Ice with her new daddy, Pat

Cami and her new mom in the airport, waiting on their flight back to MA

June, one of our foster moms, with second adopted baby from us, Suzy

Domino with his new parents and brother

Tavish with his new mom, Bonnie

Terrie with new baby, Lotus

Chang with new mom, Jeanne

Reishi with her new mom

Tawney with her new family

Elaine with new baby, Dougie

Travis with new parents, Karen and Robert

Nancy and Monique with new baby, Mai-Shae

Kaizi with his new mommy and daddy

Cindy with her second adopted Yorkie from us, Hayley

Tinkerbell with new mom, Julia

Kenna with her new family

Helen and Tom with their new baby, Blanca

Kody with new parents, Bill and Manon

Jayden with his new mom, Brenda

Heather with her new mom and sister

Tia with her new mommy, Jill

Lauren with new baby, Biju

Anne, with Bobby getting ready for their trip to FL. to meet his new mom, Judy, Anne's sister

Saralee with her new baby, Lady Ling Ling

Amber with her new mom Tina, in New Jersey

Tali with new moms, Monique and Nancy and her new canine family

Zhu Zhu with his new daddy!

Jenny with her new mom, Sue!

Ashley with her new sister, Maya!

Bethanie with her new mom, Susan!

Kai with her new parents!

Charlie and Lynn with their new baby,Kobe!

Princess Pang with her new mom, Norma!

Isabella with her new mom, dad and sister!

Lyndi with her new family!

Cozzi with his new mom, dad and brother!

Ginger with her new parents and brother!

Kensey with her new mom, Carol!

Abrielle and new mom Sandy waiting for their flight home to Florida!

Margaret with new babies Simone and Wasabi!

Amy with new mom, Crystal!

Pogo and his new family!

Shelby and his new mom and dad!

Bosley and his new daddy :)

Araya with her new mom, Marilyn

Chris with new baby, Spice

Sarafina with new mom, Kathleen

Aspen with new parents Tom and Patricia

Chanel with her new family

Choi with his new mom and dad

Jax with his new mom

Shantell with her new baby, Hayden

Shy and her husband with their new baby, Ava

Sakura with her new mom, Betty

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