption and will remain with a PPADR foster indefinitely while we decide what is the best course of action for Remi.


MarisaMarisaMarisa is an adult Japanese Chin. She has an enlarged heart and a heart arrhythmia. That said, she has been seen by a vet who said that she is "healthy" and has no problematic issues resulting from that at this time. She is on medication for her enlarged heart and the cost is 80.00 per month. She will need to remain on that medication for the rest of her life. Marisa had a previous broken pelvis that has now healed. She has had extensive vet care by an exceptional veterinarian and after discussions with the vet, we feel that she is "fine" and is now available for adoption. Marisa is a very sweet girl who loves to sleep in the bed with you and is housebroken. We are not exactly sure of an age....we'd estimate that she is "mid-age", but not a senior. Her eyes and teeth are good and she has no other "issues" other than we have stated, to the best of our and the vet's knowledge. This precious baby needs a home without other dogs(preferably), simply because they make her nervous and she is kind of a "loner". She does not have a disagreeable bone in her precious little body, she just seems to avoid other dogs and stay to herself. Another dog that is calm and docile like Marisa should be fine. We only mention this as we want a home where Marisa is happy and not stressed for any reason. We feel another dog in the household that is active, always wanting to play and extroverted might cause her to be nervous and not a preferable environment for this sweet, laid back baby. Marisa is spayed, heart worm/fecal negative, UTD on shots, on her heart medication and on preventatives. Marisa is being fostered in GA and her adoption fee is 125.00

AlissaAlissa Alissa, is a 9 years old, 10-12 lb. Shih Tzu. She is adorable, with a small, "monkey face" and a soft, fluffy coat the cinnamon-tan color of a Snickerdoodle cookie. She is a shy, nervous little girl, but can be very sweet if she feels comfortable and safe. She has trouble seeing, but she is not completely blind. It seems she as if she mostly sees lights and shadows. Alissa mostly experiences her world through her other senses. Despite her lack of vision, she gets around just fine in her foster home and fenced yard. She just needs a bit of guidance until she gets used to unfamiliar surroundings. She seems otherwise healthy for a dog of her age, and is happy to have a warm bed, good food (she has a great appetite!), and patient human companionship. She tends to startle and pull away from sudden or quick movements. Being touched around her face and eyes sometimes causes a reaction....with her teeth. That had been her best way of communicating when she felt threatened. We think this is mostly due to her poor eyesight and her past neglect/abuse. That is something that must be kept in mind when interacting with her. Alissa is a very well behaved, quiet and sweet little girl despite her "issues". She has very good "house manners". She is not much of a barker, but she can be "talkative" sometimes, making the funniest squeaky noises. Because of the noises she makes and her comical little face, she has gotten the nickname of "Monkey Girl". She will go outside to potty or use puppy pads indoors, and is pretty good about walking on a leash. She absolutely LOVES being outdoors in the fenced back yard, even when the weather is not-so-nice! She will stay out and explore as long as she is allowed, and is the first to notice any little change - even moving a piece of lawn furniture requires her to come and sniff around and investigate. Even in bad weather, she stands at the door to let you know when she needs to go out, does her "business" outside and barks when she is ready to come back in. Alissa's story had a pretty unfortunate beginning - she was surrendered by her owner to the Camden County, NJ shelter at the end of the cold winter of 2013-14, and had been severely neglected for who knows how long. In poor condition both physical and mental, she began a long rehab process in foster care. With her sensitive nature and limited vision, she didn't understand why her life was completely changed and she was suddenly in a strange place, with unfamiliar people and lots of barking dogs. She was very scared, overwhelmed and nippy at first, but even in the shelter, when she was held and gently petted and spoken to, she soon relaxed and just 'melted', allowing a glimpse of the sweet soul within. Alissa has made a lot of progress in foster care. She is much bolder than when she first arrived, but still sometimes nips when she is startled by sudden movement or touch, especially near her face. But if approached slowly and spoken to gently, she likes to be held, petted, and spoken to. She is gaining confidence with each passing day, learning to trust and accept more handling. Sociable in her own way, Alissa likes to be around people,even if she doesn't actively solicit attention. She greets visitors to her foster home with curiosity, and is often one of the first of the group of canine 'greeters' to run to the door when someone arrives and follow them to the door when they leave. With lots of nutritious food, TLC and a nice warm bed to rest up in, she has gained weight and her skin and coat are now in very good condition. Her overall physical health is good for a dog her age. She gets along pretty well with other dogs, but the noise and activity of the more boisterous dogs in her foster home sometimes make her nervous, so she keeps her distance from them. She is learning to live with her canine foster "siblings", and joins the rest at dinnertime in the kitchen, and out in the yard, but retreats to her own chosen private space in another room when there is too much commotion for her. Bit by bit, she is getting used to the noise and activity and learning to be less fearful of the other dogs she lives with. Alissa would do best a quiet home with no children or highly active pets, and someone willing to work with her 'issues'. Her foster parents are confident that in the right environment she has great potential to be an excellent little companion. Her emotional recovery will continue in the right home where she will be treated with patience and consistency, and have quiet, familiar surroundings. Continued socialization with people and other dogs will help her develop the confidence she lacks. She has a lot of love to give, and is just waiting for the right person to come along and be "hers"! Alissa is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, microchipped, tested for heartworm (negative) and on preventatives. She is fostered in New Jersey. Her adoption fee is 150.00.

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