Our adoption fees are generally listed in the bio of each available pet if they have been determined. They vary depending on several factors which we will try our best to explain so you can understand our philosophies and policies regarding these fees.

Our organization believes in helping the animals that need help most. That means accepting animals that have extensive medical needs and ones that may have emotional/aggression issues. These animals are very difficult to find homes for and we have these animals in our foster care for generally many months and even years in some circumstances. These animals require expensive monthly preventatives, quality food, regular professional grooming, toys, treats and continual vet care. Many have already had surgery and vet care totaling in the hundreds of dollars simply to save their life and/or keep them from suffering and give them a good quality of the remainder of their life. We do not euthanise animals we receive due to medical issues unless they are suffering and nothing medically can be done to help them.The expenses these animals incur are extensive and we generally do not have the funds readily available. These same animals that incur hundreds in total cost to our organization generally have a very low adoption fee in comparison to our extensive costs. This is why many other rescues can not or will not take in many of these animals and that is understandable. However our policy is to help as many of those "special needs" animals as we possibly can since our mission as a rescue is to help those that need us the most and have little other hope.

We also rescue and take in highly adoptable dogs when we are able to do so. When we take into our organization rare breeds and/or young, healthy and very highly adoptable animals, we have no choice but to charge what some consider high adoption fees(however in all actuality they are not). The fees for these animals that are in high demand and/or a rare breed to find in rescue help pay for a tiny fraction of the cost of the others. Do not forget that these animals are always fully vetted and have costs incurred in their rescue and care as well. We are increasingly disturbed by the many people wanting a "bargain". These people simply want a rescue pet because "they are cheap", so we've heard many times. This is offensive to us as rescuers because we give our life and our finances unselfishly to help these discarded and many times severely neglected and abused animals. We are not a "bargain center". We want adopters who want to help an animal that needs a home due to some unfortunate circumstance in their past. Many people want to adopt "the young ones". Those are not the ones that need the most help and are harder to find in rescue. So we strongly believe the fees for these highly adoptable animals must be high enough to pay for their vetting and other costs, help the other animals in our group with huge vet expenses and to weed out the "bargain hunters".

We felt the need to address this issue because we are seeing an increasing number of people wanting rescues and not understanding why they can't get them "cheap like shelters". First of all shelters are designed to only temporarily house animals for a very short time and the majority either euthanise or send to rescue the sick and old animals as well as those with behavioral issues and ones who don't get adopted quickly. They also are funded by counties and states. We are not.

Not all rescues have the same polices or fees. Some rescues receive more donations on a regular basis than others and can charge lower adoption fees. Or they have other ways to fund their rescue with items they sell etc. Some rescues like ourselves may have more rescue pets to care for including senior, "special needs" and long term foster animals. Therefore the costs incurred in our rescue are higher. Not all rescue groups pay the same price for vet care and procedures. Many veterinary establishments have widely differing fees for like procedures. We receive no discounts from the veterinarians we use. All of this must be taken into consideration when adoption fees are set, so not all rescues' fees will be the same, nor should they be.

Our policies and philosophies are what dictate our fees. Our vet bills as well as the amount of long term foster dogs in our organization at any one time contributes greatly to the fees we set. As well as the amount of donations or typically lack thereof.

Those paying what we consider a reasonable adoption fee for a young, healthy family member that you will have for 12-15 years, are also helping those animals that we saved when no one else would.

If you want to adopt one of the few young, healthy and desireable pets that we have listed, we should hope and expect that you would be more than willing to support those not so fortunate animals in our care by paying a higher adoption fee.

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