We thought you would enjoy seeing a few of the wonderful people that have adopted their new precious pets from our rescue. Lives are changed for the better, for both the pet and the adopter.

We wanted to share a sampling of the joy we see so often.

Jennifer and adopted babies, Meisha and Kae-Lin

Jocelyn,Jackie and Meitu

Lynn and her darling Tia

Cheryl with her adopted baby, Emi

Jason and Nady

Amber with her wonderful new adoptive parents

Tami and Miya

Nellie with her adopted Maltese, Winslow

Piper and his new mommy, Meredith

Bonnie and her adopted furbaby

Wendi, Beth and their adopted baby, Shelby

Susan and her adopted Poodles

Russ and Fran and their adopted furbabies

Casey and his new mommy, Kim

Faygen(now Brody) with his new daddy, Mark

Dolores and her adopted Tibetan Terrier

Jane and her rescued Yorkies

Katherine and her new baby, Tonka

Willow and her mommy, Tricia.

Sandi and her Tzu boy, Tofi

Aylei with her daddy, Walt

April and her adopted darling, Cricket

Theo with his brothers and mom, Vicki

Skittles with his daddy, Wayne.

Hattie and Cinnamon

Amanda and Tiffany

Shannon and his two adopted Shih Tzus

Brian and Oscar

The Leo family and their adopted furbabies

Carolyn and her sweet Pit Bull baby, Dutchess

Lha-Mi and her new family

Nelda with her 3 adopted babies

Bob, Perry and adopted Lhasa, Dee Dee(now Sallie).

Jim and Pat with their 3 babies that they adopted

Bianca with her new mommy, Diana

Judy with Jordan(renamed Bella), who was a dog we rescued from the Monroe County shelter's 100 animal hoarding case. What a happy ending!

Rigby(now Bogie)with his new mom and dad, Marge and Larry

Noah and Jacob with their wonderful new parents, Linda and Dennis

Pam and the second baby that she adopted from us, Monet

Melanie and her new baby, Tiko

Harlow and her new mom, Dorothy

Pepper with her new mommy!

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