KiKi with her new family

Baxter with his new mommy and daddy

Catherine and Cooper

Margaret and new baby, Kalia

Sue with her two adopted angels, Greta and Gretchen

Kacy with new baby, Joey


Evan and his new family

Linda with her new baby, Chu Chu

Gizzie(now Grover) and his new mom

Chris, Kiza's new mom, on adoption day

Desi with her new daddy, Jeff

Koji with his new parents, Lou and Janet

Mary and Rolfe with their new baby, Cinder

Peyton and Desiree with their new family

Tasha with new mom, Jan, who now has 3 Lhasas that she adopted from us!

Geisha with her new mommy, Nancy

Daisy with her new daddy, on her way to meet her wonderful new mommy!

GiGi with her new mom, Bethany

Kiji with his new daddy, Josh

Taki with her new parents and brother

Amy with her new family and brother JoJo, who was also adopted from us!

Sashi with her new mom, Martina

Sophia going home with her new family, the Sinatros

Andrea and her new baby, Chloe

Yin with her new mom Cathy and new canine brother Franklin

Tyzie and his new mom, Mary

Buda and Bonzai with their new mommy, Joyce

Kiki with her new mom Beth, waiting to fly back home to Las Vegas

Sugar with her new daddy, Billy

Grasshopper and his new mom, Julie

Sue and Chester with adopted baby, Jasper

Lily with her new mom

Pamela with her new baby, Zoe

Jinxi and her new mommy, Carlene

Shannon with her new adopted baby

Crissy(now Lexi), with her new mom, Judy who has now adopted her second baby from us

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